Chapter 68 – Massacre

People looking at each other could not understand what was happening. Who was the orc yelling at that was supposed to kill his opponent?


“What’s going on!”?


As strange shouts began to come from the back rows of the stands, the heads of those in the front suddenly turned towards the sounds. Armored orc soldiers with their axes were slaughtering people. They thought they were dreaming, but that’s what happened.

The critical points of Parthenia were occupied, and the arena was surrounded by orc warriors who had entered the city as protection. The soldiers Quintus had hired from Nikonya rushed towards the two standing in the middle of the sand, forming a wall of flesh.

“What’s going on with my life?”

When the events caused panic in the protocol tribune, the beautiful Athena turned to her husband and spoke. She was looking for an explanation or a shelter to protect, but the scene was different this time.

“Die bitch!”

Cutting the beautiful woman’s throat with the dagger in his hand, Quintus stood up and walked towards Epiphanes, ignoring the blood splashing on his face.

The young and handsome boy was stunned by what he saw, was the man walking on him the man who had loved and held him tenderly for years? They were face to face with the fat man when he forced himself to stand up from his seat, and Epiphanes was able to force himself to utter a single word.


Quintus was dazed, locked on his target like a shark smelling blood, preparing to swing his knife.

“Don’t do it, don’t do it!”

The voice of the City Lord, who was always indifferent, rang in the ears. It was too late, and Quintus began to thrust the dagger in his hand relentlessly into the young man’s abdominal cavity.

“Stop it quick!”

The city lord shouted as he pushed the commanders beside him with his hand, indescribable pain in his eyes. He had to see the event, which he would have watched with a smile a few days ago, with heartburn now.

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“Soldiers attack!”

Acting on the orders of their lord, the head of the Partheni family was about to make his move, just as the few commanders took their first steps. When the soldiers waiting in the void behind the noble families attacked Astute’s location, the group was joined by orc warriors who had not been there before.

What happened in the protocol tribune could even be considered compassionate compared to what happened in the arena. The orc warriors had watched the situation of Nafız from the beginning to the end and were still enraged by the people who wanted death after their chief spoke. Mercy, forgiveness, those words had no value right now. The orcs, whose hearts were burning with rage, smashed everything in their path?

Even the corpses of the people who had killed each other while escaping could not remain in one piece. The blood accumulated on the bottom floor of the stepped stands had risen to the height of an adult human.

“So you’re rebelling against me, huh? My spirit guards, to the arena!”

Seeing the soldiers approaching, the City Lord and the four commanders beside him pressed against the high wall in front of them and flew into the arena. Standing ten paces away with Astute in the middle, his assistants drew their swords and began to mutter.

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Ignoring the purple armored soldiers coming towards them, the four men finished their words before their enemies could approach them and stabbed their weapons into the ground. It was worth seeing the smiles on their faces when a cube-shaped sanctuary emerged.

The square-shaped area, where one person stood at each corner, was closed from above and below, so it seemed impossible to access its contents. This thesis proved correct as the soldiers arrived in the formation and attacked with their weapons. The sad part was that while those inside the protected area with smoke-colored walls were not attacked, they could attack outwards.

“Die, little worms!”

Astute drew his sword, wielding the strange rune weapon for the first time in Parthenia. A gray mist from his horizontally swung weapon passed through the formation to reach the crowd of soldiers outside. Even if the poor soldiers raised their shields at the last moment, it would not be of any use; it would slay whoever reached the fog.

“Back off quickly.”

Hearing Alyon’s voice, the soldiers began to move away from the formation. Analyzing the attack, their chief had found the technique’s weak spot; the attack’s range was too short. After leaving the smoke-colored barriers, it could only last ten steps more. The exciting part was that the other four people stood by their ground-studded weapons and said incantations except for the City Lord.

“Did you think you could kill me like this? You cannot transcend formation; I can wait here as long as I want as long as my soul renewal pills. When my clan receives the news and sends support, what will you do?”

Astute spoke arrogantly, and he was not wrong. He was almost untouchable in his position.

As the City Lord spoke on the side of the formation close to the soldiers, a painful wail came from the other end. His assistant, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, was killed by the blow of the spear that pierced his body. When the spirit guard removed his hand from his weapon, the undulating formation disintegrated from the same place, while an orc began to emerge from the nothingness.

“Thank you for the explanation!”

As the laughing orc emerged from the disintegrating formation, he did not forget to take the dead man with him. Alyon smiled with delight when he saw his comrade. It was none other than Kuyag who broke the barriers.

The orc warrior named Nafız quickly approached him using the skill of his armor as soon as the City Lord had landed in the arena. He had waited patiently when the sanctuary had formed and acted when the arrogant Astute had finished speaking.

The leaders of the noble families, who had fallen into despair at the words of the person who ruled them for years, also breathed a sigh of relief as the formation fell apart. Kuyag’s talent terrified them; how long had the orcs been so strong?

An opportunity appeared; as Kuyag again disappeared into nothingness while Alyon and Brutal Wall headed for the two men in the corners. The three remaining men drew their swords and took a battle position with Astute when the barrier was broken.

Alyon was the first to reach his opponent. As he took the ax of one of the dead soldiers, he activated his bloodline power. Seeing an orc running towards him, the lord’s deputy covered his sword with a smoky aura, as if trying to use the same technique that killed the soldiers.

The people of the Netherland were different from the sorcerers of the Lands of Light in how they used magic. One side used materials to increase his magic power, while the other used weapons to reflect his ferocity.

His opponent was thinking of dividing Alyon, but there was something he didn’t know. Twenty paces away, he would face reality. When the Warrior’s Rage overwhelmed his consciousness, he was astonished at what he was ready to swing, unable to move his sword even an inch.

Alyon didn’t slow down; he ran and stabbed the ax he was holding into the body of his opponent. Realizing he was dead when the weapon that had entered his body between his legs reached his chest, the man forced a weak groan from his throat.

On the other hand, Brutal Wall was having a hard time. Even though the gray mist couldn’t get past his shield, his opponent was charging insanely. Step by step, he went backward, his ears filling with the contempt of his opponent.

“A piece of filth! What good is it to you to fight a warrior like me?”

Accompanied by the sparks as the sword strikes descended, Astute’s sidekick was enthused. He had not yet landed a direct strike, but experience told him it was only a matter of time before the resistance of the orc against him was broken. Few steps before the Brutal Wall touched the arena wall, his opponent spoke arrogantly.

“Let’s see, what will you do when you have nowhere to run? I will smash you to pieces, first the shield in your hand!”

As soon as the words were finished, the giant shield sank into the ground with a loud thud. The energy building up on him was on a different level than anything Brutal Wall had experienced before.

“You talk too much, stupid human. How one breaks down, let me show you first hand!”

The orc wasn’t bluffing when the roar from the mouth of the lion’s head relief on the shield’s surface reached his opponent. The energy in the form of sound waves had turned the lord’s assistant into a puddle of blood, the excess of which destroyed everything standing in front of him.

The reason why Brutal Wall withstood so many blows was that it waited for the relatives who would fall within the scope of its attack to move away.

City lord Astute watched in amazement as he rushed towards his only surviving assistant.


Where justice is held accountable, mercy loses its rights there.

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