Let the games…begin



[Anomaly detected. Immediate action is being taken to remove the anomaly.]

‘Huh, was that Siri…? Damn, my head hurts like a son of a bitch, wait, what the hell? I’m dead, aren’t I?….oh, yeah, I remember; I swore I’d take everything from the mother f***** that made my life hell.’

Looking around, I’m in what looks like a waiting room. The walls are painted in a light gray color with yellow trim. It’s ugly as hell, and it smells like mothballs. There are two sets of lounge chairs and one couch; the chairs are made from leather, I think, and the couch is made from velvet. While I’m sitting there taking this all in, I hear something close to the ring of an iPhone receiving a message.


“The God of $@&#¥+ has taken an interest in you. It will allow you to be in its presence, feel honored that the God of $@&#¥+ gave you this great opportu-“

“F*** you. You can kiss my lily-white ass if you think I’m gonna take sh¡t from you.”


Skill created

[Obstinate will] [Notice unique skill created, soul space now filled reincarnation progressing.]

‘What? Oh fuuuck yeah, I’m going to beat some stuck-up god ass when I get to this new world. Wait, if I’m going to a new world, does that mean this ‘God’ is from there? Hmm… Okay, if he is, then that means I just pissed a guy off that can easily kill me and make my life a s*** hole again. Alright, well, let’s see if this works…’

A green screen pops up in front of me, showing
me, well, my status.

Name: Alex Karys 
Race: Human
HP: 0
strength: 0
Agility: 0
Dexterity: 0

Intelligence: 0
[Obstinate will- (Unique): An unbreakable will; prevents all mental attacks, calms the mind down, preventing the mind from being overloaded by emotions or information. Impose your will forcing ‘others’ to bend to your own; must be in a mind-scape or under mental attack to enforce this effect.]

‘Okay, then that skill is complete and utterly OP. If I can use this to influence the will of ‘others’ not stating a specific target, maybe I can affect the system? If this works, I’m a f***¡ng genius.’

I picture as hard as I can the ‘systems’ “will” bending to my own.

“System, give skill [Appraisal].”

… [<—- nothing is happening 😉 ]

“DAMN IT, that sucks ball-“


I feel my body vibrate like I’m sitting atop an industrial size washer on ‘spin’ cycle.


The voice of Siri starts to scream so loudly it’s like she has a megaphone an inch from my ear.

«Measures being taken to stop the intrusion.»


Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

«Unique skill in use can not prevent intrusion.»


A satisfying sound plays in my ears.

Skill assimilated




[The God of $@&#¥+ is intervening]


[The God of $@&#¥+ curses you and states it will erase you.]

“HAHAHA, if you could do that, you would have already!”

I say loudly with a maniacal demeanor.

“I will come and kill you all! I’ll grow so fast you won’t be able to stop me!”

Skill assimilated

[Increasing Returns]

“I’ll hide so deep, so far from your reach you will never be able to find me, not until it’s to late!”

Skill assimilated

[Veiled presence]

“My power will never be stopped, and I will continue to grow until I die, HAHAHAHA!!! AND THEN EVEN MORE!”

Skill assimilated

[Imposition Break]

“I’ll rip everything away from you as it was taken from me, then my revenge will be set on the God that made my life the way it was. I WILL TAKE EVERYTHING FROM YOU!!”

Skill assimilated

[Liberating repossession]


Skill created

[System Subsidiary]


[Soul space already occupied by a unique skill, forceful increase initiated. 13.7% chance success rate, failure to succeed will result in permanent soul damage causing the user to be crippled or die without the possibility of reincarnation.]

I read the notification, confused as to what the system meant, and started to panic a little. Thinking as fast as I can to improve my chances, I make use of my unique skill.

“Oh s***, System, give skill [DIVINE LUCK]!”

Only allowed on Creativenovels.com

«Skill failed to be created. The system cannot create Divine skills, only name them. »

Skill assimilated


“Wait, what are all these other skills!? S***, I wasn’t paying attention, DAMN IT!”

[The God of $@&#¥+ places a seal on [System Subsidary]. The God of $@&#¥+ tries to seal[Liberating repossession].


[Unlawful Divine intervention detected. {Liberating repossession} remains unaffected for balance. You must unlock the seal on {System Subsidiary} to use all the functions of said skill.]


«Soul expansion will commence now.»


As soon as Siri said that, my body was racked with pain. It felt like I was being dipped into a pit of lava while drinking acid and rubbing salt into my flesh. I have never felt something so excruciating before.

Soon enough, I pass out from the pain drifting off to la-la land; however, before I pass out, I see a green screen pop up in front of me.

«Forcefully removing the anomaly. Anomaly removed, system repair commenc…

— New chapter is coming soon —
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