Chapter 48 – Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

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Chapter 48 – Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

This was the first time that Cheng Nuo felt so ashamed and unable to show his face since he was a child. Earlier, he had been extremely earnest in his speech, almost swearing an oath to the heavens that his words were true to dissuade Liu Guang…

Cheng Nuo could feel through Liu Guang’s hands that Liu Guang was petrified, which made Cheng Nuo even more nervous. When Liu Guang didn’t reply, Cheng Nuo continued to explain, “Although my body is female, in my heart I am male. I don’t like females. I don’t like males either… I made up that story about my life. I’m sorry, I just didn’t know how to refuse you at that time. Anyway, Xiao Guang is the most important person in my heart.”

His face was flushed and his brain was in a state of confusion. He accidentally said everything he wanted to say in reverse. He didn’t know whether Liu Guang could understand him or not.

After a long time of silence, Liu Guang whispered, “Then your body… that place… you aren’t injured?”

Cheng Nuo nodded his head shyly.

Liu Guang said with a sigh of relief, “That’s great.”

“?” Cheng Nuo was puzzled. In his imagination, the most awful result of this conversion would be for Liu Guang to fly into a rage then end their relationship. He knew that Liu Guang hated being deceived. What does he mean by ‘that’s great’?”

Liu Guang slowly leaned over and hugged him, whispering, “I’m really angry that you deceived me but it’s great that you weren’t hurt that way. Fortunately, you’re okay this time, otherwise, I…” He couldn’t continue and held Cheng Nuo’s chest tightly against his chest to hide his expression.

Cheng Nuo’s heart was heavy and his eyes stung with unshed tears. He hugged Liu Guang tightly.

When Cheng Nuo thought he was dying, he thought that it would have been better if he hadn’t refused Liu Guang that time. He knows how stubborn Liu Guang is and how much he likes Cheng Nuo.

It’s impossible for him to leave this gay world and, thus, he has to adapt to it. He has always been with Liu Guang but what kind of relationship do they really have…?

His heart beating faster and faster, Cheng Nuo blurted out, “Liu Guang, let’s try it?”

Liu Guang stared at him in astonishment for a moment as his brain slowly processed the words Cheng Nuo had spoken. His brain was filled with static. He said mechanically, “What did you say?”

Cheng Nuo spoke quickly against Liu Guang’s shoulder, “Let’s try being together the way you want. Although I think of you as a brother, I’m willing to try to change our relationship. Do you want to try it?” After all, when all is said and done, these feelings can change, right?

The moment that he finished speaking, it felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders and he felt much more relaxed.

Speaking out only made him more aware of how important Liu Guang was to him. He was willing to make these changes for Liu Guang. All of a sudden, Bai Rui passed through his mind, but he forced himself to suppress those thoughts.

Liu Guang stood as still as a wooden statue except for his heart that was beating wildly.

Cheng Nuo couldn’t stand up because of his wounds but, with some difficulty, he looked up and saw that Liu Guang’s whole face and even his ears were red.

Cheng Nuo had felt a little embarrassed by the words he had spoken but now he relaxed. The shy and blushing Liu Guang was very cute. He climbed up Liu Guang’s arm with some difficulty then rubbed his ear affectionately, repeating, “Do you want to try it?”

Liu Guang’s ears trembled and then he answered in a voice that sounded as though he could hardly breathe: “…Yes.”

His beautiful green eyes sparkling, Liu Guang grabbed Cheng Nuo’s hand. He stared at Cheng Nuo’s face unblinkingly, full of joy that he couldn’t conceal.

Cheng Nuo tried to change his outlook and found that Liu Guang was really handsome. Although there were still some traces of childishness on his face, after a few years he would definitely turn into a dazzlingly gorgeous man…

Moving as though he was sleepwalking, Liu Guang put Cheng Nuo back on the bed and held his hand. Liu Guang’s face was flushed red with joy, the very picture of a young boy in love. This child was too pure and innocent… That passionate look made Cheng Nuo’s face feel hot.

Liu Guang was the type of person who was really open and frank, never hiding his feelings.

“Ah, your injury… someone should treat it.” Liu Guang stood up and spoke those words but he never let go of Cheng Nuo’s hand.

Cheng Nuo smiled and said, “No need, it’s fine. The bleeding has stopped so it should heal in a few days. Oh yes, I remember that Bai Rui said there is a puppet control string on my body that your fire element can remove.”

Liu Guang was shocked and stared at him blankly for a moment before checking Cheng Nuo’s pulse. He immediately found the abnormality in Cheng Nuo’s body and used his fire energy on removing those control lines.

Cheng Nuo felt a slight stinging pain as Liu Guang removed the control line on his left arm. As Liu Guang took his right hand, Cheng Nuo watched Liu Guang’s look of intense concentration and once again thought of Bai Rui but he once again put those thoughts out of his mind.

When the control lines on his limbs were finally removed, Liu Guang checked Cheng Nuo’s body one more time to make sure that there were no more abnormalities before stopping.

Cheng Nuo, noticing the sweat on Liu Guang’s forehead, felt somewhat distressed. “Are you tried?”

Liu Guang shook his head and sat down on the bed again, still staring at Cheng Nuo.

Outside, the dinner bell was ringing. Cheng Nuo quickly urged, “You should go and eat something before it’s too late.”

Cheng Nuo thought that Liu Guang probably hadn’t eaten since they separated.

Liu Guang turned away and left. Cheng Nuo took a deep breath and turned over on the bed, finally able to relax. All this time that Liu Guang had been staring at him, he had been so nervous and didn’t dare to turn over. Looking out the window at the night sky gave him a sort of dream-like feeling. Although he had spoken those words impulsively, he didn’t regret it.

Liu Guang soon returned with a tray of food. There were two bowls of congee, two plates of vegetarian food, and a plate of steamed buns on it. Without a word, he took Cheng Nuo into his arms and raised the porridge bowl to feed him.

Liu Guang’s body temperature was always higher than Cheng Nuo’s. The arms that were wrapped around Cheng Nuo were quite warm. Cheng Nuo kept his head down stiffly as he ate the congee. Liu Guang was obviously extremely nervous since the spoon on his hand was shaking. Most likely, he was also feeling awkward now that their relationship had suddenly changed. The room was too quiet as only the faint sounds of chewing could be heard while neither one of them knew what to say.

Cheng Nuo quickly finished eating. Liu Guang quickly wolfed down most of the vegetables and steamed buns then left to return the dishes to the kitchen, returning with some hot water.

Cheng Nuo knew that Liu Guang wanted to clean his wounds. In the past, Cheng Nuo wouldn’t have thought much about this but now he felt nervous.

On the table was a lighting device that Liu Guang had brought that clearly illuminated everything, even the dust inside the room. Cheng Nuo felt that he couldn’t escape this so he gritted his teeth nervously. Counting his past and present lives, he was almost twice as old as Liu Guang! And he still had the same male body as before…

With some difficulty, Cheng Nuo pulled off his belt and tried to smile naturally. “The wound just looks a little scary.”

The robe fell down, exposing Cheng Nuo’s shoulders. He sat up straight and motioned Liu Guang to wipe the bloodstains off his body.

Liu Guang came over, holding the towel tightly in his hand. His eyes darted around the room as he dared not look at Cheng Nuo directly. However, when Liu Guang cleaned Cheng Nuo’s wound, his touch was very gentle.

Cheng Nuo felt this was comfortable and closed his eyes. When Liu Guang bowed his head, a few strands of hair fell on Cheng Nuo’s back, making him twitch a few times.

Liu Guang felt as though his heart was about to jump right out of his chest. Cheng Nuo was almost half-naked, with his shoulders and clavicles exposed. Liu Guang could even see the two red spots on his chest. He was dizzy and his body felt scorching hot again. Afraid that Cheng Nuo would notice his reaction, Liu Guang pinched his arm and thigh forcefully a few times.

When everything had been cleaned, Cheng Nuo realized that their current situation was a bit awkward. Are they still going to live together like before? When Liu Guang kissed him last time, Liu Guang’s body clearly reacted. The boy had really grown up!

But at this point in time, he can’t really ask Liu Guang to leave, right?

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He moved aside and tried to laugh as naturally as usual. “Come, it’s time to sleep.”

Liu Guang was stunned. After turning off the lighting device, he took off his robe and lay down on the bed, groping for Cheng Nuo’s hand.

“Cheng Nuo, I’m so happy.” Liu Guang whispered, “I won’t let you get hurt again.”

The young man’s voice was soft and sincere. In the darkness of the night, that sound could easily touch a person’s heartstrings.

Cheng Nuo was moved and his tense body slowly relaxed. Squeezing Liu Guang’s hand, he said, “I will not let Liu Guang hurt, so I will try to become stronger.”

Liu Guang slowly turned sideways, staring at Cheng Nuo, his heart full of joy. He remembered their kiss and couldn’t help but whisper, “Cheng Nuo, I want to kiss you.”

Cheng Nuo was shocked. His body tensed up again and he started breathing rapidly. Isn’t that too fast? Although they had kissed before…

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Liu Guang’s keen senses made him aware of the sudden tension in Cheng Nuo’s body and he lowered his eyes in disappointment.

Cheng Nuo calmed down. He was sensitive enough to notice Liu Guang’s disappointed reaction and, gritting his teeth, closed his eyes and said, “Alright.”

Now that they were together, many things can’t be avoided. He had to slowly get used to these things.

Liu Guang was still as he looked at Cheng Nuo quietly waiting with eyes closed. His mind was blank but his body had no problem taking control. For fear of putting pressure on Cheng Nuo’s wound, Liu Guang carefully raised Cheng Nuo, letting him sit on his lap. Then he tilted his head and carefully touch his lips to Cheng Nuo’s. Previous experience told him that if he got too excited, their noses and foreheads will crash into each other.

Cheng Nuo was also nervous. He didn’t have time to think about how ambiguous their posture was. He waited with bated breath and when Liu Guang’s warm and soft lips finally touched his, it was as though every hair on his body stood on end in excitement…

****! He still felt a little ashamed. What could he do?!

Liu Guang suppressed his breathing and didn’t stick his tongue in as he did last time. Instead, he simply rubbed his lips against Cheng Nuo’s and occasionally licked them – he was paying close attention to Cheng Nuo’s reaction.

But the result was that his heart was crushed to pieces in an instant. Cheng Nuo’s whole body was secretly resisting, basically forcing himself not to break free…

He straightened up quickly. Just moments ago he had been excited and happy but now his whole body felt empty and cold, especially his chest. It felt as though his heart had been pierced through and a cold wind blew through his hollow body, making him shiver.

His heart felt even colder than it had been that day…

No one has taught him what to do if the person he likes doesn’t like him. What should he do?


Reika’s Notes:

  • “I made up that story about my life.” – He means he lied about one of his ****s being cut off.
  • “Cheng Nuo’s heart was heavy and his eyes watered” – This is literally “chest felt tight, eyes astringent” but I think using an English idiom is better.
  • “His brain was filled with static.” – 脑袋“嗡”地一声响 Literally “brain buzzing sound.”
  • “a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders” – Literally “a heavy rock pressed on his heart disappeared.”
  • Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment if you can because I love comments, they replenish my electrolytes!
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