Chapter 78: Forgetful fox

“I need a mount.” <Fuka>

“Kekeke thou art a paladin yet thou now wish to be a knight? Perhaps thou art covetous of my own mighty steed of grim nights – perhaps if you present yourself like a mare you may convince him to give you your very own foal to raise. Let’s not discuss the baffonary of a star seeking to become a moon muhahaha~!” <Promicarus>

“Nice ta see ye happy again…” <Fuka>

As can be expected from the prissy demonlord she sat upon the Demon Nightmare once again as it steadily trotted behind the tank. Despite her not exactly graceful appearance – an appearance one may assign to be more akin to a gyaru – she sat with her legs crossed off the side of the horse while sipping from a teacup that her other hand held the saucer for. Despite the horse being quite brutish in appearance she managed to peacefully drink without wasting a single drop of her tea.

Still it was true Fuka was at least somewhat pleased that the arrogant girl was being arrogant again even if she wasn’t particularly close to her. If the socially dense Eel could recognise the girl randomly becoming depressed after one night how could she not? Perhaps it really was just related to some family matters? Eitherway Fuka was glad that Eel & Emily’s ‘frienemy’ was in a better condition…

<Looking at that brute of a beast it maybe wasn’t a terrible id- No! Bad gobo blood, calm down gobo half, your first child isn’t going to be from a horse! Although that type of demonic horse looks quite similar… I’m sure I’ve seen a few before yet I’ve never seen demons have I? No now that I think about it, there was that red haired man smoking {Violent Kiss} when we were exiting the city – turned a guard into mist before I even noticed. I wonder where he went after leaving the city…>

Noticing her thoughts going wild, Fuka shook her head while Emily continued on with the discussion as she managed to follow behind at their pace thanks to a wind magic buff she’d used upon herself.

“It is true that knights are more suited to riding mounts yet it’s not as if there are no examples of churches having their own calvary of paladins. They especially will have some in theocracies like Miss Alexis’ country. Though I’m sure if Miss Alexis was here she could say more…” <Emily>

“Plus~ doesn’t Fuka already *yawn* have a very fit mount already~?” <Eel>

Emily was still holding the spear which she made for Elizabeth Jr. while the one in question was at the front of the party playing with a steel sword. The two had a curved double-edged blade just like her own yet the guard was clearly not the same style – then again it would be stranger if she could find a sword exactly the same style as hers in a random village. Even if she searched the capital of {Indigo Stratos Empire} she may not find a similar Shimshar due to the strangeness of such a hybrid.

Could be said she was lucky just to find anything which wasn’t a standard style of blade yet she was hardly impressed by the quality. She was used to a blade likely forged by the best artisan in existence which left her to be somewhat spoiled – something she admitted could be detrimental hence why she bought it. Swinging it around while practicing a few stances from the {True Blood Sword Style} while on basically the ‘lowest setting’ to not break it.

Even then it could be said her practice wasn’t going well. As the blade shaking with every blow showed the bolts which were meant to hold it in weren’t handling the power of Eel well. Seeing that Fuka shook her head softly since clearly Eel was still struggling to distribute her force in a way which wouldn’t damage low quality equipment. She was far more subtle than the other sword user in the party though!

“Oh my it would appear thine brutish abilities lead thou to not understand the basics of swordsmanship – a system can only be as strong as its weakest part. Yet the weakest part is not thine sword but thine control. If thou ever plan to overcome myself thou’ll need to learn to handle with far more precision muhahaha~!” <Promicarus>

“I do not think someone swinging swords larger than I am can talk about being british – also I have never seen you put any effort into training~.” <Eel>

Eel stopped swinging to turn to the lazy ‘demon lord’ who was now looking down smugly from atop her Nightmare; she merely placed her hand on her heart as she replied with confidence.

“I’m something of a scholar myself.” <Promicarus>

“*Yawn* right~.” <Eel>

“Ignoring all that, since when did I have a mount?” <Fuka>

“Oh~? Don’t you always ride Lyada all night long, if she isn’t your personal mount I don’t know what else could be? Though alternatively I guess your mount has turned a poor little wood elf into her own personal mount fufufu~!” <Eel>

To that Fuka could only shake her head with a sign since she couldn’t really respond much to that but was certainly glad that Lyada wasn’t here at the moment. No doubt the bunny would at first pout then mount her – at first she may not be interested yet Fuka knew fine well that as soon as that dick was whipped out she’d crave it. They would then do it in the middle of the dirt road with no water which would certainly make the journey a pain… Looking at the smug smile of Eel a thought flashed through her head.

<Would she be so smug about it if she got to watch her newly found mother figure deep cleaning my asshole with her tongue while Big Lyds mounts her?>

Thinking that she returned a smug smile of her own.

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The party was currently split into slower members (plus Eel) going on ahead while both Lyada & Alexis stayed behind to deal with the administrative side. Obviously it was actually Alexis doing the actual work while Lyada was just there to ensure she wasn’t left completely alone since problems could occur otherwise. After the two of them would easily catch up when all the work was done.

“I wonder how things are going for auntie & Lyada…” <Emily>

“She’s smart so I’m sure they’ll catch up before we reach the town~.” <Eel>

“Mmm…” <Emily>



“Urgh this has to be the best way to do paperwork, though it’d be nice if you didn’t fill up her mouth before she finished answering my question.” <Ras>


“Mmm feel too good.” <Lyada>

“*Schlurp*” <Alexis>

Inside the back of the guild, specifically the guild masters office, there were two women one man completely linked while doing their paperwork. Though from the noises echoing from the central uniting figure everyone avoided the room despite how busy they were. If put in simpler terms however…

Alexis was being spitroasted.

The fox currently was unable to speak as Lyada gripped the back of her head as she lay upon a sofa – forcing the graceful woman’s head to slide up and down her shaft. Clearly she wasn’t unwilling since the sound of her tongue exploring every inch of bunny p**** was almost as loud as the sound of her throat being violated. Lyada couldn’t help occasionally grinding the Kitsunes face as the feeling of those sharp fangs along with the warm juicy mouth surprisingly worked well.

From behind guild master Ras had his trousers down to his knees with his hips swaying back and forth as he plunged his own blade deep between Alexis’ other cheeks. Although getting into her backside was easy it was far too easy to get lost when attempting to escape from that glorious man eating tunnel. Her muscles, not weak at all despite years of abuse, attempted to sap the experienced ex-adventurer of all his backed up ball-juice.

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<Ah~ nothing takes care of ones worries like embracing the pleasures of flesh~.>

With such thoughts she took another load from the front and back – two waves of rich baby batter flooded into her stomach from either end – as her hands were busy with work. Resting upon Lyada’s abdomen was a parchment which she was filling in with a quill. Showing her great expertise as she made great progress with her work despite only getting to glance at it when the big dick doe reeled her head back before slamming it back in place.

She wasn’t the only one hard at work as upon her own back wasn’t just a document but also an ink pot for Ras to use. Those tails she was proud of obviously moving out of his way.He hadn’t made as much progress as Alexis though – that likely being due to how much she had already passively drained him nevertheless it wasn’t due to her not being a good desk. Despite the abuse she was taking from both sides she managed to stay completely still.

That wasn’t to say there were no mistakes as countless splotches of ink had fallen upon her snow white back of no fault other than her body being too great. Her smooth lumbar also having quite a few and whether on purpose or not the guildmaster pushed the tip of his quill into her ‘delicate’ flesh. This did make her plump thighs grind yet she managed to hold steady despite the accidental abuse as they did their work.

<Now~ this has to be the best way to do work ohohoho~!>

As if to get her thoughts across her tongue flickered across the base of Lyada’s c*** making the woman press her face down with even more force.

<I wonder what that dumb little brother of mine is up to though…>


Deep in the snowy mountains in the east of the continent there was a single place which was different.

No matter how strong the monsters were, none dared to approach this single mountain that was covered in endless amounts of juicy strawberries. Each seemed to be planted with care making it clear it wasn’t just any random strawberry grove but a full farm. Whoever the farmer was must have been strong though considering not even ancient wyverns that fluttered in the distance dared fly close anymore.

Then again if they weren’t always constantly battling each other as well as other monsters for space there would be no way they would be close to the owner. Even if the outside owner had no idea what he used to do for a living they certainly did on account of the aura he naturally exudes just from existing. To put it simply he practically bathed in the death of their very ancestors which were far stronger than they themselves were.

In the middle of the grove was a rather simple wooden house made from the sturdiest wood available from {The Forest of Mortality} far across the eastern frontier. On the porch of such a house a crimson haired man sat in a rocking chair with a smoking pipe held firmly between his sharp lips. He took a single drag as his crimson eyes looked down towards the kneeling Photon and ‘always smiling’ Sohn-Tochter.

Despite his arrogant actions neither of the two seemed particularly offended. Photon still had that confident smile upon his face even as his legs were bathed in an azura flame that slowly seemed to be counteracting the fact his knees appeared to be made from gold. The queen meanwhile just stood there not really doing much – still the regality that the ‘farmer’ possessed only lost out when compared to {The Sovereign of Storms} herself showing his background was far from normal.

Even just when wearing a large straw hat, baggy white shirt, matching black trousers with a red sash and standard boots he was regal in the same way Eel was despite her own lack of particularly impressive clothing. It could even be said to be similar to how Alexis managed to be graceful despite the state the goblins had left her in after years of relieving themselves. Most telling was probably the ten crimson fox tails that were behind him.

Finally, blowing out a purple smoke Lyada would no doubt recognise once more, he began to speak without care.

He even pointed to Photon then Sohn-Tochter with his pipe as he spoke about them.

“So let me get this straight – the ‘best defensive fighter’ thought it was a great idea to charge a gunsmen and ended up getting shot by bullets that happened to contain some toxin.” <Kitsune>

“Bwahaha yes I did!” <Photon>

“While this emotional wreck of a sister loving lesbian attempted to kill the brat who should be considered her niece according to bloodlines.” <Kitsune>

“*Glare*” <Sohn-Tochter>

“Now you want me to give up on my vacation to teach that same brat how to not stab herself in the foot when using a sword?” <Kitsune>

“Indeed comrade!” <Photon>

“Don’t feel like it.” <Kitsune>

“Why?” <Sohn-Tochter>

With that he took another drag from his pipe while closing those piercing blood red eyes. The lazy fox just enjoyed the bright sun falling down upon him while letting the powerful narcotic fill his system. After about a minute he finally decided he wanted to answer so blew out a large plume of smoke once again.

“Doesn’t seem worth it since even if she dies she’ll be fine though if she actually manages to make it all the way here without being murdered I’ll consider training her.” <Kitsune>

“Munzumira-” <Sohn-Tochter>

“*Chuckle* I have no idea who that is.” <Kitsune>

“My sister who you fought a little while ago.” <Photon>

“Indeed… But who are you two?” <Kitsune>

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