Arc 10 Chapter 193: Goodbyes

Akira’s attention was pulled away from inspecting his armored body that had just absorbed the mysterious black liquid.

The fierce fighting had calmed down and now only a few more blows were being exchanged before the city guards shoved their way through the dead bodies and pushed the two groups apart.

“Who’s in charge of each of your groups?” asked the Guard captain as he scanned the two sides who were now glaring death stares at each other.

“I command the werewolves they are my bodyguards,” said Akira from the side street as Dolph Vilkas and Fluffball joined him in walking towards the guard captain.

When the guard captain saw Akira slightly hidden in the shadows walking towards him he gave a startled yelp of freight as the aura that was being released by Akira was full of cold killing intent.

The others who had spent long enough time with Akira had grown semi-used to the aura so that the intensity did not shock them anymore.

As he exited the dark side street the guards’ torches revealed a large menacing dark armored man and his two guards who were drenched in blood. As Akira walked closer the light seemed to grow slightly dimmer and have trouble fully lighting up the area around Akira as there was actually a slight dark aura emitting from Akira’s body.

Both the Ramia and city guards quivered at the sight but only for a few seconds before they regained their wits.

“And what about you guys?” the guard captain asked, pointing to the Kamen and the Ramia who were still staring at each other.

“I am Crulak and I command the Kamen tribe.”

“I command thissss group,” said a wounded Ramia at the rear of the group. He looked nearly identical to the others so it would have been hard to guess he was the leader of this attacking group.

“What in the hell are you three doing causing a ruckus in our city! I ought to arrest you all and let you rot in jail for several months. If you don’t give me a reason that’s what I’ll do.”

“We were just walking down the street and those werewolves and Kamen ganged up on us!” blurted out the Ramia leader.

“You dare spout such lies!? You attacked us first!” shouted Crulak angered beyond belief as he grabbed his weapon ready to restart the fighting. He was stopped by a few warriors around him trying to make sure that the current problem didn’t worsen.

“Arrest them. They are murders!” said several of the Ramia soldiers.

The city guard ignored the shouts of the two groups and looked to the frightening Akira waiting for his excuse.

Akira stepped forward a few steps with Fluffball staying in front of him and both Dolph and Vilkas flanking him on his sides causing the shouting Ramia soldiers and angry Kamen warriors to quiet down.

“We were on our way back to our camp when we were attacked by these guys,” said Akira as he pointed to the Ramia.

“Liesss,” shouted the Ramia commander.

The city guard commander was quiet for over a minute as he looked at each of the groups and mulled over their words.

“How can you prove it? Right now to me, it looks like the two of you ganged up on them and killed many of them. Judging by your strength even though they outnumbered you they would have to be stupid to attack you in the middle of the city,” said the guard captain pointing towards the tens of dead and severely wounded Ramia littering the street.

“That is true normal they would be too afraid to do anything but this time they were working with demigods and had no fear of the consequences. Look at the buildings there and there. They are the remnants of the demigods’ skills that flew at us drawing us into the fight,” said Akira as he pointed to the heavily damaged buildings.

“He’s telling the truth!” said Crulak.

“Why would they work with the demigods?” asked the guard fully aware of the hostile relationship between the demon races and demigods.

“I am not fully aware of their main goal but while working for the governor in searching for the stolen auction goods I saw them conspiring together. My guess is they were trying to shut us up. If you doubt my word, go talk to the Governor. I still need to talk to him so I can go with you,” said Akira.

The guard looked at Akira for a few seconds and then looked around the area before asking, “Where are the Demigods?”

“We killed them,” said Dolph pointing back towards the dark street behind them.

This caused the guards to let out cries of surprise. They began to quietly talk between themselves before the captain turned back to the three groups.

“You all will wait here as we do our own investigation. The governor will be here shortly and will decide your fate,” said the guard captain as one of the guards ran towards the governor’s mansion.

The guard captain led a few guards around the area and inspected the street and its nearby buildings as well as the dead bodies. When they were finishing up inspecting the side street where Akira had fought the Demigods the Governor showed up with another 50 plus city guards.

“Bart what happened?” asked Scoit.

“It’s too crazy a story sir! A fight between three demon races with one side supposedly working with the demigods. That guy says he was working for you. Is that true sir?” asked Bart the guard captain while pointing at Akira.

Scoit was taken back when he focused on Akira who was still transformed and emitting a strong aura. He Immediately recognized Akira’s armor but this was his first time seeing him transformed and did not recognize his furry face.

“Akira?” asked the governor unsure if he had guessed correctly.

“Nice to see you governor,” said Akira.

“Yap!” said Fluffball in greeting.

“You had better have a good reason for all of this. I don’t want to hear any excuses either.”

“What I have to say is rather sensitive and I think you might want to hear it privately.”

“Fine follow me,” ordered Scoit as he and several of his personal guards led Akira to a deserted part of the street and entered an empty building out of the earshot of any prying ears. Both of their personal guards stood outside.

“You have better not be playing any games with me. What is it that we needed to move in here to talk?” asked Scoit in a grumpy and irritated mood.

“It is about the Auction item,” said Akira.

“Did you find it? Wait… what does this have to do with you killing and destroying my city!”

Akira quickly explained all that had happened since they had last met.

“So you saw the Ramia, Saberfang clan, and the demigods meeting there?” asked Scoit.


“Where is the vial now? Did they have it on them?”

“About that… it sorta broke in the fighting with the demigods. You should be able to see the glass shards where it broke the liquid escaped when the vial broke.”

“Are you sure it was the special potion?” asked Scoit as he studied Akira’s furry face trying to see if he was lying but he had a hard time with Akira’s changed face.

“It was a black liquid in a special looking vial just like you explained,”

“Damn…go back to your tents and don’t cause any more trouble while I go and verify everything in your story.”

“About the trade deals can…”

“If all of what you said is true then I will sign the documents for the basic trade agreement. However, if I find that you lied…” the governor left the last part unspoken as he walked out of the building.


That night many shady shops and the main black market in the pawnshop were raided by the city guards who were personally led by the governor. They arrested everyone they found participating and profiting at each place.

The governor was not playing around as he went around wiping out the rot in his city after learning about several secrets when he interrogated one of the people that had been arrested.

Akira did not go to sleep as he waited in his tent for the governor to finish his raids and inspections.

“The governor is here to see you,” said Dolph from outside Akira’s tent.

A snoring Fluffball woke up as Akira stood up from the cot that was layered with several fur blankets.

He gave a big yawn as he stretched and followed after Akira who exited the tent.

Governor Scoit stood near the large fire that was burning and currently had several other Kamen cooking a late-night snack.

“Would you like to talk in my tent?” asked Akira.

“I won’t be here long,” said Scoit.

“I have verified what you have said. Unfortunately, there is little we can do about it since it involves the demigods. The Ramia and demigods in question have all been banned from entering or trading with Jerora.

As for you, I am only letting you off because you solved the theft issue and we were able to clean up the city due to your initial information. As for the trade agreement you can tell your grand elders that I can not accept their extra demands but everything else is fine.”

“I am grateful that you have accepted to start trading with Kodria,” said Akira.

“I am not pleased with the damage you caused my city so I suggest you leave in the morning and not let something like this happen again.”

“I have no plans to do anything like it again but if the demigods attack me I will defend myself.”

“Keep your problems out of my city.”

“Whether you like it or not you will be a target of the demigods in the future. You need to strengthen your defense and guards before that time happens.”

The two traded a few more sentences before Scoit returned to the city.

“What do you plan on doing now?” asked Crulak as he munched on some steaming snacks.

“Can you escort Ferem back to his village on your way south?” asked Akira.

“That’s no problem.”

“What about us?” asked Oib.

“What about you?”

“The demigods may still want to kill us! How can we brush us off like this! Take us with you!”

“No. If you’re too afraid then maybe you can hitch a ride with Crulak. I have other important business right now so I can’t babysit you three idiots who are always causing problems.”

Before they could retort, Akira returned to his tent to get some rest before the sun rose.


Several hours after the sun had risen the camp was already packed and ready to move out. The majority of people who had come for the auction had also packed up and already started to leave causing the roads to be crowded with sleds and people walking or riding away.

Akira was surprised to see Grand Elder Dùghall come over to him.

“I hope you will let the other grand elders know of our wish to talk about further strengthening our clan’s ties together,” said Grand elder Dùghall.

“I will let them know. I hope you keep an eye out for the demigods and make sure that your city is able to defend itself,” said Akira.

“Is there something we need to be aware of?”

“It is better to be prepared than to suffer the consequences of not being ready.”

“Alright I will let the others know of your warnings,” said Grand elder Dùghall.

“When we meet again I hope it is on a much happier note,” said Crulak as he gathered his people and the other guest that would be heading back south with him.

“I doubt we will have the luxury of that happening,” said Akira thinking of the possible storms in the coming months.

The two groups split with Ferem, his guards, and the three idiots joining the Kamen. Akira’s group walked to the other side of the city where there was another smaller group waiting for him.

“Are you ready? I’m surprised you accepted my invitation to meet with our clans,” said Burkin.

“I can only stay a day at the most as I have urgent matters to take care of at Kodria,” said Akira.

“If that is the case why don’t we head to Ribor city it is at the base of the mountains and is near the Unfreezing river.”

“That is a great idea. Since it allows me to immediately head back down the river to Kodria when we are finished.”

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