Chapter: 55


Thanks to the 2nd [MP] potion I drunk, I managed to conjure another [Treppaned Experiment], my biggest flying creature, to carry us over the city walls, and my sister and I dropped over the roof of one of the buildings, before jumping into an alley, and get back into the streets.

There was no one outside in those parts of the city, the surroundings of the temple being the last place where people wanted to be at night. Thankfully.

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That is, with one exception.

We stepped into dimly illuminated the square, and were immediately welcomed by the slave trader, who came from the other side of the circular space, from right before the temple, clapping his hands slowly.

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“Look who it is”, he had the same disgusting smirk as when we first saw him, and when we saw each other again in that city. “The heroes wannabe”, his smirk became an all-out laugh. “Adventurers, honestly… They really think they are special, don’t they? Let me guess, your village was assaulted by slave traders, and so you became an adventurer to kill all of us?”

I looked over the head of the man, and the words appeared once I recognized that they should exist once:

[Species: Half, Level: 23]

Nothing had changed. I exchanged a look with Hunah, we set our own [Level] publicly, and we strode forward, as the man continued to talk high and mighty:

“What, are you two so surprised you can’t even speak? YEAH, I’M LEVEL F****** 23! I DEFEATED AND ENSLAVED MANY ADVENTURERS BEFORE!”, as we didn’t react at all to his boast, he talked while his eyes moved to where our own information should be displayed over our heads: “They have a ‘sad past’, and suddenly start to see themselves as the f****** center of the universe, invinci-”, he stopped, mouth still open, as he read our [Levels], eyes widening.

[Inflicted: Fear!]

Hunah stepped into a circle of charcoal writings on the ground, and spikes surged upwards all around her. Just to break in contact with her cloak and armor, not even scratching her or her equipment.

“I- I- Hey, guys, I- I’m sorry, okay?! I was just joking, hahaha! …Hey, I’ll pay you!”, the slave trader retreated a step, raising his hands soothingly. As, again, neither of us, twins, showed any reaction to his pathetic attempt of escaping with his worthless life, he changed his strategy once again: “[SLAVE ORDER: MEAT SHIELD!]”, he shouted, and from the darkness beyond the square, the silent people who I originally mistook as his caravan companions rushed, and put themselves between the man with the disgusting smirk and Hunah and I. “Unless you want this trash to die, you better get the f*** out of here!”

My twin sister and I stopped, and the slaver seemed to think that meant he had made some kind of genial move; after all, we really didn’t want the slaves dead.

“No, you know what? Actually, I changed my mind… You see, if I order this trash to kill themselves, they would be forced to do so, no matter what. And you don’t want this to happen, right? So, you, the girl over there…”, he looked at Hunah with predatory eyes.

And, my patience reach its end: I used the ability I gained with the title of [Godslayer], and concentrated all of my outraged aura into the slaver, and only him.

His eyes widened again. Then they went up and up, until they were facing inwards, and he displayed only the white of his eyes, and as his face paled, his entire body started to shake, and he fell onto the ground, leaking from every orifice, and crying. Until his heart stopped completely.

As soon as the slaver died, his “goods”, fell onto their knees, and their expressionless faces were deformed by exhaustion and terror. Not for long; as my summoned [Treppaned Experiment] came down once again, I said:

“It will take you all out off the city.”

There were audible gasps and shy screams as the freed slaves saw my… not-pleasant looking summon, but between the choice of stay and be surely killed, and doing as I said maybe be killed, their choice was obvious: they all climbed on the flesh aberration that was my flying summon, and this last one took them away; thankfully, the wall wasn’t so far that my summon would disappear because of the distance.

“Shouldn’t we get going too?”, Hunah asked.

“You know how this kind of stuff works: maybe they have more slaves to be sacrificed inside the temple… Plus-”

“I just really want to kill the priest”, Hunah said exactly what I was thinking and completed my phrase.

We walked inside the temple.

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