Chapter 26: A Shuten Juice Bag for the road

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Midas spent the rest of the night ‘processing’ the massive amount of ‘biological material’ that was ‘deposited rectally’ deep inside her while drinking with Slate & Ashue.

Overall she found the half-dragon half-turtle to be a bit of a dim light bulb – most development had been physical with that girl.  Still she was interesting enough to talk to with a rather curious outlook on life. That outlook being the view of Violet’s nuts flying towards her eyes as the demon pierces her woman-breaker to please Ashue’s butt… The long way around.

She also got to see the sight of the two heavily bloated girls occasionally trying to make out only for their bellies to get in the way; quite the amusing view. Though time went on and soon the light of dawn war pierced into the bar. They didn’t even have to switch buildings since the place they took over as their base was already a tavern. Thus instead of getting the sound of vultures squawking they could hear the sounds of the used condoms hoarsely groaning & sloshing along with the occasional sob echoing through the thin walls.

Something else captured Midas’ attention though as she suddenly sensed several figures ‘blip’ into existence in a backroom near the exit. This was something she hadn’t expected since she herself could casually sense even the most subtle vibrations within the space of this building with ease meaning no entrance could even be opened without her knowing… Yet she never felt anyone enter after herself. With her Spirit Sense she could tell that all except for two people were already passed out on the floor with one being a man and the other a very jiggly midget and the scent wafting in made her ‘know’ they were human.

In fact the men had clearly ejaculated their ‘humanness’ into the jiggly midgets mouth due to clearly sensing her saliva all over them. Even at this moment the girl wasn’t finished with sucking off the last one of them yet Midas decided to walk towards them while her drinking companions slept. It was very easy to know which room they were in thanks to the jiggling going around the obviously girl which made Midas frown.

<How… How is her ratio more outrageous than my [Golden Eulogy Amphiptere]!>

Entering the room the snake was met with the scene of a 4’5 barbie pink haired girl with her two long pigtails wrapped around the thick muscular hands of a 6’5 man who’s big belly rested on her head. Meanwhile the shorties’ gigantic tits wrapped around his leg while one of her little hands stroked his back and the other played with his behind. Him tugging her hair back and forth created a lewd *SCHLUCK~!* as if her mouth was nothing but a dick sucking vacuum. Her tiny little neck surprisingly did not snap or burst while she didn’t even let out a whimper at the man meat bulging out her delicate throat. The man himself didn’t seem wealthy as he was in rags as were the other dozens of men all around yet they didn’t make any moves with their d**** clearly out of their pants.

An enamoured blush on the brutes face while his head tilted back with unfocused eyes along with the state of the other homeless men hinted that something wasn’t as it seemed.

What made it more clear was the faint scent of blood on the tips of their urethra and her own mouth while something even more obvious was wrong to the powerful metal user. In front of Midas eyes she could see the basic brain activity so it’s impossible to fake being dead in most instances while in front of her. These men weren’t dead… But the amount of activity mde it questionable if these men could be called human.

The most the men could do at the moment was follow instructions to ‘act’ human as well as understand those instructions while only leaving pleasure behind.  Whatever did this to them had taken their memories, personality & even very thoughts away from them while gifting them with nothing but raw pleasure. Meanwhile she could imagine quite the disgusting scene was happening inside the now useless brain based on the vibrations and bloody scent.

Midas couldn’t help but be impressed by whatever the technique used to make these literal parasite meat puppets was.

Infact by looking back at that seemingly forceful b****** she could see in real time as that man’s brain slowly filtered down to his dick and into that girl’s mouth. He was literally losing his humanity from sticking his dick into what he shouldn’t. A set of high quality [Recording Jades] floated around the room to ensure each last detail was recorded.

Soon the man sped up as the sound of his balls impacting the girls chin echoed through the room before he began to slow down as with one last powershot he fed the little monster his brain on a platter. Unpleasant bugs began to literally eat away at what remained of his brain to make themselves comfortable in their new home. The homeless man dropped her hair and fell backwards with a loud thug while the girl looked towards a jade right in front of her while all the others zoomed to record her front.

Her outfit was unique for this world of cultivation as she practically let her tits bounce around freely with the flimsy excuse for a shirt she wore. A synthetic leather black tube top that tightly squished her of her breasts – fat nipples & large areola clearly outlined. Kind of ironic considering that was just about the only thing the shirt actually covered was her areola.

She did move up her arms which were hidden under long black sleeves that were kept in place by a little bone bracelet on her upper arms. Longer bones messily ran across the top to give the sleeves some structure while positioned to make it easy for her to bend her arms. About her wrist where they stopped to just let the black cloth with white frills at the end completely hide her hands and quite a bit more. With those she readjusted her flopping tits before facing the camera; seeing the girls ‘face’ with a mysterious holy aura made Midas think one thing.

<She isn’t human either yet she also isn’t a {Spirit Beast}… She is something else, something new which I’ve never seen before. And I suppose it… Bugs me ohohoho~!>

Though what was most telling that the girl wasn’t human was the fact the girl had no centre of ‘though’ but instead she was more like a leech with dozens all around her body making it easy to survive without a head. However based on vibrations it would be a bit painful as the girl seemed to be breathing through the hair. Still she doubted the girl didn’t have the ability to recover; insects were good at that.

Her ‘face’ was adorable with soft delicate skin, large barbie pink eyes and a passive expression on her plump lips that made her seem a bit dopey. Yet Midas didn’t believe that facade. The girl’s face didn’t so much as twitch, her eyes (never mind blink) never moved while that cute little mouth of hers felt more like those of a sexdoll for Midas’ past lives. More convincing was red lines between sections of joints as well as around the girl’s stomach which had a barbie pink happy tail & bursting out chest that reminded the snake of how carapace was sometimes distributed on the humanoid bug races.

Fitting with the rather fitting bug theme there was a giant black spider bouncing in the corner of the room while around those generation birthing hips was a centipede. It seemed to be pretending to be a belt around her tight synthetic leather booty shorts that clearly displayed her camel toe front and centre. She was wearing underwear… Though it was very visible due to peaking out from her flimsy shorts as the thin straps hung around her waist.

If you guessed the midget wore a shiny pink g-string you would be correct.

“That’s all we’ve got for now {Bug Catchers} so make sure to save up. Also remember to keep an eye out for the next {Star Slaying Auction} as usual – I will be one of the talents available for purchase – I’ll look forward to making a recording with the winner.  With that matriarch Ebony’s and your very own Semen Bag says bye bye.” <Semen Bag?>

Lifting her arms above her head as she waved them till the jades came floating towards her allowing Midas to actually notice the little bugs that were holding them. Those bugs which carried the jades actually swarmed into the girls baggy sleeves. After doing that the girl swung around on her open top barbie pink platforms with one leg childishly kicked into the air while she held her hands up high.

“Midas right? Hello, my maiden name is Jingye Dai though my partner & her daughters have made it so I’m mostly known as {Shuten Semen Bag – Asura Elder of Porngrathy Division}.  My d-daughter said that she wanted me to look over you while helping you out with notoriety. I don’t usually interfere with human settlements unless it’s eating them with my babies but since little Violet asked me since only 4 of your kind exist including {The Infinite Mother} who is questionable… Well I’ll be helping you so let’s go.” <Jingye Dai>

Her voice was rather calm and gave the impression she was wiser than one may assume based on her height. Well that was until she mentioned her daughter where those sleeves came up to cradle her cheeks while she twisted about slightly in a mixture of bashful happiness. Did manage to get herself back under control soon enough however Midas could faintly hear a soft crackling behind the words that was quite common for insectoids.

“Do you have a ring or ssomething to ssymbolisse union?” <Midas>

The snake couldn’t help but be curious about the strange little creature that apparently handled Violet’s mother who was no doubt larger than the little girl herself. Honestly she didn’t fully believe it could even handle being roughed up by a couple humans if not for the potent aura that went beyond the {Yang Undead} of the {Heavenly Realm}. The midget just looked up at the snake as she tilted her head (probably a few degrees than a neck should be able to manage) in a quizzical manner.

“Yes, if you poke me with your Spirit Sense you can find it on the tip of my tail.” <Jingye Dai>

Not one to hold back Midas did just that only to receive a rather strongly worded message about how this girl was property of Shuten Ebony of the {Little Hannya Family} and that one should give payment for it’s usage. It went into more details about where to return it should it end up losing it’s heads and/or limbs along with many threats of genocide. Tracing it back to find where the message came from… Well she found an artefact around a plump flesh-doughnut which a human may be tempted to refer to as her anus. Yet from her [Spirit Sense] Midas knew that it literally was a tail (if a fleshy one) which seemed to be used for eating as well as other things.

“Hm… You alsso have no lungss… Well let’ss get going shashasha~!” <Midas>

Midas quickly moved on since she saw stranger creatures while also had no intentions of not making use of the benefits the girl could provide. As for what those benefits were? Well Midas wasn’t sure yet Violet was quite the tactician when she wanted to be so she trusted her judgement. Even if this ‘bug’ couldn’t provide anything but strength that was reassuring enough so it was better to instead focus on the problem that would soon arrive… {Purple Cobra Sect}.

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