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Title: Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul | Tags: Fighting, Xuanhuan, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm and determined protagonist
Synopsis: A mediocre, low-born beggar, he relied on only his firm and indomitable spirit to desperately cultivate but still could not exceed the masses. Then by fortune’s favor, he awakened a long-extinct ancient martial soul. Since that day, he soared like a comet on the path of cultivation. From his humble beginnings as an outsider in the Ling Clan, his name, Ling Xiao, would ring throughout the world.

Arc 7 Chapter 125: Surrender or Else

For the first time since he had started living in the swamplands, the early morning was cooler and less humid.

Akira stood at the edges of the werewolf’s camp fortifications and looked over the enemy’s own camp that was at a distance where neither of the armies could launch a surprise attack on the other. The werewolves had a slight advantage in that the trees blocked the human’s view for the most part.

The dirt fortifications around the enemy’s own tents were built so poorly that you could hardly call it a wall.

Even though the sound of shovels could be heard all night from both sides the results for the enemy’s efforts looked like they had given up halfway on making the wall uniform as if they had just gotten fed up with the hassle of clearing the land of traps and just built around them.

Looking at the walls from such a distance Akira guessed that they were only a few inches taller than his own height while transformed and it only covered the enemy’s main camp. The rest of the area only had a few trenches and wooden stick fences hastily built to block off other areas under their control.

The enemy’s camp was now coming to life as more and more soldiers started to go about their morning duties before the day started and brought many unknowns along with it.

“Do you think that today will be the first day of the actual war?” asked Frang as he walked up to Akira.

“It all depends on the generals of both armies. If one feels they can defeat the other then the war will most likely start today,” said Akira as he looked at the rising sun and listened to the movements of the werewolves behind him moving about as they also got ready for whatever the day brought.

“Good thing you got assigned to a different wolf pack than ours. Otherwise, I would have to be under your command. I have to get promoted soon to not lose to you!” said Frang before skipping away.

Akira ignored his cousin’s words and continued to watch the enemy’s camp while thinking of the unknown possibilities that the day had in store for them.


Brutus along with his commanding officers stood around a small table that had a crudely drawn map done by one of the army’s scouts.

The map showed the current positions of both his army and the enemy’s own army along with the fortifications and simple details of the surrounding terrain.

“The fortifications are rather poor,” said Brutus looking at their own fortifications.

“There is not much we can do within such a short time. If we had made the whole army work on the fortifications nonstop, then we would have a decent defense but the soldiers would all be exhausted and unable to hold off any attack by the enemy,” commented a young noble officer.

Brutus slammed his hand onto the table. “I know that already. Do you think I, the general of this army, would not have thought of such things?” asked Brutus.

“I…I…” the young officer was rendered speechless after being reprimanded.

“General, from the reports I have read, the enemy has somewhere around 7-8000 warriors ready to fight,” said the commanding officer of the army’s scouts.

“Damn it! If the vanguard did their job we wouldn’t be in this situation. Almost all the advantages we could have had are now gone, we now only outnumber the enemy by 2000 soldiers it is a good thing I brought along the 1000 soldiers from the Madham encampment,” said Brutus.

All his intricate plans were ruined and his hopes of a quick and decisive battle to win the war were completely dashed as he looked at all the new information presented to him.

He was not confident that their current numbers were enough to ensure that the enemy would be defeated any time soon.

“We’ll have to call back one of the diversion armies to help crush this army standing in our way. Once we defeat them there should be no other forces strong enough to stop us from cleaning out the rest of the rabble when we find them.”

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Knock! Knock!

The sound of knocking came from outside the tent as the guards knocked on a wooden post to get the general’s attention.

“What is it?”

“General a new report has come in from both the left and right diversion armies,” said the guard.

“Bring them in.”

The officer next to the flap of the tent snatched the two pieces of paper from the hands of the guard and handed them over to Brutus trying to curry favor with him.

After reading the few short lines on both pieces of paper his face glowed red with anger.

“Damn it… both of them have encountered a large force of werewolf warriors and have already fought a few skirmishes,” said Brutus explaining the details of the reports.

A few curses could be heard.

“So they can not leave and come help us…If they try to disengage and return they will most likely open themselves up to multiple attacks on their rear allowing the enemy to inflict a massive loss of life,” said Rodger.

“Rodger, immediately take the rest of the vanguard and head to the left diversion army and help clear the enemy there. When you complete that task, take control of the left diversion army and launch an attack on the enemy from their rear while we hold them down in the front,” said Brutus.

“General, I highly disagree. If I take away the vanguard’s remaining 1000 soldiers then the main army will have little to no advantage over the werewolves,” said Rodger.

“Don’t underestimate us! We are not so weak that we can’t hold off the mutts until you return!” said an elderly officer defiantly.

“Well said Jeorge,” said Brutus as he nodded his head. “You don’t need to worry about us. All you need to do is defeat the enemy forces holding down the left diversion army and return quickly to attack their rear. We will take care of the rest.”

Roger said no more and saluted Brutus before leaving the command tent.


The movement of 1000 soldiers was hard to hide so the werewolves were able to clearly understand what the enemy was planning to do and sent out quick messenger birds to both of the smaller werewolf armies that were currently holding down the enemy giving them new orders and a few extra ideas on what to do.


A commanding howl came from the center of the werewolves encampment where the command tent of general Blaez was set up.

The howl was a call for all warriors to form up for battle.

Akira exited his own tent fully equipped and ready for a battle.

He waited in front of his tent for the 19 other warriors under his command to assemble before they could head out to join the other wolf-packs of the 5th omega.

The warriors under his command were strangers he had no relation with and had only met a few times only because they were in the 5th omega. This made it so he was not in a position where the warriors would let his mistakes slide and would let him know if messed up.

Over half of the warriors were older than him by 10 or more years and all had fought in the last great war. The rest were around the same age as him some older or younger by a year or two.

It only took a minute for everyone to arrive with their armor equipped and weapons in their hands.

“Everyone check your equipment. Make sure you have everything needed for the fight,” said Akira making sure that everyone was fully prepared before leaving their tents.

There were only grunts of acknowledgment from the warriors as they did a last check on their equipment.

The warriors had no good or bad feelings towards Akira as they did not know if he was a competent enough officer or not.

With today’s fight, they would be able to judge him and decide whether or not he deserved their full respect and loyalty.

“Alright let’s hurry and join the others. We do not want to be the last ones to arrive,” said Akira after everyone had finished checking their equipment.

The small group of warriors under his command walked to the battlefield where the rest of the army was forming up.

As they passed the main tent city of the warriors Akira could see new long tents that had been set up this morning. Each tent had many wooden tables with saws and other medical tools and multiple rows of cots being prepared.

This was the army’s field hospital and would be where the wounded were taken to get operated on and patched up.

“Akira! Good, you’re here on time. Did you make sure that your men have all that they need?” asked Ardolf.

“Yes,” said Akira.

“If you don’t screw up and keep making respectable achievements and contributions to the army you will keep rising up in the army. Don’t let the clan down.”

Akira nodded to Ardolf and took his position in the army’s formation in standing in front of his own warriors.

The 5th omega was positioned next to the 4th omega inside of the 3rd epsilon 1st beta pack.

As the minutes passed the army’s formation was filled in as every warrior stood on the battlefield.

The enemy was not content with sitting behind the cramped and shoddily built fortifications and were also forming up outside to engage the werewolves and push them back away from their fortifications and the dry land that they were holding.

A human knight on a warhorse carrying a white flag on a pike rode forward to within 100 yards of the werewolves before stopping.

“The honorable Beorin army general Brutus has sent me to give you his most generous terms that you will want to accept. He is …”

“Spit it out already! Stop wasting our time!” shouted Kunun the officer of the 2nd beta pack interrupting the knight.

“The honorable General demands that you surrender and hand over the instigator of this war Akira. You will also lay down your weapons and armor and accept the small fine of paying the kingdom for the full cost of having to send its army here as well as a yearly donation of 2000 gold or else,” said the knight.

Loud boos and jeers were shouted out from the mass of werewolves causing the knight’s horse to get jittery and prance around nervously, but after a few words from their officers, the battlefield became quiet again.

“Or else what?” asked Eyolf the commanding officer of the 1st beta pack.

After the knight regained control of his horse he was able to reply, “We will be forced to exterminate you.”

“Tell your commander to come and try it. Or is he too much of a coward?” asked Horsh the officer of the third beta pack.

“You have chosen the wrong answer and will suffer the consequences!” shouted the Knight as he turned his horse around and spurred it into a gallop to return back to the human army with the loud boos and jeers of the werewolves at his back.

A howl went out over the large crowd of werewolves ordering them to ready their weapons for the start of the battle.


New quest received!

First fight as an officer:

As a new officer, you have not shown your abilities in either commanding or fighting and thus the warriors under your command will be watching you closely.

Lead the warriors under your command and defeat the enemy.

Your reward will depend on the grade you receive after the battles are finished. If any warriors under your command were lost during any of the fights it will affect the grade in a negative way


A loud warhorn sounded from the human army signaling the start of the fight as they started to march forward!

Several howls sounded out throughout the werewolf army as the officers ordered their soldiers under their command to transform. The officers wanted to smash the enemy’s army quickly while the numbers were somewhat even.

“If the fight goes on for too long and your stamina starts to run low do not continue to fight on the front-line and get yourselves killed. Let me know and we will see if we can pull back and replenish our strength,” ordered Ardolf.

All around Akira werewolves were one after another transforming he did not hesitate and also joined them.

For those who had not heard about or seen his transformation before were shocked as a dark misty light covered his body.

Inside the mist, his arms, legs, and body grew taller and exploded with large muscles. Black fur dark as the night sky covered his entire body. While his claws on his feet and hands became sharp tools of death.

His deep blue werewolf eyes mesmerized those who stared too long at them distracting from his fearsome sharp teeth that could rip through all sorts of weaker leather and metal armor.

Within seconds he was an entirely different looking being who gave off a fierce aura.

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Feeling the energy running through his limbs Akira let out a loud howl of excitement that drowned out the other howls of transforming werewolves.

Those nearby Akira felt a giddy feeling of energy run down their spines as they felt the booming howl with their whole body. They were feeling even more pumped for the fight.

“Shields to the front! Charge!”

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