Chapter 39.1 – Never Marry a Man with Two Tintins

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Chapter 39.1 – Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

It must be a letter from Bai Rui!

Liu Guang’s heart sank and he immediately jumped out of the bed. Grabbing the messenger bird, he tried to pull out the letter from the bamboo tube. He accidentally used too much strength which made the bird cry out in pain. Cheng Nuo’s messenger bird hopped about in fear and everything was a mess.

Cheng Nuo, who had already put his shoes on, came over and said: “What did Bai Rui write? This bird is timid. Don’t frighten it”

Liu Guang snorted and let go of the noisy bird. His anger abated slightly when he saw that the expression on Cheng Nuo’s face was calm. He opened the note which contained a few short sentences written on snow-white rice paper: It’s been a few days. Hope all is well. Thinking of you when I read these letters. Don’t worry. Bai Rui”

Cheng Nuo immediately laughed, “It’s still a few sentences.”

Liu Guang was so enraged that his face almost turned black. His hand tightened on the letter until it turned into a bunch of ashes that fell to the floor. When did they meet? Who’s thinking of who? Why does he need to ask when, naturally, Cheng Nuo is obviously doing well?!

Cheng Nuo knew that Liu Guang was about to explode. He couldn’t help but laugh as he said: “We’re comrades from the slums; it’s better for us to take care of each other in this place.”

“Who wants him to take care of someone?!” Liu Guang tried to moderate his tone of voice since he had only just returned and didn’t want to quarrel with Cheng Nuo. He glanced at the two messenger birds who were snuggling closely together and combing each other’s feathers. He fought the urge to kill them and lay on the bed with Cheng Nuo.

Cheng Nuo hesitated for a moment then decided to just write back to Bai Rui in the morning. Blowing out the light from the oil lamp, he lay down by his side as was his habit. Liu Guang silently listened to Cheng Nuo’s movements and was relieved to realize that Cheng Nuo hadn’t sent a reply. Cheng Nuo laughed and patted Liu Guang on the back. “You must be tired. Go to sleep and rest.”

Liu Guang’s heart softened. Turning slowly, with his improved night vision he could clearly see Cheng Nuo who was lying on his side. Cheng Nuo’s face looked tender in the moonlight and his lips seemed especially soft and alluring.

That hot feeling, as though he was being scorched, rose again. Liu Guang blushed and looked down. He put his hand around Cheng Nuo’s waist and back and changed their positions.

Dizzily, Cheng Nuo suddenly found that he was lying on the inner side of the bed. Seeing Liu Guang’s faintly glowing emerald green eyes staring at him, he asked, “What is it?”

Liu Guang liked this feeling of holding Cheng Nuo but he reluctantly retracted his hand and said in a firm tone of voice: “I will sleep on the outer side.”

Cheng Nuo was surprised. Smiling to himself, he thought that, based on Liu Guang’s sleeping habits, he was sure to fall down… but since Liu Guang had already grown up, the chances of the two of them sleeping soundly were slim so Cheng Nuo didn’t insist on changing places. He smiled and patted Liu Guang’s hand: “Alright, don’t fall down from the bed.”

After this intimate conversation, Cheng Nuo fell asleep.

Listening to Cheng Nuo’s breathing, Liu Guang suddenly felt his heartbeat become faster and faster. His body felt hot. When he had been training outside he was always tense but whenever he relaxed he would think of Cheng Nuo. However, this was the first time his body felt like this.

In the stillness of the night, Liu Guang’s senses seemed to have become several times more sensitive than normal. Carefully taking Cheng Nuo in his arms, Liu Guang could smell a faint herbal scent on Cheng Nuo’s body. It must be because he worked with herbs all the time. Liu Guang sniffed and his lips accidentally touched the skin of Cheng Nuo’s neck.

That touch was delicate and firm. Liu Guang gently rubbed his lips with his fingers a few times. Once again, his mouth and tongue felt dry. He wanted to bite but he was afraid of scaring Cheng Nuo so he had to resist this urge with all his might.

He put his hand on Cheng Nuo’s waist again. He could feel the heat of Cheng Nuo’s skin through his thin underclothes. Liu Guang’s heartbeats seemed to thunder in his ears and his breathing was getting more and more labored.

Obviously he wasn’t cultivating but, nonetheless, his lower abdomen felt hot and uncomfortable…

Liu Guang frowned and tried to suppress his heavy breathing. Touching that hot, uncomfortable place with his hand, his eyes suddenly half-closed and his face turned red.

According to what the people in the slums said… it seems that… when this happens… it means he can now do wicked things?

He felt extremely embarrassed and quickly released Cheng Nuo for fear that the latter might notice something. Unfortunately, the heat rising in Liu Guang’s body made him feel even more uncomfortable than before.

At first, he had no idea how to deal with his body’s heat until he remembered that there was a well outside. Quick as a flash, he left.

Because of the season, the well water was cool. After pouring several buckets over his head, eyes closed, Liu Guang touched that place. Although his body still felt uncomfortable, that hard thing was now finally calm.

He heaved a sigh of relief. Using a tiny burst of power, he evaporated the water from his body. Liu Guang tiptoed back and held Cheng Nuo in his arms but, after less than a minute, that feeling came back…

Liu Guangqi gritted his teeth and sat up. What was happening to him?

Having tossed and turned all night long, Cheng Nuo woke up at dawn to see Liu Guang sitting beside the headboard, looking tense. He was already neatly dressed.

“So early!” As usual, Cheng Nuo gave Liu Guang a smile. Bleary-eyed, Cheng Nuo sat up which made the collar of his loose robe slide down to show his clavicle and part of his shoulder.

Liu Guang’s heart leaped. Turning his head to the side awkwardly, he said: “I’ll report on my training mission. I’ll be back to see you tonight. Also, I like that pair of birds so I’ll take them with me.”

Liu Guang caught the two birds and went out without waiting for Cheng Nuo’s response. Cheng Nuo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Liu Guang still had a child’s temper… No matter. Cheng Nuo and Bai Rui had already agreed on when to meet. Thus, it wouldn’t matter if they didn’t communicate with each other for the time being.


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