Chapter 55.2 – Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

Cao Tuo and Jin Yu were about to leave with Cheng Nuo when suddenly something passed over their heads at great speed, as something was thrown towards the place where Liu Wu was seated. Liu Wu was a bit drunk but his reflexes were fast. He struck out with a fist to send the object flying to the center of the main hall.

Everyone was shocked to see that the object lying on the floor was the leader of a group who was in charge of patrolling the back of the mountain. His body had been broken by Liu Wu and he was clearly dying. Liu Wu instantly became soberer as he stood up and shouted, “Who dares break into my Lan Yue Camp? Show yourself!”

Cheng Nuo and Jin Yu stepped aside. Cheng Nuo was puzzled by this turn of events. Could it be a rescue team sent by Liao Ji City? This is too fast!

The sound of a young man’s laughter came from the darkness outside. The sound was very charming and pleasant. The people inside the hall were surprised. There was a gust of wind and the whole hall was filled with the rich fragrance of rare flowers.
When the visitors appeared at the entrance of the hall, the corners of Cheng Nuo’s mouth twitched. ****! Is this place Yihua Palace? Is it Ouyang Ke? Seeing that these people had broken into Lan Yue Camp that had over a thousand bandits, with countless people patrolling the perimeter, it was obvious that they were extraordinarily powerful.

Four females dressed in pure white robes were carrying a sedan, with two more females trailing them. The sedan chair was covered with white translucent curtains and one could see the outline of two people seated inside. The females all looked different but they were all beautiful. In this world where females are rare, how could there be someone wasteful enough to treat them as common laborers…? Cheng Nuo looked around him and thought that all the males in the hall were thinking of cutting down the two people seated above in the sedan chair.

The four females carrying the sedan chair lowered it then a female came forward to lift the white curtain, revealing the two people inside. One of them was dressed in dazzling red robes and had daintily arched eyebrows, seductive blue eyes, and golden hair that hung almost to the floor. He looked like he was around twenty years old. The other person was a sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy dressed as a female with long seaweed-like hair covering half of his fair and delicate face. His lovely purple eyes were narrowed slightly. It was Li Yue.

Their movements were quite ambiguous. The blond young man wrapped his arms around Li Yue’s waist and put Li Yue on his lap. Li Yue kept his back straight and his face showed no expression.

Cheng Nuo was shocked and he almost cried out in disbelief. What kind of bad luck was this? Out of the frying pan and into the fire! How did Li Yue get here?

He broke into a cold sweat and quickly lowered his head, praying that Li Yue hadn’t already seen him. If Li Yue caught him again, this time he would be turned into a doll!

It was so quiet in the hall that you could hear a pin drop. Chu Yunxuan glanced at Liu Wu then waved his fan twice, saying with a smile, “Why didn’t you inform me in advance that a distinguished guest was coming to visit us? We didn’t even have time to organize a proper banquet. Won’t people laugh at Lan Yue Camp for not being able to treat their guests well? I’m Chu Yunxuan, the second-in-command of Lan Yue Camp. This is my eldest brother Liu Wu. I’d like to know our guest’s name.”

The blond youth played with Li Yue’s hair with his long, slender fingers and smiled. “It’s not necessary for you to know since we’re not your guests. I heard Lan Yue Camp has gotten a pretty good hail recently and Ah Yue wants to see how beautiful that little bride is. Ah, and I have been a little short on cash these days.”  

Cheng Nuo was surprised when he heard Li Yue being called by an affectionate-sounding nickname like “Ah Yue.” Knowing Li Yue’s personality, Cheng Nuo wouldn’t have thought that Li Yue would play the female and lie under another person. Cheng Nuo furtively raised his eyes to look and saw that those purple eyes were coldly scanning the people around him. Cheng Nuo’s heart raced and the wine cup that he had been using to cover his face almost fell.

When the blond youth finished speaking, the people in the hall became noisy. Some people banged on the tables and shouted things like, “You little ****er! Big brother, let me go, I’ll kill him!” and “How dare you act like this at Lan Yue Camp?”

Liu Wu, his face thunderous, waved his hand and the crowd settled down though the bandits still looked indignant.

Chu Yuanyuan said with a smile, “Those things were all earned by my brothers risking their lives. If you want to take them away, that would depend on whether or not you have the ability to do it.”

The blond youth laughed but did not answer. He looked up and down at the noble bride beside Liu Wu then smiled and said, “Ah Yue, he’s not much to look at. He’s not even as good-looking as my attendants, let alone you.”

Li Yue said coldly, “Really? I think his eyes are beautiful.”

“You want them?” The blond sighed. “It’s a shame to kill him since he can be regarded as a beauty, too, but if Ah Yue wants them then there’s no other way.”

The youth waves his hand at the attendant next to him. “Bi Luo, bring me those eyes.”

The attendant bowed then vanished as though he had evaporated into thin air. Cheng Nuo was puzzled. No matter how fast a person moves, there should still be some trace of his passing…

Liu Wu and the others were on the alert but in the next moment, the attendant called Bi Luo had already reappeared in the same spot, carrying the little bride who was trembling in fear. Liu Wu looked at the empty spot beside him then stood up and said with a gloomy look on his face, “It’s a teleportation ability.”

To have one of his people snatched right in front of him if he doesn’t retaliate now, how can he hold his head up high in front of the others in the future? The problem was that the enemy was powerful and that was only one of his attendants…Worriedly, he glanced at Chu Yuanxuan who secretly signaled him to stay calm.

Li Yue pushed the blond youth’s arms aside and jumped down. Pinching the frightened little bride’s chin, he looked at the little bride’s face coldly and said, “Now that I look at him more closely, I don’t want them anymore. Those eyes are too mediocre ——Perhaps there’s something better here.”

As Li Yue spoke, his eyes swept over the people in the hall, momentarily pausing in the direction where Cheng Nuo was standing. Cheng Nuo’s heart was in his throat and he hurriedly lowered his head.

Li Yue’s eyes swept coldly over him then he looked back at the young boy bride and said coldly, “Lian Yi, I like your eyes best but you refuse to give them to me.”

Cheng Nuo was shocked. Was Li Yue really letting him go? The last time Li Yue looked at him like that, it was as though he wanted to chop Cheng Nuo up with his own hands…

Lian Yu’s seductive eyes immediately softened with affection. “I’m honored that you like my eyes. I’m willing to give you whatever you want but I’m afraid that after I give them to you I won’t be able to see your peerless beauty.”

He spoke so lovingly that the rough men in the hall all shivered and were covered in goosebumps. The more Cheng Nuo saw the more he couldn’t understand what was happening. This Lian Yu probably doesn’t know that Li Yue is not a pure female, right? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have so many beautiful attendants…

One of the bandit chiefs jumped down from the dais, dual swords in his hands, and shouted, “What kind of place do you think this is? You dare to act wantonly…”  

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He never finished speaking. His head slowly slid down until it fell on the ground and blood spurted from his neck so high that the females around the dais screamed in shock. The crowd became noisy

Li Yue shook the handle of the energy wire on his hand twice then throw it on the ground. Coldly looking in front of him, he said provocatively, “Dirty.”

Lian Yu also slowly got up and got down, keeping his eyes unblinkingly on Li Yue without blinking. Smiling, he said, “What a ruthless move… but it was beautiful. I like it a lot.”

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  • What is up with Li Yue and Lian Yu??? What do you think will happen with those two?
  • “Cao Tuo’s blood ran cold.” – 心里甚寒 I think an English idiom fits better than a literal translation like “Cao Tuo’s heart was extremely cold.”
  • “…he immediately raised a force shield to protect himself from the falling stones…” Uh, he used 片铁树 which is either a tree (?) or a type of traditional folk firework (?). Neither one of these makes sense to me but perhaps the original has a typo. There could be a different meaning I just don’t understand but he definitely used a skill, not a physical item. I guess the “tree” bit could be some sort of magical tree-like canopy above his head. I just thought that a literal “he raised an iron tree” was too weird to use.
  • “Is this place Yihua Palace? Is it Ouyang Ke?” – These are references to two popular novels. Ouyang Ke is a villain from “Legend of the Condor Heroes” while Yihua Palace is a prominent martial arts clan from “Juedai Shuangjiao” by Gu Long. I guess Cheng Nuo is saying that it’s like a scene from a martial arts fantasy novel or TV show.
  • “…seductive blue eyes.” Literally “peach blossom eyes” which means something like “bedroom eyes” that look sexy.
  • “Out of the frying pan and into the fire!” – The original is “meet a tiger; meet a wolf” but I think this sounds better but gets the same meaning across.
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