Volume 1 chapter 1:panic

Darkness encloses Akira and panic starts to appear on his face as reality finally hits him.

  “Am I going to die?”

 “What about my camp? All my stuff, gone” 


He sees a light at the end of this almost endless pit. “I’m ok, it’s all ok, all just some strange dream.”

The sudden rush of wind past his face pulled him from his thoughts and the dreaded realisation hit.

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“Wait, I’m falling down! I’m going to die, f*** f*** f*** , what do I do what do I do I’m going to die a virgin I will never have kids I won’t own a home.”

With his life flashing before his eyes, Akira sees a lake below him. He passes out due to blood rushing to his head. The wind is strong and guides his body to a small crystal lake. He wakes up before impact but instantly gets knocked out when he hits the lake SPLASH! A huge explosion occurs in the water. 

Over the next hour Akira floats to shore and awakens to see a woman with long blonde hair and an abnormally small man with a long ginger beard .

  “Am I dead?” Akira asks, confused. The small man laughs a hearty laugh,

  “Ha ha ha, No you’re not dead my lad, you just took a swim and it seems the current sucked you up or something and we just found you on the shore.” 

  “Wait what??” Akira exclaimed quizzically “I swear I was falling from the sky only 30 seconds ago” The small man questions the sanity of the boy in front of him in his head before asking:

  “Are you sure you didn’t just hit your head by jumping off some rocks?”

 Akira shook his head. The quiet girl finally spoke,

  “Are you ok? I was really worried about you. I asked my friend Hanzo to do some water magic to try and get the water out of your system.” 

  “Magic?” Akira asks, “Like Black Clover?”

  “Like what?” the girl asks, her piercing green eyes narrowing slightly in confusion.

  “You know like the Black Bulls and Asta” Akira continued hopefully.

  ”I don’t know who they are but yes, real magic” she says, tilting her head. 

“You must have hit your head a lot harder than I thought..do you at least remember your name?” 

  “Yeah, I’m Akira..where am I?” 

  “You are currently lying in the lap of Princess Yuki of Ravens Ark!” the small man piped up. 

  “There they are!” a loud voice in the distance shouts, startling Akira. “There’s the princess with the kidnapper!”

  “Kidnapper?” Akira repeats in his head. What else could happen today.

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A tall man in a black suit of armour approached Akira. 

  ”What are you doing with the princess?”

  “Princesses, knights, just where the hell am I!?” Akira exclaimed, holding his hand to his head.

  “You are currently under arrest for the kidnapping of Princess Yuki and the Dwarf wizard Hanzo of Ages”

 the knight barked at Akira. Despite his face being covered with an imposing black helmet, Akira could hear the malice in his voice.

  “Kidnapping? I think you got me all wrong, I’ve only just fallen from the sky and barely survived and now I’m being accused of kidnapping? What kind of situation is this!?” Akira shouts, his voice desperate.


  “Shut it boy! You will be taken to the King to face your trial” the tall knight continued, waving over to the rest of his search party.

 “Knights, arrest him”

  “Wait, wait I think you guys got me all wrong here! I didn’t do anything wrong, they saved my life and nothing else. I didn’t kidnap anyone”

 Akira explained frantically. He turned to the golden haired woman, urging her to explain.


  “Princess, is this true?” The knight in black asks.

  ”I don’t know him” The princess replied flatly. Akira’s expression fell, his mouth agape and his eyebrows furrowing.

  “But, you said you were worried for me..” Akira said to himself, barely audibly.

  “Take him away” the knight commands, breaking the silence. 

  “No, no! I didn’t do anything wrong!” Akira yelled, as the metal-clad hands of the knights clamped onto his shoulders. 

  “Silence!” They hissed.

  “Whatchu gonna do if I don’t?” Akira asked defiantly, squirming under the hands of the knights. 

  “Hanzo” The black knight glanced towards the short man.

  “I’m on it” Hanzo replied before casting a sleeping spell on Akira. Akira’s eyes rolled back into his head as he went limp.

  “This will save us trouble as we journey to the castle and question this criminal scum” the black knight growled, his gruff voice muffled behind his helmet. 

*Akira is tied up lying on the back of Hanzo’s pony*

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