Chapter 73 – Kübey

“Eftelya dear, I learned that you wanted to take part in the social development of the city. The young man you see next to me is my student, the Bookworm.”

The young girl, who extended her hand to greet after Nafız’s words, was surprised when the Bookworm bowed gracefully and kissed her hand. Along with the people in the room, only one question popped up in her mind, she. What kind of orc is this?

“Please don’t be surprised; my disciple comes from a noble lineage. He is the son of Chief Alyon, who will be the ruler of the Orc Steppes!”

When Nafız spoke with an annoying smile, the people she supposedly wanted to calm were taken aback. Was this frail son of a male orc who worked wonders in the Arena? Alyon’s face fell, too, his son doing extraordinary things among the orcs, but he still wanted to be a warrior like his daughter.

“Ma’am, I have recently received a report on your city. I took notes on a few projects during my journey; I hope it helps you!”

Although the Bookworm, who saw his father’s expression, was sad inside, he spoke without reflecting it outside. At the end of his speech, everyone looked at him as he handed Eftelya a brick-like book he had taken out of the storage ring.

”Please excuse me. When I have the opportunity to work in more detail with the information I will receive from you in the future, I would like to make a comprehensive presentation!”

As the young orc spoke, the people’s expressions were constantly changing. Was this one of those orcs who came to town in cages for the dirtiest jobs? His manner, his demeanor, his speech seemed even above the quality of people in royal families.

“I forgot to tell you. My student also advises Mr. Gulag in Nikonya Commercial City. I have high confidence in him in these matters!”

Nafız dealt the final blow. How could the three noble families of the continent’s largest trading city not know about Nikonia, who had recently attacked their throne? All of them watched in amazement at the actions of the Lord’s right hand, the Gulag, and as the orcs traded in the city.

“We are pleased about this event. I’m interested in your student’s opinion on the new layout of the Arena.”

Quintus was the first to speak, immediately heading towards the two teenagers’ place and starting to solidify his relationship with Bookworm. When a circle centered on the young orc had formed inside the great hall, Nafız came up to Marcos and said, “We need to talk to you in private!”

Alyon was watching his son; people gathered around him, lining up to exchange ideas with him. Maybe he should have turned away from his stubbornness and started giving the necessary value to the Bookworm.

After a short walk, Marcos reached out to open the door to the study, but Sangre got ahead of him and opened the door with one thrust.

“What I have to say is very important. The Astute you killed in the Arena was a member of the Black Lily Clan on the Infernal Realm. Judging by the weapons in his hand, it seemed that he had a good place in his organization!”

The revolution had taken place, and it was necessary to be prepared for the coming dangers. He was thinking about these things in Marcos; he had already prepared some plans.

“I will leave you a recipe, and you will take a drop of blood from anyone who wants to enter the city and pour it into the potion you have prepared. If the color turns black, kill that person without asking any further questions!”

The recipe was a solution Mora had prepared for the Black Lily Members who were disguised. The young girl’s hatred had gone to the bone; she had sworn not to let the wicked ones breathe.

“Also, we must provide you with personal protection just in case. We have no chance to confirm the goodwill of all the people living in the city!”

“Should I send word to hire a bodyguard from the “Mercenaries”?”

When protection is mentioned in this world, Mercenaries immediately come to mind. They were considered the best of the options.

“No need, you already have eight bodyguards!”

As Marcos looked at her, she gave the Nafız sign. Black leather armored orcs sprang up from every corner of the room, suddenly appearing behind the city lord.

“These are the orc team that will serve as your bodyguards. They will wear a black mask over their faces as they roam the city. The people of the city will only be able to recognize them as mysterious people!”

The bookworm guard had come up with a solution while choosing the equipment for the team, considering that the new lord might fear public backlash.

“Nafız, thank you very much, but I have a question in my mind. The old lord also had bodyguards, and yet he couldn’t avoid dying. I am not even as good a warrior as he is!”

“You’re a smart boy Marcos, let me introduce you to the leader of your bodyguards!”

Nafız walked over to the warrior who had stepped forward. The new Lord was very curious about what the female orc would say.

“This warrior’s name is Kübey. When your life is in danger, she will send you to a cave half a day away!”

The New City Lord was staring blankly into the face of the female orc. It was hard to believe what was said.

“It seems that it will be complicated for you to accept what is said without experiencing it!”

Kübey was slowly approaching the city lord, and Marcos disappeared when she put her hand on his shoulder. When it reappeared, he was inside a square symbol with different totems on its four corners.

He could only blink twice and found himself in front of the smiling female orc.

“Marcos, when this ability is used, it will only be useful again after a solstice, but I think there is no question mark in your mind anymore?”

The young man was still in shock at what he had experienced. The journey in space had deeply shaken his perception of reality. He was breathing heavily, with his eyes closed, as he threw himself onto the oversized leather chair without a word.

The gift Nafız’s disciple received from the reward dungeon was enormous, but the skill of the female orc at the head of the guards was simply incredible. Only one of the two orcs who entered the dungeons with Yarmagül and Bookworm survived. Coming with four small totems in her hands, this orc was not believed at first when she unlocked his ability.

She could send any object she wanted as long as she was within half a day’s distance to the area inside the symbol she set up with her totems. She had just received this gift, and the space she could create was only big enough to contain a human being.

When Nafız saw that the young man was trying to calm down, she left him alone with his guards and started walking back to the dining hall. Parthenia was de facto their city, just like Nikonia, and now that they had taken the necessary precautions, they should have talked to Alyon about their new goals.

“Where have you been? This brat has gotten all the attention. I was going to explode from boredom here!”

Alyon started to grumble when he saw his friend, who did not return from where she had gone for a long time.

“If you had gone and joined the people instead of standing here, or you could have slept in public like the noble captains of the tribe!”

The voices of Brutal Wall and Kuyag had not been heard since the meal was over, and they had entered the great hall. Two orcs were drooling in a corner. The setting was unattractive to the orcs, neither war nor entertainment. The best activity was to get drunk and faint silently.

“Nafız, Butcher haydo has given time to start the siege three months later. I came up with a brilliant idea, why don’t we enter the second prize dungeon?”


The law’s commandments are: to live honestly, not harm others, and give everyone their due.


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