Chapter 5

The next morning Nolin woke up to a strangely nice smell.

“What is going on? What is this aroma? Is someone cooking? Wait… Don’t tell me.”

Said Nolin as he quickly got out of bed, grabbed his cane, and walked as fast as he could.

“Are you home, Mo…oh, it’s you…”

Said Nolin disappointedly as he noticed Kaisa. The girl was cooking in the kitchen. The girl quickly turned around to look at Nolin and smiled, but by the time she turned around, Nolin had already started walking back to his room. Although Kaisa walked after him hurriedly, Nolin entered his room faster and closed the door before the girl.

“I should have thought it was too good to be true… Alright, let’s get ready for school.”

Said Nolin and was about to get dressed, but noticed that the shirt he wore yesterday was dirty, so he threw it onto the floor and instead chose another from the last three. After getting dressed, he looked at the time.

“Five in the morning again… That girl sure is up early…Anyway, I should definitely grab my wand to avoid unnecessary problems.”

Said Nolin, and after a deep breath, he started looking for his wand. First, he searched around his table, then under his bed, and then went for the wardrobe. He found it in the deepest and darkest part of his wardrobe. His wand was quite damaged, but he didn’t care; he simply put it into his bag and left his room. The moment he opened his door, the girl stepped in front of him and stopped him. From this close, the girl was barely as high as his shoulders. The girl was holding a box in her hand and pushed it into Nolin’s chest while she was looking at the ground and was sweating.

“P-please take it… I tried to make some sort of food… I…”

Said the girl with a fainting voice and paused at the end.

“I… I hope you will let me stay here… I don’t want to die! I- I promise I will work, j-just please… let me stay!”

Uttered the girl, and she started shaking slightly. Nolin didn’t reply; he just took her box and walked past her. At that moment, the girl lowered her head and kneeled down.

“Do as you wish… I am no monster… unlike many would think!”

Said Nolin coldly, and before the girl could have even registered what he just said, he had already left. As he was walking, he put the box into his bag. But before he could continue walking, a red car halted next to him, and a man stepped out of the car. The man was wearing a formal suit and a red tie and had a case in his hand.

“Good morning, sir; would you…”

“Not interested.”

Said Nolin coldly and walked forward.

“Sir, I think you misunderstood me… I am not here to sell you anything. I just would like to ask a few…”

“No time; I have things to do, sorry.”

Replied Nolin and slightly increased his speed, but the man rushed after him and grabbed him by the shoulder.

“Young man! I understand that you have school; however, it is way too early for that, so I DO believe you still have a few minutes to spare.”

“Let go!”

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Said Nolin and grabbed the man’s hand, who instantly let go of Nolin’s shoulder.

“I apologise, but I need you to listen to me. What I am about to tell you is very important…”

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“I said, not interested! If you keep on wasting my time, I will be VERY angry. Unlike you, I have things to do; why do you think I am up so early? Would any student go to school nearly three hours before classes start?”

“No… but”

“Good, now that you understand me; goodbye!”

“In that case, I will find you at a later time.”

Said the man and walked back to his car and called someone on his phone, but nor did Nolin hear what the man was talking about, nor did he care about it.

“This is a great way to ruin my good mood…”

Growled Nolin as he was walking. He spent the next about two hours walking around in town in hopes of searching for a part-time job. And finally, he found one. He found an old fashion wooden hut. It seemed relatively old, and above its door, a symbol of a wand could have been seen. But much to his disappointment, it was closed.

“I will come back after school… I think since I still have more than an hour left, I will go to the park and try to relax my leg.”

Mumbled Nolin while he was looking at his phone, and the moment he was about to put his phone back into his bag, he received a message from an unknown number. Nolin opened the message, and it said the following:

“Come to the park ASAP!”

As Nolin read it, he took a deep breath and put his phone away.

“Great… who could have sent me this… How do they know my number, and WHY? Is it so f****** difficult to let me live my life without anyone trying to step into it?!”

Thought Nolin, and his eyes started glowing once again. And after standing still for a few seconds, Nolin decided to head to school instead. He was way too early, as barely anyone was in the building. Nolin made his way over to the classroom, sat down at the same spot he had done the day before, leaned onto the table and started thinking.

“Maybe I should find some sort of hobby? Maybe that way, I could just turn off and focus on something not important… That would be great, yes… but it seems I was way too out of character over the past few hours, and I am already being followed and invited by unknown people… I must definitely stay low and try to avoid any sort of conflict as much as possible… Maybe, if I try to write down my adventures in that world… with a few changes here and there. That might be a valid hobby.”

Thought Nolin, and he pulled out his phone and started typing.

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