A New World 17

“Uhhh…” My head was pounding, and I felt like I was on the verge of throwing up at any moment. 

I opened my eyes to find and a bright light nearly blinded. I shielded my eyes and blinked a few times to get the light out of my eyes. 

I finally adjusted to the light, and looked around to find that I was lying next to a sparkly clear flowing stream. Surrounded by a beautiful field of flowers and roses. The sun was warm and comforting, and the breeze was gentle and smelled like cinnamon apples and honey.

“Oh, you’re finally awake?” 

I turned my head to see where the voice was coming from and… “Huh…ArGh!” My heart nearly exploded!

A beauty that looked like she was crafted by God itself was standing right in front of me!

The woman possessed long wavy blond hair that reached down to her back. Peerless silly porcelain white skin. Hazel green eyes, that looked no different than any previous jewel. Plump, cherry blossom lips that were just begging to be kissed. Bountiful breasts that look too good to be true. An hourglass figure that would put models to shame. Plumb thighs and slender legs. And she wore a tight dress made from grass, leaves, flowers, and roses. 

A Greek goddess! 

The woman’s lips were moving, but I couldn’t hear her. 

The woman began to saunter towards me, her hips swaying seductively. 

Why.. Why is she getting closer?!

I started crawling backwards, but the woman continued to pursue me! 

The woman drew a mischievous smile. “~Hmm… Why are you running away~”  

Please lady, don’t come any closer! 

My back hit a tree, and I was left with nowhere to run. 

“~Hmm.. I wonder what you’re thinking?~” The woman announced as she towered over me. 

The woman bent down, reaching eye level with me. “~It’s admirable that you’re trying to resist~” 

The woman had gotten close enough to where I could look into her gorgeous eyes. 

…Ahhh she smells so nice…

“ArGrGrrrr!” My brain went blank for a few moments. When I finally came back to my senses, I was enveloped by a warm and soft sensation. 

“Aaaaa!” I retracted my head almost instinctively, and was shocked to find that I was on top of the woman and that I had just pulled my head from her breast.  

Oh God!!!! Her body looks just like how it feels!!!! 

“~Oooo… what do we have here~” When those words left the woman’s mouth, a jolt of electricity ran up my spine. 

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There was a soft sensation in my crotch area that continued to send pleasant jolts of electricity up my spine. 

The woman brought her lips to my ear, and whispered seductively to me. “~So healthy~” 

Just like a dam shattering, and my lust exploded. 

 I grabbed the woman’s soft and delicate face, gazing deep into her eyes. Her amber green eyes were crystal clear and I felt myself being sucked into them. As I examined her face, I ran my fingers along her cherry blossom lips. It was softer than I expected, and they shined seductively. 

My arousal slowly began to morph into a blazing inferno. 

“Wha-” I sealed the woman’s lips before she could finish speaking.  

The taste of honey filled my mouth, and jolts of electricity coarsed throughout my entire body. 

I forced my tongue inside of her mouth, and began to explore the depths of her mouth in its entirety.

The woman’s eyes shot open, and her cheeks flushed. The smell of cinnamon and apples filled my nostrils as her sultry breath tickled my face. 

My sanity was crumbling, while the feral instincts inside of me were starting to grow. 

I sucked on her tongue without abandon, fondled her voluptuous breasts and ass. She wriggled seductively, and coquettish moans kept escaping from her mouth. My member grew rapidly, and started to push against her stomach. 

The woman grabbed the back of my head, and with surprising strength, flung me off of her. 

I’m sure I hit the ground hard, due to the horrific sound of the thud I made. But, my adrenaline was pumping so hard that I felt nothing. 

As I tried to stand, something held my arms and legs in place. “Argrhrrr!” 

The woman’s chest rose and fell heavily, while she gently stroked her lips. “Wow…” 

The woman stood up with unsteady legs. She looked at me for a few moments, as if she was contemplating something. She took a deep breath, and started to approach me with a slight sense of trepidation. 

Finally she stopped in front of me. She slowly extended her finger out in front of me, and a warm amber light began to surround her. 

“Wha..” It felt like a cool bucket of water was poured over my head. All the energy was slowly leaving my body, and I felt unbelievably calm. 

The vines that were holding me down, slowly released me and I finally had a moment of clarity. “What did I just do..” 

“I underestimated you. I didn’t think a human male could possess so much..” The woman licked her lips seductively. “Lust.” 

Guilt was slowly starting to grow in me, and I had to avert my eyes from the woman.

I sat up and noticed something that should have been glaringly obvious. “What the f***?!”

My birthday suit was on FULL display…

I looked up to see the woman wearing a devilish smile and she shot me a lascivious wink.”It’s nothing to be ashamed of, if anything you should be proud, it’s cute.” 

“It’s not cute! It’s…it’s.. Where the hell are my clothes?!” I snapped.

The woman covered her mouth, as if she was trying not to laugh. 

“You! You think you’re so great because you’re hot?!” I asked. 

“I think that’s a compliment? So thank you.” The woman responded with a laugh.

My eyes started to water, and I covered my crotch as the woman started laughing. 

“I’m sorry.” The woman announced, with a subtle mocking undertone. 

The woman pointed at me, and out of thin air, my clothes and shoes appeared in front of me out of amber light. “Here are your clothes. I cleaned them for you.” 

“T-thank you…” I struggled to speak. 

I picked my clothes up and they were indeed clean. My clothes had a fresh crisp apple smell, and the blood stains were nowhere to be found.  

I didn’t marvel at the discovery for too long and began to get dressed. 

Aura?! Magic?! What the hell is up with this day?!  

“Would you like to stay a bit longer?” The woman blinked her eyes seductively. 

“Yes!” I shouted before I covered my mouth. “I..I mean..”

Why can’t I think straight?! 

The woman started laughing, covering her stomach in jubilation. “I understand.. I will send you back now.” 

“Back???” The memory of a bear exploding came to my mind. Then… “OH S***!” 

“Don’t worry. Your family is fine.” The woman stated. She pointed behind me. 

I followed where she was pointing to, and there was a bright light shining from within the forest. 

“Just head that way, and you’ll be back home.” The woman said.

I stood up and put my shoes on as quickly as possible. “I…uh.. Sorry! And thanks again!”

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The woman laughed before pointing at me. “Hold out your hands.” 

I raised my eyebrow, but did as she instructed. “Why..” Before I could finish my sentence, a sparkling translucent flower appeared in my hands. “What is this?!” 

“It’s a gift for the young lady that you’;re thinking about.” The woman announced with a smile. 

“What?! I’m not thinking about Juliette?! We’re not even like that!” I announced. 

I realized my error once the woman’s smile deepened. My face started burning and I couldn’t stand to look at her any longer. 

“Thanks again!” I screamed before running towards the bright light. 

The world turned bright white and I couldn’t feel anything for a few seconds. After an unknown amount of time, the world started to slowly come back and I was standing in front of the cabin. 

“Huh?” I turned back, and everything looked normal. Like I had never left home. “What the f***???” 

I felt a bit nauseous, but otherwise I felt okay. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. “Did I dream that??” 

I looked down at the flower I was holding, a stark reminder that I was wrong. 

I walked to the cabin and opened the door while trying not to damage the flower in my hand. 

“Hey! I’m ho-” My voice stopped when I saw Greg holding Andrea. T

Andrea was crying and Greg was with her. It was an awkward scene and a heavy atmosphere. They finally noticed me standing in the doorway, and both looked at me as if they were seeing a ghost. 


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