Chapter 8: An Unprecedented Mistake

Villes Valkyrie stood completely dumbfounded. Using the ability [Scry] He had been watching the entire encounter. Scry had allowed those to view a set area of those they make a pact with. Unlike [Greater Scry], Scry required that the target creature carry something provided by the audience. In this case, it was the parchment sent to Nuon. 

He stood within the council room, the whites of his eyes baring themselves for all to see. The events over the last 5 minutes had caused much confusion among the rest of the council. Since Villes was the only person who had a hold of the contract, he was the only one seeing the events unfold.

Everyone could hear him mumbling, then occasionally shout with exasperation.


“N-no, it can’t be!!! This is impossible!! — T-thats it, Illusion magic.”

The look on his face was completely shocked for a second, before his conclusion had placated him. 

“What is it? What’s going on, Valkyrie?”

They were met with no response. Valkyrie was simply stunned and kept quiet as he observed the far off battlefield.

The series of events that occurred required great concentration. Valkyrie had never seen Nuon fully in action before, but the way he moved was completely shocking. He hadn’t known Nuon to be this powerful. 

Solely based on accounts, his power was estimated to be platinum to hero. But no, Nuon was more powerful than platinum by far. He should have found himself in the realm of heroes a long time ago.

“There. It’s over with. That creature was certainly powerful, but she could not win against a being like Nuon.”

“Seriously? Is it over already?” One of the officials spoke. 

Valkyrie nodded. There was not much to see here. “It is as you say, she may have been a demon, but truly she had bad luck to have entered the city with a hero rank adventurer having been here. I’ll have to file a motion and have him promoted to hero right aw-”

“—No… It’s not possible. How Could you survive that?!”

Valkyrie clenched his fists and bit his lip hard enough to draw blood as he observed what was occuring. He had gone pale and broke down in cold sweats.

“W…what? What is this…”

The witch had survived and displayed a powerful aura, dwarfing that of Nuon. It wasn’t greater than the initial energy they had sensed, but it was still unattainable. 

“What is this…. What is this WHAT IS THIS!?!”

Everyone around him looked panicked from the urgency in his tone. They all stood up and motioned to calm him down.

“I…- I don’t understand. Wh- how…what in the world.”

And just like that, in a flash, the hero known as Nuon Grisly, the Morning Star, had ceased to exist.

He couldn’t wrap his mind around what he had seen. The man Valkyrie fell to his knees, with his arms down to his sides. There was something he couldn’t explain, or even understand that had just occurred. 

A being like her could not possibly exist. A being like her SHOULD not possibly exist. It was almost as if she had appeared from a fairytale. Had Merlin be capable of putting down a monster like that.

There was only two others he thought could stand a chance. But they are neither here nor there.

“S-send an SOS Signal.” Valkyrie finally said.

The heaviness of the situation weighed heavily on everyone’s consciousness. “Hurry. Send them this message. A greater threat than demons has appeared.”

“Y…-y-es. Right away sir.” One of the officials fled from the room.

“Valkyrie, I think you owe us an explanation. What exactly did you see over there? What happened?”

“Nuon has perished.”

The official sat back in his chair as two others helped Valkyrie up. This didn’t make any sense. Yes, Nuon had died but that should not warrant a reaction like this.

“Even so, is that really enough of  a cause to send an SOS message? Nuon was one person. Surely with the numbers of the skilled elites and wisdom we have here, we could have done that ourselves.”

The man was right. To overpower Nuon was not a feat unattainable. Though, upon seeing Nuon in action himself, he was certain they would have failed in subduing him. 

The fact that the enigma was able to defeat nuon wasn’t what prompted such a strong reaction to the situation. It was how  she had done it.

Not only did she continue to defy death, but she broadcasted an array of skill proficiency. If they were to send a task force to subdue her, she could simply continue to revive until they expend all their energy. 

Most frightening was the last actions she took. Upon allowing her death various times, she then showcasted proficiency– even more proficiency than Nuon had in his own specialty.  He could not wrap his mind upon the technique she utilized Manipulation Magic [Blessings of the One Being]”.

Right after having said those words, he lost complete visualization of the situation. He didn’t even know what had occurred. He only knew that due to his link severance, a full minute after.

He found himself looking at the girl who was splattered with blood. “You can hear me can’t you?” She spoke, looking up at the scryer. 

“If you’re still watching, I want you to know, I’m never too lenient on those who waste my time. What were the words again….- Should you act uncharacteristic in any way, I will not treat you with room for error.”

She had mocked the same exact words spoken to him. After that, the connection failed.

“Do you think it is possible to intercept her from entering the city?”

One of the officials asked.  “No. It’s not possible. I’m not sure what she intends to do quite yet.”

“Declare an emergency order. Gather everyone to this base, even the guild members. We’ll need to set up a plan to neutralize that monster.


The tower was abuzz with constant activity, everyone clamoring and running up and down. Sirens activated within the city issuing an emergency summon call within ten minutes, every being who held was skilled were gathering to that tower.

They were going to rid the world of the threat today and now. This current world could not handle another threat such as this.

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