Chapter 84 – Nexus Vs Atlantica Royal School 2

It was havoc, there were yelling and screaming everywhere as the robotic operators were working on the designs that Luon had just given them and demanded that they needed to finish it within 10 minutes.

Looking over the document, they found that some segments were quite feasible to do while the other part will may just barely be completed.

Despite being a simple AI, they were astonished at how accurate Luon was able to predict the estimated time it would take to construct this layout. Gizmo, Bendan, and Tyron who were fishing earlier arrived to witness the construction that was being done and their facial expressions dropped.

Why would Luon consider making this? Could this even work? Heck, why is it even here! Various thoughts echoed throughout their minds before Luon lightly tapped their shoulders waking them up from their stupor. Before they could ask Luon about the plan, he pointed towards the ocean and said, “Go over there and keep watch, if anything just go fishing and don’t bother us. If you need something just go summon it at the command table, I don’t really need points at this moment.”

Luon walked by them as he knew how big of a difference each second could possibly make if his plan gets exposed it may jeopardize everything, he needed to be quick and secretive of it and by having the others guard the docks was an effective way to do so. Thomas who followed after him gave a sympathetic gaze at the three before turning his head away.

Gizmo turned towards his fishing buddies and asked, “Do you guys want to change the bait? Normal fishes ain’t that interesting anymore.”

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Bendan thought about it for a moment and said, “Sure, but it can’t be expensive, Luon would get mad if we bought rainbowfishes or something along the lines like that.”

“He said he doesn’t care, so why should we care? Come on let’s get something huge!” said Gizmo enthusiastically.

“Don’t forget we’re being broadcasted live, we’ll be seen as wastrels if we did that in an official match,” Bendan pointed out.

The two of them debated on what kind of bait that they should use while Tyron silent drew something on the ground using his arrows.

Just as the two were split between two decisions, they turned towards Tyron to ask for his opinion when they found him doing his own thing by himself. Just as Gizmo was about to ask Tyron for his opinion, Bendan tapped his shoulder stopping him. Gizmo turned around only to find Bendan pointing towards what Tyron was drawing.

The two of them stared at the drawing before looking at each other and nodding, it appears that they had decided on what kind of bait they would use.

As Luon and Thomas took command over the site while Bendan, Gizmo, and Tyron were fishing, on the other side of the map their enemies grew slightly curious of what approach their enemies would make. Since they were spotted earlier, the Sea Serpent continuously sent waves of pressure out towards the channels while consistently changing them. From time to time he would be able to find Luon’s scouts but no signs of any real enemies.

Little did he know those scouts were just spares that had been designed to distract them.

Seeing no signs of the enemy, the Sea Serpent decided to send out a little scout to see what was happening with their enemies only to find a devastating scene.

There were 3 men beside the water surface with towering poles waving left and right as the wire shot like a beam throughout a cityscape. The hook flew and attached itself onto their prey as they were lifted and flew upwards to their doom, sad cries were made as if a person was just abducted by aliens in front of everyone. The fiendish three no longer looked like human men to the eyes of the scout, they were more like devils as they foolishly grinned and laughed while hunting down innocent and tiny targets they practice on, turtles.

This devastating scene was displayed to the eyes of all of their people down at their base, and they stopped producing water. Even the Sea Serpent appeared dumbfounded he didn’t think that instead of building an army half of their enemies team were just screwing around and fishing turtles.

It was then he suddenly remembered something, turtles. The Sea Serpent looked at his subordinates and found their eyes to be filled with anger. Although they weren’t small turtles anymore they still treated all turtles as their kin, they might not have been able to halt the turtle soup business, but to fool around with their brethren was openly taunting them.

Everyone on the scene turned towards the Sea Serpent and waited for his command. Despite their anger, they still had enough reasoning to follow more authority figures. The Sea Serpent couldn’t help but sigh, he knew that if he didn’t agree with them, then they would take it easy while producing more water, or the polar opposite reaction shoots so much water that they aren’t able to properly pace it.

It was like running a marathon, it was easier to take your time and steadily breathe rather than sprint all the way from the start to the end.

Ultimately, he decided that the attack force he would send out would consist of half of the turtles there at the moment, some more summoned warriors, and all of these were led by two turtle soldiers.

The remainder had to stay to fulfill the initial plan of filling the whole region with water, it may take half an hour to an hour, but it should be no big deal for him.

The dispatched force departed after the Sea Serpent had dispersed the waves of pressure that shot outwards. Once they had left entirely, he set up the barrier once more but found that because of the lack of turtles the pressure dropped by nearly 40 percent.

It was still a problematic amount of pressure to deal with, but it may allow some intruders to bypass their defenses. He considered getting more turtles but decided against it. Who knows if their enemies will actually come or not, for all he knows they could be making heroic units.

The army of turtles and sea creatures arrived at the beach where the three devils were playing at. It felt like it was operation D-Day, otherwise known as the Battle at Normandy if one had to refer to history except for the fact it was more akin to turtles returning to the beach where they were born from.

The little baby turtles that were flung high and silently released on the beach began to stutter away into the ocean, only to take a few steps in the water before being flung again. This horrendously scary game of theirs incited even more anger from the turtles, they let off a howl and a battle cry as they charged at the three.

Tyron who was the most sensitive one out of three found their enemies from afar and pointed them out towards Bendan and Gizmo who were surprised to see their enemies.

“Woah, Luon was right. It seemed like the enemy actually did come for us!” said Gizmo as he pulled out his rifle and started raining havoc on his foes.

“Do you think they found out what Luon was doing already?” said Bendan as repelled an intruder off with his sword.

“Highly unlikely, because if they did, they would have long passed by us. We don’t have enough people to cover the entire beach after all,” said Gizmo.

“Hey… is it just me or do you feel like their aiming just for us,” questioned Bendan as he stabbed his sword into the gut of a turtle warrior.

“That’s a silly thought, why would they aim for us? We didn’t do anything that would annoy them now, did we? All we did was fish some…” Gizmo’s words trailed off as he suddenly realized the connection. The ferocious, tenacity the turtles and sea creatures have, the baby turtle fishing they did earlier, and the fact that they aren’t by passing them, these connections quickly made Gizmo realized that they were the cause of all this trouble. He looked at Tyron whose eyes met his for a brief moment before Tyron promptly looked away.

Gizmo looked at their foes and openly cursed.

Fortunately, the sea creatures and turtles were too blinded with hate to the point that they were unable to recognize words. Otherwise, Bendan and Gizmo would have given the plan away already.

Away from the beach that was currently engaging their enemies, Luon and his team of hard working troops finished creating the design that was recorded on the document. Before their eyes, a giant railway was built on the slope which had a ramp leading towards the sky at the very end of it. At the very top was something that anyone could recognize right away, it was a giant rocket built with extremely heavy, and explosive materials that filled it to the brim. A single mistake the whole base could have been blown up.

Earlier Luon was about to set up some vegetation he found in the Crypt of Heroes which would hungrily absorb water and surround the perimeter around the top of the opening to relieve some pressure for the rocket to go in, but he found that the amount of force that their enemies had dropped within a tolerable level.

Luon knew that this was the perfect time to attack, sending the signal the the team the rocket engine burst to a frightening speed as the wheels keeping it attached to the rails rattled while maintaining its sense of direction, eventually, the engine stopped, but it retained its speed as it shot down the slope before flying off the ramp.

Like a snowboarder who just jumped off a cliff, it shot in the air and landed right where they wanted it to fall at, in the ocean as it dropped even faster down and it arrived right above the water pressured opening. The density and speed from the rocket fought against the pressure that was released by the Sea Serpent, but it was like a steel bolt penetrating steel armor and quickly bypass the opening and accurately hitting the enemies Crypt of Heroes.

Everyone anticipated an enormous explosion, but after it made contact with the structure, nothing happened. Just as the crowd was wondering whether or not if it failed, Luon pressed a button causing the rocket to decimate the entire region.

He wasn’t sure whether or not the impact against the barrier would cause it to explode, so he made it operate by remote.

The lights flashed, and everyone was teleported out. Nexus had beaten Atlantica Royal School with a score of 2 to 0.

But the day wasn’t over yet, Luon and the others stayed to watch the next match as the winner would end up being their next opponent. He wanted the people from Kien Sect to win despite most of them being rich and arrogant young masters. The other day, while they had a few days off before the tournament began, he had gotten close to their best student who had to climb up from being a poor citizen in the extremely competitive environment, and the two promised to see each other in battle later on.

More importantly, he wanted to see Lemegeton lose since Luon felt these pricks don’t deserve to be ranked highly. Luon turned to see how Arisa was doing who had unknowingly sat right beside him. Maybe it was due to the scene of where Luon stood up for her in front of Deminier did she feel more secured next to him. The two watch the battle, and at some point, she had overlapped her hand with his own and tightened her grip.

Luon could feel how nervous she felt as he sighed at the results. Sadly, their opponents for the semi-finals was Lemegeton.

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