Chapter 71 Spiritual Goods Star Dust Magic Weapon

Not long, a military mage appeared in this old banyan block.
One of the healing mages also promptly healed the torn wound for the captain Xu Dahuang. Fortunately, Xu Dahuang was a magician and had some physical changes due to stardust. If he were an ordinary person, he would definitely die.
Seeing Xu Dahuang’s large bloodstain tearing from his chest to his abdomen, Mo Fan also clearly realized how important defensive skills are. He was also fortunate to have a defensive magic tool, the Sickle Bone Shield, or else he would have died.
“Mr. Yang, I think it’s better to raise the alarm. The frequency of demons emerging in the city is somewhat high, which is somewhat abnormal.” Guo Caitang spoke to the middle level mage Yang Zuohe.
“Our Magic Association has been discussing with the Hunter Alliance, and the government is also considering this matter. However, we only recently set up a warning, and it is easy to cause panic if we set up again at such a short interval.” Yang Zuohe said.
“The Cyclops have all appeared… I always feel that something bad is about to happen,” Guo Caitang said.
“Don’t worry, we are already tracking down and constantly adding personnel to the city’s security. As for some strange situations that we cannot take care of, we still need your demon hunting team to travel more frequently.” Yang Zuohe said.
“We should do our best, but the captain was seriously injured, so we acted…” Guo Caitang said.
“I will temporarily appoint a Fire Mage and wait for your captain’s recovery. Speaking of when did your demon hunting team add a new member, it turns out to be a Lei Mage?” Yang Zuohe smiled and glanced at Mo Fan.
“Recruitment?” Yang Zuohe was stunned and said helplessly, “I heard for the first time that Master Lei still needs to go to the mage recruitment fair.”
Everyone smiled and looked at Mo Fan involuntarily.
Mo Fan’s performance actually surprised everyone. Just when everyone thought they were going to be killed by the advanced Cyclops, his Level 2 Thunder Seal played an absolute role. The Demon Hunting Team was glad that they had found such a Thunder Master who was willing to follow their team around the city. You should know that the Thunder Master who controlled the Level 2 Thunder Seal would most likely be offered by a large family, even if it came to the Hunter Alliance, the Magic Association The government can also arbitrarily select corresponding positions.
Standing there, Yu Ang saw everyone’s eyes on the young mage Lei, and the corners of his mouth drifted uncontrollably.
Despite the aura of the Ice Family and the outstanding achievements of the younger generation, the aura of the Thunder Family can still eclipse him!
“Caitang, in order to prevent Fanmo from changing jobs, why don’t you commit yourself and tie him up? Anyway, he saved your life, and you don’t know how to repay him.” Feishi said badly.
“Go away!” Guo Caitang said with a pink blush on his proud face, but with a ferocious expression.
Yu Ang’s face beside him suddenly became more gloomy.
The Cyclops storm has finally subsided.
After changing his outfit, he returned to the school dormitory. When Mo Fan was about to climb over the wall and go back, he found a petite figure shaking at the door.
“Zhou Min?” Mo Fan was a little surprised. Why hasn’t the girl come home to sleep yet? Why are you squatting here.
“Mo Fan, that’s great… I thought you were…” Zhou Min saw Mo Fan safe and sound, her eyes suddenly moist.
After all, Zhou Min is still a blooming girl. She was particularly moved when Mo Fan sacrificed herself to save everyone during her training. However, due to the girl’s small pride, she didn’t know how to express it. This time, because of her grandmother’s accident, Mo Fan almost lost her life. Mo Fan saved her and her milk again, and I don’t know how to repay this kindness.
When Mo Fan saw Zhou Min crying, he was also embarrassed.
“In short, thank you for saving my grandmother. My parents have always been busy, and my grandmother brought me up since childhood…” Zhou Min continued.
After a while of reassurance, Mo Fan persuaded Zhou Min back to the girls’ dormitory.
Late at night, a boy sent the girl back to the dormitory, and the girl was still crying with her nose. The picture always made those students who were full and holding on fantasize.
As soon as I return to my dormitory, my roommates start to question whether they are happy or not. It’s really boring. I’m going to save the world, okay!
After everyone had gone to sleep, Mo Fan himself ran to the rooftop dam of the teaching building.
This is Mo Fan’s own cultivation shrine, and most likely no one will disturb him.
“The little loach fell and ate a soul. Why didn’t it react at all, just like falling asleep?” Mo Fan sat on the dam and said to himself.
As soon as I finished speaking, the little loach pendant woke up like a baby, trembling gently and emitting a light that only bloomed in the area of a finger.
These lights looked incredibly sticky and felt like silk wrapping the black pendant.
Rebirth from cocoon??
Seeing the change of the little loach falling, Mo Fan couldn’t help but think of the word in his mind.
In fact, the little loach is indeed changing under the package of this light, and its aging surface has undergone significant metamorphosis. It is no longer so rusty, and looks a bit like jade.
“The thing that Old Man Ying left me is really a treasure!” Mo Fan was entranced.
He can already clearly feel the change in the weight of the loach, and when it completely metamorphoses, the chest position continuously transmits very comfortable energy.
When nourished by ordinary stardust magic tools, it is soaked in hot springs, and the whole body will stretch out with the comfortable heat and soft flow. The feeling of quickly relaxing the body and spirit is very obvious.
After the loach fell and metamorphosed, Mo Fan felt more clearly wrapped in a special layer of material, which, if anything, was the soft silk
This soft silk will not have any restrictions on the body and actions. It tightly sticks to his body, making Mo Fan, who has experienced a great war, suddenly feel refreshed and comfortable, just like a baby lying in a soft and warm baby bed, with peace and tranquility.
Mo Fan’s heart was filled with joy.
Although he has never been exposed to spiritual level stardust magic tools, he has clearly felt that the effect of nourishing energy must be that of spiritual level stardust magic tools, and even… In addition to quickly eliminating his fatigue, Mo Fan feels that his stardust is also being nourished, which feels like he is practicing meditation.
“Can you increase your accomplishments without practicing meditation?” Mo Fan’s entire body was refreshed!

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