Chapter 35: A Jingye Dai for the road part 3

Quartz, Onyx and the sneering women were taken by surprise as the seemingly sudden personality shift upon seeing Jingye Dai lose all her fear. It appeared as if she was possessed by a spirit, perhaps hypnotised, as all the prior emotions disappeared from her face. Maybe she lost control of her attributes? Regardless they either had no reason or ability to stop her as she walked up to her social executioner – contrary Onyx decided to begin recording her mom & girl.

The unknowing cause of this development meanwhile was simply sat on a zaisu with a cup of fresh blood as she watched that adorable little daughter of hers. A smile on her face as she sat in a laid back manner with not a inch of cloth in sight – plenty of rogue swimmers from previous trophies about though. Before she knew what was happening a little girl – maybe 4’5 tops – plopped down upon her lap. More accurately she squatted with her legs spread wide over the on matriarch while her dripping wet crotch hovered above.

Ebony raised a brow in surprise but something about this girl… Well to put it simply her middle leg responded to the girl’s presence almost instinctively. Blood rushed to her bitch breaker causing it to soon point upwards and pushed against that wet snatch taking some of the pressure away from the already shivering thighs. The rest of the women today were toys however this little cutie was her prize.

Still, as the matriarch and creator of this plot, she didn’t forget why she was here.

“Well I originally said which number you are but I honestly can’t remember how many ‘orthodox cultivators’ I’ve defiled today so… I guess I’ll just take a peak.” <Ebony>

<S-she wants to see my body…>

Jingye Dai didn’t even care she was about to be exposed to the entire world as long as the Oni touching her got to fully experience her body to satisfaction.

The kind smile she offered to her daughter vanished to be replaced with one suitable for the matriarch of the proud oni. Her right hand wrapped around the girl’s somewhat cute little waist to grip her robes sash. A light tug was all that was required to show off the state of her panties that clung to her chubby l**** to form a fat camel toe that made even Ebony’s dick twitch with excitement as it continued pushing up against her taint.

“Oh~ quite the excited little bimbo you are, aren’t you? Mmm~ look at these plump little lips down here…” <Ebony>

Her index finger coming out to slowly run up the inside of Dai’s pantie bulge causing a wet squigy noise to be clearly audible while the girl attempted to contain herself. She could feel her body shaking in joy at the inquisitive poke. That poke soon became a sadistic twisting as Ebony laughed in amusement from behind at the lewd squishing.

“Damn, that isn’t the sound of nasty bitch who pissed her pants like these other ‘proud women’ who can’t hold it in. That’s straight up the sound of a proper woman who’s desperate to service some oni dick while having pissed herself in excitement~! What are even mortals doing to leave such a repressed snatch untapped.” <Ebony>

<Ah~ I didn’t know my body could feel this hot yet cold. It never felt like this when I’ve been touched before and even though she’s saying such weird things… It makes me happy.>

Indeed, she had never experienced such heat like this.

Her breathing grew hot as her tongue slowly slipped out from her mouth as she panted like a wild beast who just ran. Blood rushed into her cheeks making her seem drunk when paired with those unfocused eyes, her leaning backwards against Ebony didn’t help. It also didn’t help show her virtue as Ebony moved her hand away only for Jingye Dai to lean backwards to have that big fat head press against her sopping crotch. A squirt of precum even shot into her covered t***.

She wanted it.

She needed it.

She deserved it.

Ebony just moved her hands up to her breasts where she held those giant cups before tearing them off with force. Letting those massive bazooka’s shoot out, flapping around out in the open with a quite audible clap. Not only was her truly giant, faintly sagging, bosom display but even her nipples were. This made her feel quite faint since Ebony may not like her rather dark red areola were a solid colour covering quite a lot of her tip with large nipples which were currently the biggest they’d ever been.

The fear was of course unfounded since Ebony found herself questioning if such a wonderful set of breasts could really belong to a mere human. Her nipples were a bit weird however she was a literal midget with tits bigger than her head. Some crimson pepperoni slices weren’t going to particularly stand out; in fact considering the size of her breasts only the colour was really that weird.

“Damn, look at these massive things~! How can you possibly get away from men with things like this slowing you down while attracting them. I don’t think such tits would be possible without a miracle let alone in a mortal like you.” <Ebony>

Having them within reach Ebony couldn’t help but reach around with both hands to grab a handful at the front. Fingers spread to capture as much as possible as she gently began to rotate her hands causing those massive breasts to jiggle – even the oni couldn’t fully control those sweater fenrir. She didn’t mind that since she still made the little girl squirm upon the tip of her head which was really testing those panties.

She clenched her teeth while rolling her tongue into the back of her mouth.

<Is this unfaithful even if I have no choice? How could I forget that I promised myself to Han however… It feels so right to give myself to her… It feels natural…>

Jingye Dai’s concerns flashed across her mind but not fast enough to stop her from lowering herself just a little causing that massive head to begin to push into her entrance. It just felt so natural to lower herself onto the thing that she couldn’t help herself even as she let out a pained cry as it actually entered her despite the panties. Those soggy panties themselves were stretched into her cooch – it wasn’t a lie to say her entire body trembled as she felt a rush of ‘something’ exit out from her and lube her hole. As if that was all that was needed to complete the act she slid the very tip into herself with a *slchplop* as well as a soft tearing which wasn’t that of her panties.

In the recording it was very clear to see red beginning to trickle down the sides of that massive spined c***. Tears slowly rolled down her chubby cheeks which reddened as her teeth only clenched harder. She had already stuck her fiances ‘thing’ inside her yet this was obviously way larger than that… So it became way bloodied when her hymen shattered into pieces upon her forcing the head through it.

Ebony meanwhile let out a long groan as she felt the girl’s hymen pop against her massive c*** head when the girl forced it inside herself. Even if it wasn’t due to her own force she’s never felt so satisfied entering a woman; even more satisfied that the girl did it herself. She didn’t seem to expect it to ache as much as it did though if her reaction was anything to talk about. The Oni didn’t care though since the pain would be temporary and that hole would only get wider from here on out.

The matriarch just leaned back on her chair while her hands reached out to strip the robe fully off Jingye Dai while also tearing the panties out. When she was tugging on the panties though she found them stuck inside of the girl – so she pulled harder to pull them out causing the girl to let out a moan. Her hands then began to trace along the girl’s hips to softly reach her massive ass which she pushed from either side while admiring it shake.

“No way back little bimbo, you’ve done it, your little p**** can no longer be little. I’ll make it so you can fit your entire little hand up to high five your unborn brats. Oh~, you just squirted, since you clearly enjoy my oni dick why dontcha share your name for the [Recording Jade] to know as well as what we’ll put on your pillar.” <Ebony>

After she heard Ebony’s words it finally sank in exactly what she had done. Not only had she given away her virginity to another… That other was so big it was obvious. On top of that she had done it while being recovered. Yet, her ‘mess ups’ didn’t end there since the Yakuza would likely display that scene for the entire world to see. In fact from what she knew it would probably be sold to be masturbated to by men all across the world…

Yet she felt nothing but fulfilment (and pain but mostly fulfilment).

<Why do I feel so… Right?>

Before she could figure out what she was feeling and why two hands held either side of her head while a pair of hips bucked up. Feeling that massive dick dig deeper inside her made her quiver with delight while Ebony made her face the jade. She tried to look towards the oni woman holding her head however the woman’s voice came out before she could.

“Now give a friendly smile for the jade and tell us all about yourself~!” <Ebony>

Hearing that order, what else could she do but obey?

A crooked nervous smile appeared on her face as she lifted her hands up to wave continuously towards Onyx. Her cheeks were flushed as she continued to pant heavily while feeling that giant head slowly sinking deeper and deeper. How many people would watch this? Even if they didn’t sell it there was no doubt in her mind that they would at the very least show it off to the alliance – in other words everyone she’s practically ever met.

Still her voice left her trembling lips with a strangely happy\excited tone.

“I-I’m Jingye Dai, daughter of the noble Jingye Families patriarch, one of the top families on the wealthy {Fuyou Continent}. Erm- I also am a core-court disciple of the {Ascension Eagle Large Sect} on the same continent? S-sorry I don’t really know what else to say…” <Jingye Dai>

She heard an amused chuckling from behind her as the hands on her cheeks fell. Instead those two strong hands began to knead her breasts in clear view of the Jade while Ebony leaned in to stick out her tongue. Gently licking up Jingye Dai’s ear as the girl could only tremble with no resistance. Even if she was stronger she knew she didn’t have it in her to fight against the oni even if she had no idea why… She could figure that out later though.

“Heh, so you’re the famous Semen Bag nicknamed {The Nomadic Dryad} who is well on their way to mastering life/nature attributes through living like a hermit?” <Ebony>

“Urgh~…“ <Jingye Dai>

She wanted to reply but when she opened her mouth all that came out was a sensual moan which made her blush but she continued.

“Y-yes!” <Jingye Dai>

“Hmm~ then how about you tell them all about how amazing you were before I break all your worth on my massive oni c***?” <Ebony>

Opening her mouth to-

“Heh, you kinky little Semen Bag, tell the jade what you just did.” <Ebony>

Only allowed on

Upon realising what happened herself she attempted to cover her face with her hands but those were firmly grasped by the Oni letting her cute little face be exposed as she fumbled about to explain what she did.

“I-I- W-well you see- I- Uhm… U-u~rgh! I-I can’t hold it in something i-is coming out of my v***** on your p****~❣” <Jingye Dai>

Half way during thinking on how to explain it should become apparent as her entire body quivered as her p**** clenched around that head. Her body fully falling backwards onto Ebony while sticky transparent juice slowly escaped down the rod. In truth she wasn’t entirely sure what happened herself since she hadn’t had much experience with sexual stuff. However, she knew it was a result of her ‘excitement’.

After a few seconds of recovery then silence, Jingye Dai spoke in a quieter voice than before.

“I’m somewhat skilled with life/nature attributes while managing to attain a cultivation of 6th stage of the core formation realm under 50 years old. Other than that… I’m not really sure? I kind of made my own techniques since no complete techniques really existed for me to use.” <Jingye Dai>

“Oh~ quite the impressive girl… Still I think this is more impressive.” <Ebony>

With that comment she attempted to cup the bottom of Dai’s breasts in order to lift them up and down… However, they proved too big for that to be feasible causing Ebony to frown softly. Dai who faced forward didn’t see that so just continued on.

“T-the bra is always custom fitted so I don’t know what my cup size is… When I last checked it was something like I, N or S?” <Jingye Dai>

“Well I think it’s about time we get to the fun part~!” <Ebony>

Although she said it like that Ebony was really just desperate to claim that untapped womb for herself while ensuring no one else could even consider doing the same in the future. It was unusual for her to be so attracted to a mere human girl (she wasn’t Onyx) – at the same time that hardly mattered. She did feel relieved the girl was so highly cultivated; she didn’t need to worry about the girl dying from this.

“R-right!” <Jingye Dai>

Much to her pleasant surprise the girl seemed on board.

Not minding that she was on display for the entire world to see, moving her hands down from waving at the jade, Jingye Dai rested her hands on her own plump thighs. Those wide hips slowly began to move in a circle while her eager p**** dribbled down the giant sausage it was about to devour. Her legs were about as spread as they could possibly be as slowly she lowered herself down on her monsterous one-night-stand.

The excited girls insides made way as those spikes on the oni c*** slid inside her causing her to be poked in all the right places. Her smaller stature made the throbbing spiked bulge that slowly moved upwards very clear for all to see – practically each plump vein was visible as they pumped an unhealthy amount of pre-c** inside her. Of course, just like herself her body wasn’t selfish and each little bit of progress was met with her squirting onto that shaft.

It was almost as if she was a drive through c*** wash!

“Ah~ I don’t know why but it feels so~ goo~d~.” <Jingye Dai>

Somehow her voice still managed to be calm even if her face loosened up. Once more tears dripped down her cheeks however she certainly didn’t seem to be in pain this time; this only supported by her little mouth being wide open with her tongue hanging out. Those little hands moved from her thighs to instead clutch the giant thing rearranging her inners which caused her to slip with a loud sloppy *SLCLOO~P* followed as her mouth took on a ‘O’ while she dripped on herself. Hands running up and down the bulge already at her gates.

“OoOooOOooo~❣ It feels so good I can’t help but squirt that pleasure pee~. Your big man thing is grinding against the entrance of my womb~.” <Jingye Dai>

She felt the eyes of her ‘fellow cultivators’ on her change from maliciousness to disgust at her obscene actions. It wasn’t that she didn’t understand what was happening, she understands she is ‘cumming’ but she’s never really had ‘the talk’. Just like most things she was left to study by herself. As one can imagine she was more interested in studying the over one thousand different types of leaves found in the realms rather than what fluid she ejects at mach five when feeling a massive oni p**** crushing her womb.

She was very interested right now though.

Those disgusted eyes of other ‘mortal women’ looked on her with disdain. That jade recorded her two little hands running up and down the length of the c*** (not even half of it) which bulged out her. The soft panting of the oni behind her as that massive c*** throbbed as it seemed to somehow grow bigger and bigger until-


Her little womb began to grow bigger and bigger as it sat upon the already visible c*** bulge all the while she felt the entire process of thick semen spurting into her only to slosh around in her no longer little belly. To say this was stimulating for the practically virgin girl was quite the understatement as her inners quivered around the c*** which only squeezed out more of that salty nut slop. However, even like this it seemed the pair wasn’t satisfied as Ebony’s hands came to rest upon the girls hips and like their minds were in sync Dai grinded her uterus on the head of the c*** all the while her giant womb was completely being flooded.

“Urgh, this c*** really is the best I’ve had, if a little shallow… Let’s fix that lil’Dai~!” <Ebony>

“Y-urgh-es~.” <Jingye Dai>

Meanwhile Quartz and Onyx just mumbled off to the side.

“Lil’Dai?” <Quartz & Onyx>

Without any more thought the girl tilted her head back to look towards Ebony while the matriarch returned the action by lifting forward. The two’s tongues stuck from their mouths as they began to sloppily entangle in full view of the [Recording Jade] all the while spit splattered across their faces. Ebony had already finished unloading in the ex-little womb as it lewdly sagged down over the head of the c*** bulge like a used condom with probably more c** in it than any other the already prepared ‘trophies’. The didn’t care about the obscene scene as after a second of grinding their two lips met and while continuing their loving dance.

Then Jingye Dai let her legs fall from under herself.


“MmMmmMMmmm~❣” <Jingye Dai>

Her uterus stopped being a wall and became a door as a mixture of her own weight as well as that of the substantial amount of c** caused her to slide down that pole. Her thighs collided with those gigantic sperm stores with a loud wet clap.  With how wet she was it wasn’t two shocking Ebony slid in after all that work. What may have been shocking was the ‘lengths’ her body went to in order to ‘accommodate’ Ebony’s needs. The giant c*** bulge actually managed to stretch out her body then between her massive breasts while the c** in her womb began to pool at the bottom of her worn p****.

Unsurprisingly the girl trembled as her entire body seemed to experience her most momentous climax yet. Meanwhile Ebony (to the surprise of Quartz, Onyx, Violet & all the bloated trophies) wrapped her arms around the girls midriff. Twisting her head to deepen their kiss – the oni’s strong tongue could easily overpower Dai’s however this wasn’t what was happening. It was more akin to guiding the inexperienced Jingye Dai in how to get the most out of this. Slowly exploring the girl’s mouth before then guiding the girl to do the same with her own.

Once the girls body finished adapting to the brutish bulging she allowed herself to follow her elders guidement. At first her tongue slid along the oni’s teeth where she was able to observe surprising differences between them and Han’s. They were all far sharper and sturdier while the flesh of her mouth was just as soft and squishy – despite that she could tell the flesh was far more resistant with no signs of ever being hurt.

<Probably due to oni’s being prolific scavengers they developed the ability to bite through even bones though if they had a weak mouth the shattered bones would likely cut them… It could also be because their bodies are tougher in general? Maybe the sharpened teeth or just a measure to tear up meat? Either way I think I like her mouth… It’s very warm and wet but makes me feel safe while being held in her arms…>

With such thoughts they continued their lewd & intimate kiss while Jingye Dai’s hands came down from her ‘trophy ready’ belly. They slowly slid down her glistening thighs before falling onto those large musky balls – already pretty nasty with various fluids yet she didn’t mind. Instead she was pleasantly surprised with how good it felt to just let her sink in. Her hands bounced around, gabbed some sperm filled goodness and generally just groped those mother makers with zero consideration.

Teasing those giant testies with innocent curiosity not minding how lewd she was groping the oni’s balls.

<These feel really great to touch, grab and feel… I wonder what it would be like to shove my face into them? Though I suppose they may be a bit stinky yet I don’t think I’d mind…>

The facts of her situation totally left her mind as she did a mental reset to her nature appreciating self while finally pulling her mouth away from Ebony’s. Their tongues seemed to not be as willing to let go as they slowly slid out of eachothers mouths, sliding across each other’s tongues as well. By the time the two tongues separated a long bridge of saliva connected to them while their eyes gazed into one another with an unknown connection.

Realisation suddenly sprung up in Jingye Dai’s eyes as her cheeks bulged. All those watching thought she may have finally realised she would live a ‘torturous life’ as a used trophy causing those cultivators to sneer once again. The core-disciple would sneer if he still had the ability but Violet didn’t like his voice so cut off his lips and tongue which unfortunately led to him bleeding out.

Another toy wasted!

Against those expectations however she instead pushed against those c** churners, using them to support her weight, while her feet moved to try to support herself once again. A spurt of something could be seen under her bulging flesh as Ebony softly moaned to the girls teasing however Jingye Dai didn’t seem to bothered. Her face was still a mess with spit and tears all over her yet that cute face just made a cute inquisical look as she bit the tip of her tongue while repositioning herself.

To everyone’s surprise and Ebony’s delight the girl was soon back in a spread-eagle squat that fully displayed herself to the [Recording Jade] while she slowly moved her hips. She didn’t do any huge movements but she was wagging those hips in strange motions. Seemingly trying to figure something out before settling on moving in a ‘0’ as her legs slowly began to lift her off the base of the c***.

Well, it attempted to but those thick spines gripped tightly causing her to leave a rich red flesh to continue sucking off the base as she lifted the rest of her up. More and more of her stretched inners was causing her to appear while moving her hands to grip it – almost seemingly about to try shoving it back inside herself. That appeared to be a bad move since her legs trembled at her cold touch on her intimate parts. She slipped down a little but she stopped herself before turning back.

“D-does it still feel good with it like this?” <Jingye Dai>

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“W-what…” <Onyx>

The third daughter truly was the voice of the people.

Ebony didn’t seem as confused as her only answer was to reach her hands to wrap round the prolapsed p****. This made Dai gasp while her whole body shook yet that wasn’t enough for the matriarch as she tried to slide the dark red flesh up. It mostly ended up with her wanking off her dick as well as Dai’s p**** but with how hard her c*** throbbed it was clear she loved it.

“Your broken p**** is better than even that ol’ hag or Quartz – best thingI’ve felt yet! So how about you stop moping and begin moving that fat ass of yours so I can unload in you~! I have plenty of brat batter to unload and your womb is looking hungry~! Urgh, damn I love your Semen Bag body.” <Ebony>

Taking a hand montairly off from her w*** session she brought it back down to give a soggy slap to Jingye Dai’ ass which made her yelp but let out a strange smile. If one had to describe that smile it appeared to be a mixture of love meeting obsession. Also had a level of self-satisfaction which made the ‘always nature obsessed Jingye Dai’ unrecognisable. A crimson blush also upon her face.

<S-she loves me~! Even if it’s only my body it’s my body which means she loves me~! Ah, she also wants to inseminate me~? Wait, if she fills me more does that mean she loves me more~?! I think she’s released the most in me, ah~! I’m so happy that she thinks I’m better thus more deserving of her seed than those corrupt women~❣>

Her smile turned to the other cultivates and for once it was her who sneered at them as she slowly worked her body up and down that shaft. She didn’t remain slow though as slowly her pace sped up more while she also introduced her swaying hips to add additional pleasure for Ebony. In a few seconds she was practically shooting up and down that massive mast with speed only possible for a high-level cultivator.

Those giant tits of hers truly uncontrollable as they danced all about – even slapping her in her face repeatedly – while her hands remained on her hips. Her mouth returning to a perfect ‘O’ as the very same vowel was the only noise she made. The lewd drown, flesh clapping and sloppy sliding echoed through the oni’s base. It was impossible not to pay attention as soon a large crowd of {Asura Yakuza} stood on the edge of the ‘execution grounds’ to watch in shock as the short cultivator rode their leader like a champ.

Some Oni didn’t have the kind of willpower that this girl did to stay awake with such overwhelming stimulation!

Ebony reached around to grab those wild breasts, she wasn’t fully able to control them due to their size and Dai’s speed, but she made the most of it. Wrapping the flesh around her c*** bulge while letting the girl do the rest of the work. Giving Ebony an unforgettable experience of getting ridden while also receiving a tit job.

“Ah~ you really are an amazing bimbo so I’ll rereward you~!” <Ebony>


That was more like a cry as she began to unleash a giant geyser of molten nut butter inside of the unsuspecting Jingye Dai who suddenly felt like the sudden force. She may have even gotten a solid second of air as she lost her footing once more to fall to the base before she reeled her body backward as c** flooded inside her. All the while this was fully visual due to her stretching more and more to contain the overflowing generosity of her rewards.

The other cultivators looked on with shock/fear since it certainly wasn’t that violent when they were abused. If it was, with their lower cultivation & vitality, they’d have popped like balloons that had been overfilled. Even the other spectators were shocked out how much their matriarch was filling that poor little girl; no wonder she was their leader with that kind of power!

Still Dai was no quitter as her hands fell behind onto those c*** crushing cobblers and began to squeeze them together making Ebony groan. The explosion of c** increased in volume even more while visible to all the onlookers – her once seemingly unrealistic breasts became small in comparison. Jingye Dai just closed her eyes while letting out a soft sigh as she fell backwards onto Ebony; occasionally trembling as she climaxed almost every few seconds under Ebony’s power.

Still, despite that and all the eyes on her, she felt a calming sense of satisfaction fill her which made that pleasure all the sweeter.

<It feels so right being like this…>

No thoughts about her past, future or even present. Just on the warm feeling as the dozens of litres of spunk made her look like those stress balls forcefully overflowed with… Well semen. She didn’t even stop squeezing till she felt the c*** inside her finally give it’s last spurt. The sloshing liquid was so hot she felt it would scold a mortal yet for her it was only making her feel oddly comfortable.

She couldn’t help but begin to peacefully doze off while in the embrace of the mature oni matriarch.

Upon seeing that the girl was finished up with and ready to be displayed  the sistersOnyx & Violet walked up to their mom/mommy. Onyx still help the jade in her hands as she walked up while ensuring to get a closer look at the mess her mom had made. Her spare hand (the jade mystically floated in the centre of the main ring of her stave) slid down that bloated stomach before pulling it up to give the jade a good look at her p****. Surprisingly it was shaven and not all natural while those fat lips seemed bruised by the violent abuse – making them seem even puffier than they already were. Other than that the red insides were greatly spread thin to handle the massive mom-dick.

“Damn, you really destroyed this poor little girl mom. Honestly surprised the girl made it out with her inners still in… Also surprised someone so obsessed with ‘living by nature’ would shave her p**** like this. Looks satisfying to eat if not for the unneeded sausage… Oh well~!” <Onyx>

From there the young oni slid her hand onto that giant belly, slapping the top of it while being amused as it rippled at her touch, letting out a chuckle. She did move onto those massive breasts to grab a handful of her own. Playing around a little with those sadly abandoned chubby pepperoni. Still she couldn’t help but return to that big belly.

Even Violet who was caked with blood (the two insects actually wrapped around her neck and on top of her hair) poked the big belly before clapping with a giggle as it jiggled – amusement of the scene would lead to the suffering of many women in the future.

“Seriously though mom, you really filled this one up. Are we even sure the prepared pole could support this much weight? More c** than girl at this point!” <Onyx>

“For your information, you two pot screamer, she was the one riding me like there was no tomorrow. How was I not going to bust a big one for a cute brat like this. Seriously never thought I’d meet a mortal so suicidal!” <Ebony>

“Mmm~ liar…” <Violet>

The bell like voice of Violet rung out making the two other people blink in surprise that she gave her usually much prized wisdom on this. Her mommy soon huffed however as her hand came down to chop Violet’s head. The cute little oni immediately clutched her head with her blood hangs – a pout on her cute face.

“Shudup you brat – just because your my inheritor doesn’t mean I’ll let you off for that cheek!” <Ebony>

Violet just stuck out her little tongue making Ebony shake a fist at the girl only for her to vanish into an explosion of purple flame. Of course, the matriarch knew exactly where her daughter had run to but she let her get away for now. Instead she hit the head of her other available daughter causing her to groan.

“Let’s get this one up and displayed; you’ll hunt a couple more of them while I protect our current yield. First things first…” <Ebony>

“Urgh, damn she’s a heavy Semen Bag, heh~.” <Onyx>

Getting the hint Onyx muttered something while letting her stave float in the distance while Quartz also just appeared from out of nowhere. Each on either side of the girl as they gripped her by her arms. With little warning the napping girl was forcibly yoinked off Ebony’s dick causing quite the considerable prolapse behind – her abruptly waking up with a moan as she squirted a little. Her hands also rested on her ‘large belly’ as c** began to pour out with a *Splat* until it was prevented quite forcibly by Quartz tightly dripping the bottom of her prolapse causing her to shiver with another cute little moan.

“Cruel as always Qua- Wait she’s fine after that?!” <Onyx>

“Oh, she didn’t pass out? If I knew I would’ve knocked out another one or two… Anyway hurry along to put her up. ” <Ebony>

<W-what? W-where? H-how?>

As can be expected from being suddenly awoken she quickly looked from side to side in confusion while trying to figure out what was happening. However, with her still drowsy eyes, everything just became more confusing since everything just blurred. Before she could even figure out what her own name was she being moved towards the beautiful scene filled with pure vitality & life force making her give a sleepy smile.

“Up we go~!” <Onyx>

The Oni didn’t mind the girl’s state. They simply heaved her over to a pre-prepared pillar with her name already embedded inside (courtesy of {The Shadow Master – Quartz} hard work while everyone else had fun) and a perfectly sized replica of Ebony’s c*** on top. As they finally reached the pillar a pair of spiritually made stairs helped the two oni bring Jingye Dai up to her rightful place. Onyx hooked the girl’s arm around her neck while supporting her as the small of her back while the other hooked under her knee/thigh. The crueller Quartz did the same except her bottom hand also held the bloated fleshy c** hose without much care of tugging the sensitive flesh.

“Right… I guess you should just work her lewd outer-p**** onto it first then lower her body on top of that?” <Onyx>

The servant loyally nodded as she let that thigh drop while lowering the literal fleshlight onto the top of that literal ebony p****. She eased her grip on the end of it letting it sputter out fresh molten unripened oni-mix over the d**** which greatly helped by lubing it up. Onyx repositioned to better manage all the weight by herself as Quartz soon used both hands to pinch the hold from two sides before pulling.

“W-wha-OoOooOOooo~❣” <Jingye Dai>

Feeling the hands manhandle her privates woke her right up as she looked around in surprise before quickly understanding what was happening to her; a moment later she moaned out once more. Face burning up as she glanced over her fellow trophies to meet the eyes of many of the many men and women watching her from the sides. Seeing with her own eyes many of that oni’s people finding pleasure from her ‘circumstance’ filled her with fulfilment once more.

<Why though… Why did I accept this and feel like this because of it?>

Her p**** twitched and squirted over Quartz’s hand however the always serious servant ignored the girl finding pleasure from her actions. She coldly slid the girl’s broken private parts over the wooden dick – stretching her out so much that there was no worry of the entrance getting stuck on the p**** spikes though the insides could’ve. It wasn’t a problem that couldn’t be fixed with some force. All the while baby sludge from the love making session flowed out to cake the pillar.

Once she reached the bottom Quartz just released her grip letting the elasticity of her p**** tightly clench around the base of the wooden p**** with a lewd snap. From there she then helped from below as the two oni’s lowered Jingye Dai’s actual body onto it’s place. Looking down to see for the first time in years she could see her belly, then looking around and seeing all the other ‘smaller’ bellies, a sense of pride filled her heart for the first time ever. Even as the chains were put around her shins making it so she couldn’t escape and the recording of the entire thing placed around her neck – this pride never left.

Simply put she felt superior to the women around her and yet happy she could be of help to the black haired oni who she didn’t even know the name of.

Proud of being inflated with virile c**.

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