Chapter 22

Xiao Tong thought for a moment and recalled, “Is the snack. I feed it with the snack half an hour ago.” Answered Xiao Tong guiltily.

They quickly brought the puppy to a veterinary clinic.

After a moment, “The puppy had indigestion. After a while, it will be better. At the moment, don’t feed the puppy with solid food,” said the vet.

Xiao Tong guiltily looked at the puppy. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have fed you with the snack.”

Yun Feng was shocked and thought he had an ear problem that Xiao Tong apologized to the puppy! He never imagined that Xiao Tong, a mighty and arrogant princess, apologized to a puppy. Instead, Xiao Tong shocked him twice in just a day.

Yun Feng calmed and persuaded himself that this was just another tactic to pursue him. Change of direction, huh. He wouldn’t fall in love with this girl. No way!

“Luckily, the puppy didn’t die because of your food. This puppy has the bad luck to meet you. See, in just half an hour, it fell sick.” Yun Feng criticized Xiao Tong.

Xiao Tong rolled her eyes. If he didn’t talk, nobody would assume he was a mute. They were fine just now. Could communicate to each other. Now, he back to his evil and sharp tongue.

Xiao Tong ignored Yun Feng and talked to the puppy, ”Puppy let’s give you a name. Hmmm… What name is suitable for you?”

“How about Fatty, Dumbie, or Fool?” Said Yun Feng without hesitation.

“How could you give such a name to the puppy. Go away. The puppy and I don’t need you.” said Xiao Tong unhappily.

“Puppy, you are not fat, dumb, or fool. Those who said so are fat, dumb, or fool.” Xiao Tong purposely said it loud to make sure Yun Feng heard her.

“Let’s call you Cutie, ok?” Xiao Tong looked at the puppy as if asking for acknowledgment from the puppy.

The puppy wagged its tail vigorously. Xiao Tong took it as a yes and happily patting Cutie’s head.

“Hey, Cutie.” Said Yun Feng.

Both of them looked at Yun Feng.

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“I’m calling Cutie. Not you.” Yun Feng chuckled.

Yun Feng purposely called Cutie to see how the puppy respond. It turns out both of them responded. Yun Feng was amused.

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Xiao Tong was embarrassed and thought it was not right. “I’m not responding to you. What do you want?”

“Let’s go back. It’s not early anymore.” Said Yun Feng.

Both of them back to school, and from that day onwards, Xiao Tong brought dog food and milk to school every day.

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