Arc 2 Chapter 26: Fregoldawae capital

Akira and Owin stood behind a wagon full of vegetables. They had been standing in the long line waiting to enter the city since early dawn when they had reached the capital city of Fregoldawae.

Fregoldawae was known as the merchant city due to it being controlled mainly by the large merchant Guild that was made up of multiple merchant companies big and small.

It was also where the magic guilds main headquarters was located.

The city only had two gates one on each side of the city, the tall stone walls and Iron gates were guarded by the city’s elite guards all who were employed full time by the merchant guild.

All of this combined to make the lines to enter the city extremely long and time-consuming.

Looking at the sun Akira guessed it was nearly noon. He walked forward a few steps with Owin as the line continued to move forward at a snail’s pace.

“Ah, I hate coming to the capital. But I have to do it because of the profits that I can make is just too good,” said Owin.

“Don’t worry we’re almost at the gates,” said Akira.

“My feet hurt,” complained Owin.

Ten minutes later the cart in front of them reached the gate after a short pause was finally allowed to pass through gate making Akira and Owin first in line.

Akira and Owin walked up to the guards and stopped when the guards lowered their spears and asked, “What have you come to this city for?”

A third guard was holding a piece of paper looking at it and then back at Akira and Owin’s face. It seemed they were looking for someone.

“I am but a simple merchant. I have come to this fine city to sell the goods that I have brought from far away,” said Owin.

“And him?” asked the guard pointing at Akira who did not speak.

“He is my bodyguard for this trip,” said Owin.

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“You need to pay the entrance tax of 10 silver to enter the city,” said the guard his hand stretched out.

“Why is there such strict security? Has something happened?” asked Owin as he handed over the 10 silver coins.

The two guards ignored Owin’s question and looked to the third who had finished comparing Akira and Owin’s face with the paper. The third guard shook his head.

“Alright, you two may pass. Don’t go causing any trouble or you’ll get arrested and thrown in jail,” said one of the guards lifting his spear allowing Akira and Owin to pass.

“I can assure you he won’t cause any trouble,” said Owin as the two passed the guards and walked through the large opened iron gates.

They continued to walk down the main street which was bustling with activity, wagons, horses, animals, and people all moving in different directions and different speeds.


Escort mission 2!

Owin still needs protection in the Capital city of Fregoldawae protect him until all his items have been sold.

Difficulty: Unknown

Reward: Payment and Owin’s friendship.

“Out of my four trips to this city, this is the first time that it has taken so long to get through the gates. It’s nearly lunchtime and we haven’t even sold one thing yet. I wonder what caused them to tighten security so much. No time to think about useless stuff we need to get to the market and find a spot to set up shop so I can sell my merchandise so I can pay you your commission. On second thought I should do that after I check the local news bulletin boards. You always need to keep up to date on news as a traveling merchant,” said Owin stopping in front of a large wooden bulletin board with the important city news on a large piece of paper.

There were two other sections of the Bulletin board both had pictures drawn, one was for missing people who relatives and friends were looking for. The last was for wanted people who had a bounty under their picture and name.

Quickly scanning the pictures Akira stopped on one of the wanted pictures. It was a picture of a young male that looked a lot like him before his face and body was slightly changed by the awakening. Luckily he had also started to grow a beard which altered his face even more and made him look older.

Sure enough, after reading his name under the picture there was no doubt left. Under his name was a bounty of 500 gold crowns. With the words next to it ‘Paid to whoever captures the traitor alive.’

So my suspicions were correct those people were looking for me. 500 gold for my capture! Why are they willing to pay so much? This is more than most small villages make in a year!

“Alright, nothing important in the news let’s go get a good spot. Since this is the city of merchants the competition is fierce so you need to not only have good items but have a decent spot to show of your items,” said Owin teaching Akira a few tips on being a merchant.

The capital city of Fregoldawae was far larger, stinkier, and louder, than any other city Akira had visited before. It was quite shocking to repeatedly be bombarded with new sights and smells.

A few minutes of hurried walking brought them to the central market where Owin immediately started his search for an open spot that was of his liking.

When he finally picked a spot it was next to a large tree which blocked the sun. He opened one of his bags and pulled out a colorful rug and laid it down in the trees shade and then sat down.

Owin opened his bags and began placing the items gently on the rug in front of him. When he was finished he began bellowing out the name of his items and the prices in order to entice customers to come and have a look.

Akira stood behind him leaning on the rough bark of the tree eating some greasy meat on a stick he had bought from a food stall all the while keeping an eye out for anyone who might cause trouble for Owin.

Business was slow for Owin he only sold his first item after an hour of shouting, but it soon picked up during in the second hour.

Akira watched as a mangy dog who was sniffing the ground ignoring everyone around him came closer and closer the where Owin and Akira were.

The dog ran forward after catching the smell it was tracking and bolted towards Akira and stopped right in front of him. Its hair on its back was raised as it started to growl at Akira.

“Bark! Bark! Bark!” said the dog. Tongue

“Go away you mangy dog! You’re going to ruining my businesses,” Owin shouted at the dog.

The dog ignored him and continued to bark and growl at Akira who was getting annoyed at the dog.

Akira stood up and sent an intense glare towards the dog and unconsciously let out a low growl of his own.

“Yipe! Yipe! Yipe! Yipe!”

The scared dog ran away with his tail between his legs scared for his life.

“Ha! I sure showed that dog who was boss,” said Owin with a satisfied smile.

Akira chuckled Owin’s words.

When the time for the market to close Owin had sold over half of his merchandise.

“Looks like we’ll need to sell the rest tomorrow. I hope that’s okay with you if you’re not in a hurry to leave the city. I can pay for your room at the same inn I plan to stay at. So don’t worry about that,” said Owin.

“It’s fine we made a deal. So until It’s finished I will help you,” said Akira and he then followed Owin to a shabby looking Inn near the city walls where Owin paid for two rooms to stay the night in.


Akira had been sitting next to Owin all morning in the market.

During that time there were three other stray dogs today that had come sniffing over to Akira and started to back at him but after he glared at them they all ran away yipping.

A man stood a short distance away from the two men, hidden in the shadows of multiple large food stalls his face hidden inside his black hooded robe. A crest with one large triangle and seven triangles surrounding it was on his chest pocket.

“This is too suspicious to not report to the 3rd Head,” muttered the black-robed man. He quickly walked away blending into the shadows and disappearing.

“Damn this mirror is ruined,” said Owin with a pained look as he stared at a slightly bent metal mirror with a few scratch marks.

Akira looked at a mirror and then asked, “Would you like me to help fix it?”

“You’re able to work with metal?” asked Owin.

“Yes, I was taught the basics by a good friend. I’m sure I can fix your mirror,” said Akira.

“Aren’t you full of surprises,” said Owin as he handed Akira the Mirror.

Akira reached into his small bag and pulled out his hammer he had received from Delgar and quickly repaired the bent mirror. He took out some of his special oil and wiped the mirror until it was ten times shinier and eye-catching than before.


Repair bent Mirror!

Blacksmith subclass receives +5 XP

Blacksmithing lvl up! Current lvl 2.

Akira had been receiving small amounts of experience every time he repaired his armor, shield, or weapon ever since he received the subclass.

“Amazing,” said Owin who received the repaired mirror and stared at it. After placing it down on the rug it only stayed there for a few minutes before being sold for a large price.

Akira decided since he had already repaired the mirror he might as well look over his own equipment and see if It needed any repairs. After finishing his repairs and sharpening his sword he oiled everything making them all shine brightly and received a small amount of XP.

A few people who were passing by noticed him repairing things and asked him to repair their items offering up silver as payment. Akira agreed and spent the rest of the morning repairing items for people.

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After selling the last item Owin stood up and paid Akira. It was now noon time for lunch.


Escort mission Complete!

Reward: Payment and Owin’s friendship.

“Let’s go eat at a nice place I know my treat,” said Owin with a smile.

Akira had no reason to not accept and followed Owin to a small humble looking restaurant.

The inside of the restaurant was bright and cheery lots of plants were all over each giving of different fragrances.

The waiter showed them to a table that was near a window where they could get a nice breeze from the outside.

Akira also ordered the same thing as Owin since he was unsure of what was good at the restaurant.

“Owin, since the city doesn’t have any nobles ruling over it who controls the money from the taxes? Pays for the army that guards the city and all the other cost of things needed to keep a city running?” asked Akira.

“Why of course that would be the merchant guild. They take care of anything to do with the spending of the money. The Magic guild also has a say but they are more focused on researching and creating things to equip the city guards for a hefty price that is. Those are the two major powers of the city that have control over everything,” said Owin.

While waiting for their food Akira could not help but notice a loud discussion from the table next to him.

“Have you heard about what’s his face new character he came up with for his new story? Get this he calls it a vampire,” said an older gentleman with glasses.

“Vampire? Never heard of them,” said a second equally old gentleman.

“Supposedly they are weak to the sun and only come out in the night they suck peoples blood instead of eating food, and they live for 1000s of years,” said the old man wearing glasses.

“They sound like a dumb sort of creature, I mean how can they be so weak to the sun? Next thing you’re going to tell me is that what’s his face is going to write a love story where this whatchamacallit vompeer and a young girl fall in love. What a crap love story!” said the second old man heatedly.

“Wow, how did you know? He has already finished writing it, the story is called moonlight and it seems the young ladies of all classes have fallen for the love story and these odd fictional creatures he created,” said the old man wearing glasses.

“Bah! A story about cows mating is a far better story than that crap,” said the second old man.

The old man looked over to Akira’s table, “Ah it’s the merchant and the young man that sold me such good ink pens. I’m sorry if we were a little too loud. I’m curious about a young males opinion on the subject as my friend and I are both writers and part of this city’s writers guild.”

“You want my opinion on these made up creatures?” asked Akira.

“Yes please do tell us,” said the old writer with glasses.

“Hmm… I would have to read it in order to understand more, but from what you have said it sounds to be a crappy story, with a really weak creature that kills people for their blood. Overall it doesn’t sound like a good love story could ever be made from it and it would probably have too much drama,” said Akira.

“Hear, Hear! I agree,” said the second old writer.

“What brings you to this fine city? Hopefully, it’s not to be just another normal merchant in the sea of merchants that have already drowned the city,” asked the glasses writer taking a side glance at Owin.

“No, I am not a merchant. I was just helping Guard my friend sitting with me for the trip to the capital. My true reason for coming here is to search for my companions that I was separated from quite some time ago. Plus it’s not cheap to be constantly traveling with all the supplies and other things needed. So If I can I need to find someplace to earn some extra money,” said Akira.

“Right you are traveling is expensive, I don’t know of any way to help you find your companions. How much fighting experience do you have?” asked the old writer with glasses.

“I have cleared two dungeons so far one was a Rank F and the other was a Rank E,” said Akira.

“I know some people at the magic guild that I’m sure would love to have you do some jobs for them. They can pay you well for a job well done. I can introduce you to them if you’re interested,” said the old Writer with glasses.

“Really? How soon?” asked Akira.

“Are you free after you eat lunch?” asked the old man.

Akira looked over at Owin who nodded and said, “You don’t need to help guard me anymore now that all my items have been sold.”

“It seems that I am,” said Akira.

“Good! I’ll wait for you to finish your lunch and then we can head on over the magic guild,” said the old writer with glasses.

After finishing eating Owin and Akira said their goodbyes and then old author introduced himself as Lue one of the leading authors in the city.


Bador, the capital city of Beorin.

The city was full of festivities in celebration of the engagement of Rodger and Princess Ruth.

The castle was bustling with activity as the servants hurried to and fro making sure everything was ready for the party that would start any moment now.

In a small changing room attached to the large ballroom, two people were checking their clothes and appearance in a mirror to make sure they looked like royalty should.

Ruth began smoothing out a few wrinkles in Rodgers black suit and helped comb his hair with some oil to make him look more presentable.

While combing his hair she looked at the three large scars on his left cheek he had received a few months ago.

“Why don’t you let the castles healers try to get rid of the scars?” Ruth asked.

“I just don’t want to get rid of it, It’s a reminder for me of how messed up the world is. How is Queen Jezebel doing?” asked Rodger changing the subject.

“She hasn’t answered any of my letters for over a year now, I’m worried something might have happened you know how kind and shy she was before she was sending a letter every few months,” said Ruth.

“I’m sure it’s nothing big she probably has her hands full being the queen, that she doesn’t have the time to send letters,” said Rodger trying to reassure Ruth.

“Alright that’s finished,” said Ruth after putting the finishing touches on Rodgers’ hair, “Let’s do our best during the party.”

Rodger grabbed Ruth’s hand and the two of them put on their best smiles and opened the door to the ballroom letting in multiple sounds from the sound of the band playing to the loud chatter of the many nobles who had been invited to the party.

“Introducing Princesses Ruth and her fiance Prince Rodger!” the royal crier shouted as soon as they entered the ballroom forcing everyone’s attention to zero in on the two.

Rodger lightly squeezed Ruth’s hand and they walked forward to begin their job as the host of the party greeting and receiving the complements of the numerous nobles who had come to see them.

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