Chapter 150: Scheming Against A Big Snake, Killing People By Proxy

Only now, everyone began to understand the strength of the youth on the cliff from the bottom of their hearts. All of them couldn’t help correcting their expressions, and their gazes looking at Tonan became more radiant.

In the Uchiha clan, other than the special status such as the Patriarch or the Great Elder, everyone subconsciously respected strength. They began to get curious about the true strength hidden by this youth. But they heard Tonan leisurely say, “Amid the revitalization of the clan’s great cause, I’ll not permit anyone to oppose me.”

“Shinra is like this, please don’t mind him.” Shinji looked at Tonan, his eyes filled with a fanatical hue, and his words seemed to have some degree of respect.

“It’s nothing, I just gave him a light warning.” Tonan waved his hand casually as if subduing a clan member with three tomoe Sharingan was a trivial matter. Immediately afterward, he lowered his head and said with a serious face, “Let me tell you about Konoha’s current situation. Since I’ve successfully gained Sarutobi Hiruzen’s trust, his prejudice against the clan has been eliminated. Moreover, he has promised me privately that he’ll push me to the Hokage position when I have the qualifications.”

Tonan’s tone was light as he said this as if this matter was just everyday things like eating and drinking tea. But after he spoke, the Uchiha clan members exclaimed in joy…


“Great… like this, the clan can regain the Warring States Period’s glory.”

“This is a great move. There’s no need for infighting at all, and we can directly get the power.”



Tonan’s voice was not loud but it seemed to explode in their ears, making them focus on him. This move created some awe in their hearts. Everyone present became silent and heard Tonan indifferently say, “But now, the times have changed. Sarutobi Hiruzen alone doesn’t have the final say. The force led by Shimura Danzo opposes him. Danzo has even got the support of two Hokage Advisors and Orochimaru. In some aspects, his right to speak even surpasses Sarutobi Hiruzen. And Danzo always had evil plans toward our clan. He’s our biggest enemy now.”

Having said this, Tonan squinted his eyes and looked at the people below. Everyone frowned when they heard this. Obviously, they had never been in contact with these internal matters of the higher-ups, and they naturally didn’t know their complicated relationship.

They had always thought that Konoha’s Hokage meant what it said. They had never thought that someone would dare to oppose his authority. Many people haven’t even heard the name Shimura Danzo.

Only the older and more senior people had some impression of this name in the depths of their memories. Everyone became worried and began to put forward their suggestions…

“Is that what is happening?”

“Tonan, do you want to lead the Uchiha clan to support Hokage?”

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“If that’s the case, then I think you should talk directly to Patriarch Fugaku. He has always advocated getting closer to the higher-ups.”

However, Tonan coldly replied, “No, as the number one clan in Konoha, the Uchihas cannot stand in line easily. Otherwise, if Sarutobi Hiruzen loses power and influence, we would also be done for. We cannot put all the chips in one basket. Therefore, I called you all here.”

“According to the information I secretly got from the higher-ups, Orochimaru and Danzo seem to be conducting some kind of human experiment. And there are various indications that the clan members’ deaths are connected to this.”

Hearing this, the Uchihas below exploded. Everyone was shocked. No one had thought that such a crazy thing was done by the Konoha higher-ups.


“Jiro and Yoshisuke were actually not killed by the enemy villages’ spies but by the village people?”

“Let’s go to kill Orochimaru and Danzo, and avenge our clan members’ death.”

Tonan frowned. The Uchiha clan members indeed couldn’t resist their impulses. Each of them was temperamental and careless. Moreover, they also bluntly spoke the words they shouldn’t, and at every turn, they shouted about killing. They weren’t particular about tactics either.

No wonder, although the Uchiha clan was powerful, it was still toyed around by the Konoha higher-ups. Tonan shouted in a deep voice, “Reckless fools! I called you all here today to investigate the truth and uncover the person behind the scenes.”

After he spoke, cooing sounds came from all around. A large number of pigeons circled in the sky above everyone.

“These are the ninja beasts I nurtured. From today onwards, all your moves will be under their observation. Once anyone encounters the enemy, they’ll notify me. When I find the person behind the scenes, I’ll release the signal flare. At that time, you all need to rush over quickly and prevent the enemy from running away.”

Shinji frowned, but he thought of something and said with a worried look, “But, as you said just now, the person behind the scenes is very likely to be… Orochimaru…”

Tonan arrogantly replied, “You all don’t need to worry about that. With my current strength, we don’t need to be afraid of him. The only thing we need to worry about is his escape. But I’m a person who likes to do things absolutely and eradicates the roots. If the person behind the scenes is truly him, then I must kill him completely to avoid future troubles.”

The atmosphere became dead silent. Everyone looked at each other and was a little speechless. In their opinion, Tonan was bragging a little too much. It was difficult for them to believe his words.

Who was Orochimaru? How powerful was he? No one in the entire Konoha didn’t know about him. But here, Tonan was confidently saying he wanted to kill him. It was extremely absurd and everyone clicked their tongues in succession.

Yes, the Uchiha clan was born with the ability to act like pretentious pricks who were best at taunting. Most of the members even perfected their acts and turned them into muscle memory.

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But when they heard Tonan’s words, they didn’t think it was just a pretentious prick act but blatant big talk. Generally speaking, when they encounter someone who talked big, they would not hesitate to ridicule and expose him.

But Tonan’s b******* was not impeccable. Instead, it was full of holes, which made them not know where to start even though they wanted to ridicule him.

So embarrassing~

Orochimaru, after all, was one of the three sannin of the Ninja World. He was an existence that survived under the hands of the so-called demi-god Hanzo of the Salamander. In the entire village, there might not even be a few people who could fight against him.

Perhaps, the former Hiruzen could, but the current Hiruzen was already over fifty years old. Orochimaru was the combat power ceiling of Konoha. Could the young and inexperienced Tonan fight against him?

Shinji coughed heavily, trying to ease the awkward atmosphere. “Tonan, I think we should discuss this more carefully.”

Tonan’s scarlet Sharingan looked at Shinji and said with arrogance, “I didn’t come to discuss, I’m just informing you. You just have to wait for my signal. By the way, tell this to the other two who didn’t come as well.”

After speaking, he turned into a white pigeon and disappeared from everyone’s view. After he left, the surrounding was quiet for a while. In the end, someone couldn’t help breaking the silence and said to Shinji, “Shinji, this guy is too arrogant. Such an arrogant person, I truly can’t imagine him enduring for so many years. Too… hard.”

As an Uchiha clan member, he had rarely learned to speak tactfully. The people around also agreed with him. Shinji coughed lightly, “Everyone, be a little more tactful. Tonan, after all, is still young, and he has endured for so long. It’s not easy to get a chance to vent, and it’s normal for him to be unable to control himself for some time. Everyone, please understand.”


Tonan knew well that when dealing with the Uchihas, he shouldn’t give them an inch, otherwise, they would ride on his head and act like tyrants.

Besides, in his heart, these people were already labeled as dead people, so he didn’t bother to play nice with them. As for the seemingly arrogant words, he was just telling the truth. Orochimaru was truly strong. He had a lot of strange ninjutsu, and his summoning beast was also powerful. But in a one-on-one fight, he believed that he could suppress this snake-like sannin.

It was just that he was unsure of whether he could kill him or not. After all, in terms of the ability to survive in the entire Ninja World, Orochimaru was definitely the number one. Even if he was killed on the spot, that guy might resurrect from some corner suddenly.

However, he was just limited to being difficult to deal with. His battle strength didn’t pose much threat to the current Tonan. Also, he was not very good at schemes and intrigues. All he needed to do now was to wait and find Orochimaru’s hidden experiment base.

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