Chapter 1

The most f*****-up separation in the world, is that there is a baby in your belly when you break up with someone.

Bo Yu draws on his cigarette, slowly puffing out the smoke, and looks at the little boy lying in bed with deep eyes.

Two years later, he finally comes back.

From the very beginning, what does he think when he gives birth to a baby?


Nobody seems to have thought that his ex-boyfriend gives him such a big “surprise”.

So, after knowing that there is a baby in his belly, Bo Yu has no choice but to quickly escape from Hua City where he has lived for decades.

After ten minutes of stalemate, the little boy gets out of the bed and says with tears in his eyes, “Papa, I want to take care of Dandan with you.”

Bo Yu sits in a chair five meters away and says ruthlessly, “I go to work, you go to school, it stays at home as we have come an agreement before.”

The little boy replies confidently, “Sorry, I regret it.”

Although the forehead of the little boy looks like Bo Yu, his annoying character is eexactly the same as that of Bo Yu’swicked ex-boyfriend. At the thought of those, the eyes of Bo Yu become more profound-looking.

If it is not him who gives birth to the little boy, he should squeeze the boy into the toilet to wash it away his  birth!

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“Little Watermelon doesn’t want to let Papa go.” The little boy expresses his feelings of deep love to Bo Yu.

The eyes of Bo Yu suddenly become soft-looking.

The full name of the little boy is Bo Yanting, infant name as Watermelon.

At the moment, the heart of Bo Yu melts. But when he thinks of a fact that there are many people in his workplace and he cannot take care of his little boy, he says coldly, “I have to leave you home. Go to sleep quickly. I will work tomorrow.”

“Oh.” Little Watermelon rubs the sheet with his fingers and stresses each syllable, “May I go with Papa tomorrow?”

He is only more than one year old and speaks not smoothly. But he has strong language ability and speaks clearly.

Bo Yu walks forward and pats on the head of little Watermelon, “No.”

Little Watermelon pouts.

Bo Yu gives him the cold shoulder immediately, “One! Two! Three!”

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Little Watermelon quickly closes his eyes and goes to bed unwillingly.

Bo Yu turns off the lights and leaves satisfactorily.

Standing on the balcony and holding the railing by his hands, the profile of Bo Yu hides itself in the dark with a profound look. The cold wind blows his black broken flyaway hair, his mouth tightens with coldness in his eyes. After a long time, he breathes out deeply, looking at the familiar night view of Hua City, and says, “I am back.”

Two years are long enough to make Bo Yu’s career in trouble.

In the deep night of early autumn, a cold wind blows against the loose T-shirt of Bo Yu, revealing faintly the crude scar on his belly, like a centipede.

Shaking his fingertips, Bo Yu’s eyes darken and he recovers from meditations. He throws away the cigarette butt on the ground and grinds it with his shoes.

Bo Yu turns around and just says to himself, “It has been so long. It is meaningless to think of him now. I better stop lowering myself.”

When Bo Yu walks to the doorway of the room of little Watermelon, he stops and sneers, “This is my son.”

It is him who gives birth to the boy. And what else does his ruthless ex-boyfriend do except offering the dick?

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