C1 – Transmigration

There were four types of people that Rong Yi really hated: gay, kids, losers and sissy pants. The reason he hated them so much only because…

He roared at the man who was crying like his parent died or what in his chest, “Can’t you man up?! All you know is how to cry. Do you think it can solve any problem?”

The young man who was crying in his arms was his second elder brother Rong Qi, three years older than him. The biggest habit of his brother’s was dressing up and searching for romantic relationship on a daily basis. What really bothered him was that his brother was only into handsome men.

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Rong Qi raised his exquisite face with delicate make-up, “Yi, I got dumped. What should I do? He dumped me. I don’t want to live. Boohoo…”  

Rong Yi was so angry that his veins on his forehead popping out. The Rong family was one of the biggest cultivation families in Longcheng City. Anyone in the family was highly respected in the city. He, the third son of the Rong family, was especially a big figure because he was a well-known almighty cultivation talent. How could he have such a loser second elder brother?

“Was he the only man left in the world? You cry for a man who had lower status and less good-looking than you. What are you? Huh?”

Rong Qi sat up right away and punched Rong Yi in the chest as he was in a huge pain while his brother was still so mean to him, “Yi, you are a devil! I am already sad enough, while you still yelled at me instead of comforting me. You are the worst! Boohoo… You are so bad.”

Rong Yi had a spur to strangle him now!

At this time the door was pushed open and five 5-year-old kids who looked alike flocked in, “we are back.”

Piu…Piu… The headmost boy shot Rong Yi right at his head and face with a toy gun in his hand.

“…” Rong Yi’s anger built up to the maximum.

“Boom! Bam…” The second boy threw a toy grenade at Rong Yi then.

This time Rong Yi dodged away. The third and fourth boy kept shooting at Rong Yi with their toy guns, which made Rong Yi lose his temper.

“Young master, they are just kids. Calm down.” persuaded the butler as he sensed that Rong Yi was about to lose his temper.

The four naughty kids were Rong Yi’s brothers. Two years ago, Rong Yi’s parents left for travelling around the world and hadn’t come back yet after they left the 3-year-old quintuplets to his biggest brother Rong Zhi and him.

Rong Yi took a deep breath and told himself not to get angry, not to hit anyone. They were just kids. They couldn’t stand his punch.

“Yi.” The youngest sister approached him with a big suitcase behind her.

She was the only daughter in the family. Rong Yi was less angry as he saw her. He tried to make a grin at this precious sister, “Xin, what can I do for you?”

“Can we play cosplay?” Rong Xin opened the case and gave him a black woman’s court dress, “this is for you. You play an evil queen and I will play an innocent, kind princess.”

 “…” Rong Yi’s eyes twitched as soon as he saw the off-the-shoulder court dress. This was why he hated gay, kids, losers and sissy pants.

Rong Qi’s phone rang all of sudden. When he clicked open it, he screamed, “Ah!”

“Damn you! What are you screaming for?” yelled Rong Yi as he and the quintuplets were startled.

“So gorgeous! I have never seen such a gorgeous person before! Yi, look.” Rong Qi passed his phone to Rong Yi.

“Handsome man’s picture your funny friends sent to you? I am not interested. Don’t…” Rong Yi got stuck as he had a glimpse of the screen.

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It was a picture of a man who was lying on one side on bed, wearing a suit of purple enchanting ancient Chinese dress, like he was indifferent to anything judging from his facial expression while he had a pair of seductive eyes. His long dark hair was swept back randomly but elegantly.

Anyone could be stunned at the first sight.

“What do you think? Isn’t he gorgeous?” As Rong Yi was amazed, Rong Qi looked rather cocky, “are you amazed how beautiful a man could be? Hello, Yi. Stay with me, Yi. Are you fallen in love with him? Yi. Yi… ”

Rong Yi came to senses as he heard Rong Qi’s voice. But the moment he opened his eyes, he saw an incoming punch before his eyes. He avoided quickly and saw three men and two women in ancient robes who were looking at him amusingly.

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