Chapter 35

The following morning, Hao Ming did according to Yun Feng’s plan.

“Jun King, nothing will happen to us, right?” asked Mei Jiang worriedly. Jun King and her changed Xiao Tong’s exam paper secretly. That day, Jun King purposely bumped into Xiao Tong when she was submitting the paper. For instance, Jun King quickly switched the paper.

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“Of course. I’ve checked. Nobody noticed what we were doing,” said Jun King confidently. Mei Jiang didn’t know that Jun King betrayed her. The paper that Jun King switched was Mei Jiang’s handwriting. Jun King didn’t tell Mei Jiang to change her way of writing.

Jun King smirked. Not only could she get Xiao Tong and Mei Jiang dispelled from school, but she would also get the female lead role.

“Mei Jiang, Jun King. Left yours. All classmates already submitted homework. Quick, the teacher is waiting for me,” said Hao Ming impatiently.

“Here you are,” said Jun King. Very soon, Mei Jiang hurriedly passed the book to Hao Ming as well. Hao Ming purposely slipped the book. As a result, the book dropped on the floor and wide opened. At that moment, Hao Ming picked up the book and said, “This handwriting is the same as the fraud exam paper. You are the culprit! You slandered Xiao Tong!”

Suddenly the whole class was quiet. Everyone stared at the three.

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“No! Not me,” said Mei Jiang hurriedly.

“Jun King, said something. Don’t just stand there.” Said Mei Jiang in a low voice while pulling Jun King’s sleeve.

Soon, the classmates whispered among themselves. Mei Jiang must be jealous that Xiao Tong took the female lead role. So, Mei Jiang slandered Xiao Tong, and now she was caught, served her right. Big news, let’s post it on our school public dashboard.

Mei Jiang was nervous and couldn’t take it anymore. Before she talked, Jun King suddenly stepped forward and said, “Mei Jiang, Xiao Tong is our best friend. Why did you slander her?”

“Mei Jiang, if you are unhappy with her, you should upfront it.” Jun King solemnly said with a disappointed expression.

Mei Jiang suddenly clapped her hand and said, “Wow, is this how you are going to play? Amazing. I’ve never thought you would betray me. You will regret.”

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