Chapter 144: Valencia


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(Third Person.)

The prominent Kingdom of Valencia, known as the center of humanity’s magic, dubbed as the place of lineages of the most powerful human mages and one of the three main kingdoms of humanity. In the capital of the kingdom, where could be found the widely known prestigious magic Academy of Valencia. The source of great pride for the people of the kingdom.

Where the children of the most influential people of humanity were studying. However, not entirely to learn… but to establish connections with the next generation of Kings of humanity.

Inside one of the classrooms of the magic Academy. A silent room where the only thing that could be heard was the sound of the chalk scratching the green board in front of around 20 students just silently listening.

The entire room was pristine white including the metallic desks and chairs aligned in the room. There’s a glass chandelier hanging on the white ceiling in the middle of the room that was turned off, due to the light coming from the windows with white curtains being swayed by the gentle wind coming from outside.

Slowly, Prince Dieter directed his narrowing eyes to the teacher. As the bell rang, he stood up and immediately walked outside the classroom.

“That’s all for today, let’s meet again tomorrow.”


Prince Dieter looked back while expressing indifference on his face.

The one called him walked towards him while smiling. He had smooth brown hair and a pair of almond brown eyes that greatly complimented his seemingly fragile but good-looking face. Just like Prince Dieter, he’s wearing black long sleeves and black slacks as their uniform in the academy. And just like him, also a prince from his own kingdom. Prince Glen. “What’s with that face, Dieter?”

Prince Dieter continued to walk through the corridor. “I want this school year to finally end, I don’t want to stay here any longer.”

Prince Glen laughed as he walked beside him. “Don’t say that. You’re making it sound like you no longer have interest in hanging out with us and this is just the third day for this semester.”

Both of them turned in the direction of the large open space at the backside of the campus, a huge garden filled with colorful flowers and an abundance of wooden benches scattered throughout the place.

While walking through the gray cemented path, they stumbled upon three people on their way. The one in the middle with blonde hair and a remarkably gentle face stopped and smiled at him. “Prince Dieter Inizio.”

Prince Glen bowed his head. “President.”

Prince Dieter just smiled and put his hands in his pants pocket. “What a surprise to see you here, Prince Miel Amarantha. It’s quite unusual to see you around this part of the campus. This place is not a spot where the students of Class A usually hang out.”

“I just came to take a little walk. Anyway, Prince Dieter. I heard that the dean has finally given you an invitation to transfer to Class A.” He said with such a soft-spoken voice. “Why haven’t you accepted it yet?”

Prince Dieter laughed. “I will. However, I still want to hang out in class B for at least until the end of the year. After all, I still have a year I can spend in class A with you all.”

Half of Prince Miel’s lips rose. “Better get all the alliances and endorsements that you could possibly get, isn’t it?”

Prince Dieter just smiled at his comment and pulled his hands out of his pockets. “Perhaps… Prince Miel.”

Prince Miel chuckled and walked passed through him. “Although I don’t disagree with the belief that you’re fighting for, I would recommend you to be very careful… because not everyone will agree with your beliefs. And some of them are not as tolerant as the others.”

“Thanks for your kind advice, I’ll take that into consideration.”

Prince Dieter and Prince Glen just watched them walk away.

Slowly, Prince Glen shook his head. “He really sounds like his father, that’s the crown prince of the most powerful kingdom of humanity for you.”

Prince Dieter walked forward in the direction of the inner part of the garden. “Let’s go, Glen.”

Prince Glen followed him. “Similarly, now that I mentioned it. Have you heard the news? It’s a huge talk around the campus that the Holy land of Amarantha finally dispatched the hero, Karsus.”

“I didn’t. I have been so occupied with more important things that I didn’t take notice of it.”

“I know. I noticed that lately, you have been showing no interest in anything about the current war and anything that has nothing to do with whatever you are interested in these days.” Prince Glen said while chuckling. “Anyway, I heard that the hero’s current mission is to attack the kingdom of Erela.”

Prince Dieter stopped as his eyes widened. “Kingdom of Erela?”

Even though he flinched at Prince Dieter’s reaction. Prince Glen just shrugged it off. “Yes, the kingdom of Erela. The Kingdom of Nardia managed to destroy the boasted barrier of that kingdom and now, the hero is on his way to finish what the kingdom of Nardia had started.”

Prince Dieter stared at Prince Glen with his enlarged eyes. “Isn’t the kingdom of Erela just near the town of Agrona?”

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Prince Glen smiled. “Oh, you’ve heard about that town too? And you said you are not interested in the ongoing war?” He raised his index finger. “I assume you know that the demon that is currently ruling that town is a huge talk inside the campus.” Prince Dieter slowly walked and Prince Glen immediately followed. “The Tyrannical Warlord… that’s what they call him. Just hearing the stories about how that cruel demon slaughtered the entire army of the kingdom of Milana makes me shiver.”

“The hero’s objective is to eliminate the currently weakened kingdom of Erela and attack the town of Agrona next?” Prince Dieter asked.

Prince Glen nodded. “Apparently. After all, a meruem is not a threat the hero can ignore for long.”

“Of course, that’s the plan.” Prince Dieter faced Prince Glen and tapped his shoulder. “You did great, Glen.” And walked past him back to the campus.

“Where are you going, Dieter?” He asked while staring at Prince Dieter with confusion in his eyes.

Prince Dieter looked back and smiled at him. “I think my stomach turned bad, I have to go.” He turned his back and walked away.

Prince Glen just watched him while scratching his head. “But… Everyone is already waiting for you.”

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