Chapter 187: Teaching Acupoints, Jealous Obito

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At about noon, Uzumaki Kushina made a special trip to bring lunch for everyone. Once everyone finished eating, she bade them farewell. Soon after, Uchiha Tonan began exchanging pointers with Hatake Kakashi on sword techniques. And Namikaze Minato began teaching Uchiha Obito and Nohara Rin how to release ninjutsu.

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Obito and Rin didn’t have much ninjutsu proficiency. Apart from the three basic techniques, Obito had learned the Grand Fireball Technique and Rin had learned the basic medical ninjutsu, Mystical Palm Technique.

Minato knew very little about these two techniques, so it was very difficult for him to teach them anything further or build on them.

“Fire Style – Grand Fireball Technique.” Obito made hand signs, took a deep breath, and spat out a small flame…

Sigh… Minato helplessly slapped his forehead. Seeing this, Tonan felt that it was almost time. So, he walked over and leisurely said, “Minato-sensei, it’s getting late. Why don’t you all head back? Let me teach Obito and Rin.”

Minato understood Tonan’s implication and pretended as if he suddenly remembered something, “Oh, that’s right… Kakashi and I just happen to have something to do. I’ll leave these two with you, then.”

Minato walked over to Kakashi and winked at him. Then, the two left the training ground together. Seeing that Tonan wanted to teach him ninjutsu, Obito folded his arms and turned his head away, “I didn’t say I want to train with you.”

Tonan adjusted his glasses and said without being annoyed at all, “Since that’s the case, I’ll teach Rin alone. Obito, you can leave as well then.”

Tut… Obito turned around and left. But just after walking out of their sight, he couldn’t help worrying about Rin. He stealthily returned and hid in the bushes to observe.

Tonan took Rin to a large rock. “Sit down.”

“Hmm…” Rin sat down quietly and watched Tonan intently. Tonan stood in front of her and began to explain, “I don’t know much about the Mystical Palm Technique but I do know a little about medicine. I also know a little about the human body’s acupoints and meridians.”

Rin praised Tonan with a look of admiration hearing this, “Tonan-kun knows a lot. I stay up late every night to learn all this but I still don’t know much about it.”

Tonan smiled, “That might be because you didn’t study systematically. Do you want to learn the knowledge of medicine or the human body first?”

Rin tilted her head, “I think either is fine.”

Tonan thought for a while and said, “Then, let’s learn about the human body now. After all, the lethality of the Mystical Palm Technique’s attack on meridians and acupoints is very potent. The knowledge of medicine won’t help you much in Chunin Exam.”

Tonan bent down and picked up a branch from the ground. He pointed at Rin’s shoulder. “Remember this acupoint. Most of the fire-style ninjutsu flow through this acupoint.”

He was using a branch because Tonan knew that Obito was watching in secret. Since he was just paving the path for the subsequent acknowledgment, he needed to consider Obito’s feelings.

If he used his hands directly, that would infuriate Obito. Seeing Obito had no intention to come out, Tonan pointed at one of Rin’s relatively sensitive acupoints.

Eh… Rin felt a tingling sensation at the spot where the branch was pressing, and she couldn’t help moaning. Obito, who was hiding behind a bush, became upset and cursed, “Damn…”

“Sorry, that’s the only way to make it easier for you to understand the exact location,” Tonan said to Rin apologetically.

Rin shook her head and said, “It’s fine…”

Tonan nodded and continued to move towards the next acupoint. “And this place.” “Hmm…” Rin’s voice pierced Obito’s heart but he endured it and didn’t show up. Tonan frowned slightly and said, “Maybe you are too sensitive because you’re a woman.”

With a look of guilt, Rin said, “I’m sorry, Tonan-kun, I truly couldn’t help it.”

Tonan sighed and prepared to make another move. He threw the branch away. “There’s no one else but only me as the test subject here.” As he spoke, he took off his robe, revealing his sturdy upper body. Rin swallowed and blushed hard. Tonan pointed to the left side of his abdomen without a change in his expression and slowly said, “This position along this trajectory, about two centimeters away from the skin… You should feel it. It won’t work if you look at it, you need to practice.”

Rin felt that her mind was blank. She stood up in a daze and reached out her hand to touch Tonan’s body. At exactly this moment, Obito finally jumped out. “Hey!”

His voice pulled Rin back to reality and she retracted her hand. She felt like she was caught cheating.

Tonan calmly turned his head to look at Obito and asked with a puzzled look, “Obito?”

“You…” Obito felt like he was going to explode but he didn’t know what to say. Tonan walked over to him and grabbed his wrist, “You hadn’t left yet. Perfect, can you be Rin’s test subject?”

Obito was still organizing the righteous words in his head but it was interrupted by Tonan’s words. “Me…” Looking at Rin who had lowered her head, Obito replied with a wretched smile, “Heh heh… no problem!”

Tonan pulled him to the large rock and pointed at it, “Take off your clothes and lie down there.”

Swish… Obito’s hand speed was at full display at this moment. In front of the two, he showed what it meant to take off clothes in seconds. But Tonan grabbed his wrist… “You don’t need to take off your pants. Close the zipper.”

“Oh…” Obito was a bit embarrassed. He was too excited right now but he didn’t think too much about it. He laid down on the big rock with his upper body exposed.

Tonan had already put his shirt back on. He squatted down and gently pressed the acupoints on Obito’s back with his finger while explaining to Rin. Obito complained in his heart, “Why is Tonan touching me…”

“This is the neuro acupoint. Once Mystical Palm Technique hits this point, it can paralyze the body for a short time. Come and try it.”

“Rin is going to touch me…” Obito felt his heart thumping and he was looking forward to it. However, Rin’s technique was entirely different from Tonan’s. Moreover, since Obito had ruined the atmosphere right now, the little girl still held a grudge.

Therefore, she used a bit more strength.

“It hurts…”

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