It has now been a couple days since I arrived at this place, and I noticed a couple things so far.  

First, this place is surrounded by multiple amounts of holy barriers, around seven so far. Second, I seem to possess holy mana and unlike the holy barrier mine seems to be much purer. And third, is this system…  

[Name: Lucius Creed.]  

[Class: True Saint] 

[Title: None] 

[Rank: None]  

[Followers: 0]  



[Superior Heal]  

[Holy magic]  


[The honored one]  

[Holy presence]  

[The Immortal One]  

The system is indeed pretty useful and tells me also what my skills can do but it doesn’t tell me how I use them which forced me to figure it myself. Of course, I was able to learn it pretty quick.  

And while learning I found out there are two versions of magic spells. One is called Sorcery, and only makes use of the intelligence stat, while the other one is called Miracle, and only makes use of the Faith stat.  

My holy magic uses only miracles and seems powerful since my class also amplifies it. It allows me to summon swords made of golden holy light and also to summon a golden barrier. Well, I don’t know how strong these two things are but I’m sure they’re powerful. I’m also able to enchant objects and use them with my mind, which also comes in pretty handy.  

But my most important possession is this. The Book of Salvation. It’s a shining white book with a golden cross in the middle, that protrudes from the cover, shined upon by a golden crescent moon with star, which glowed the whole time, while both were surrounded by a circle of small golden David-stars, that slowly moved around them like a clock.  

It’s my personal Item as Saint and one of the four Holy items of heaven. According to the System I’m the first and probably last Master of It since only the true saint can use it. But I still can’t use its powers.  

But more importantly…  

“I finished cleaning.”  

Which means I can finally go outside for the first time in a while.  

After all I have a Mission.  


“I have to increase this number and save this rotten world in the name of God.”  

With that said I began my little adventure.  

But it wasn’t really that exciting. The Chruch was surrounded by a near endless forest. Which also was surrounded by multiple mountains that hid it perfectly. But I still gone on this little adventure. I should at least know this forest better since it belongs to the church as well.  

But the forest was different than expected. It was filled with holy energy similar to the church and was blooming with life.  

But then I heard something.  


A female voice.  

I rushed over as quickly as possible but when I arrived it was already too late.  

The woman laid dead on the ground completely naked. According to her wounds it were humans. Her head was perfectly cut off and her body looked like she was raped.  

“Poor soul…”  

I walked over to her and went down in front of her body.  

“May you rest in heaven.”  

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I had to do this. After all I’m the Saint.  

But knowing that such things happened here didn’t left me unaffected.  

“Looks like I have to punish some sinners.”  

“Hoo~ Then come at us” 

A voice behind me said. 

I quickly turned around and saw a bunch of men. They looked like bandits and wielded rusty swords.  

“Oh, you poor lambs who have lost their way. You have committed great sins, but you can still come to the right path.”  

Even if they’re murders and rapists, I tried to guide them to the right path. Because that’s my duty as Saint.  

“Live a new life and repent for your sins. If you do God will maybe–”  

But before I could even finish my sentence one of them interrupted me.  

“God? Ha! What do I need that for! I’m my own God! Come guys tell him who is your God?”  

“You leader!”  

“Haha I’m one too!”  

The others fools quickly joined their leader and began mocking God, while laughing at me. Of course, I knew that this was going to happen, but I still wanted to give them the chance to get on the right path. 

But they refused.  

And just then my smile dropped, and my face changed into a more cold and darker one, as if a switch has been flipped.  

“God may forgive you for your words.”  

The bandits stopped laughing and looked at me with their disgusting faces as I continued.  

“But I won’t.”  

The bandits’ smiles dropped as they noticed how many Golden lights began to appear all around us. They quickly raised their swords and looked at me again, but this time fear was written all over their faces.  

“’But the Lord laughs at the wicked for he knows that their day is coming.’”  

With that said I unleashed my storm of light.  

I knew it from the beginning. I’m a servant of God and serve him in any way. Even killing his enemies, I will do without hesitation, but of course I wasn’t happy nor enjoying it.  

Once the storm ended, I saw how two of the six managed to survive, under their friends’ corpses. I quickly brought my swords back to my side and stopped in front of them.  

“Please forgive us.”  

“How nice.”  

I said with a calm voice while smiling again, making the two sigh in relief.  

“But too late.”  

I added as one of my swords cut off their hands. They screams echoed through the forest, but they’re nothing compared to the screams of their friends in hell. 

“Now then I have the perfect way for you to repent for your sins.”  

They looked scared once I looked at them and remained still.  

I then waited until the two lost consciousness and healed them back to normal. Once finished I laid each of them on one of my swords and shot them on the roof of the church. After I saw how they arrived I also went on top one of my swords and slowly flew up in the sky.  

It was strange but the more I used my powers the easier it got to use them, until it somehow was like breathing.  

While looking around from above I was able to spot a little village with around ten houses.  

This size should be fine as my first followers  

With this thought I flew towards the village. It was way faster this way and I arrived after a matter of second.  

“So, let’s see… Around forty people including twenty-three children.”  

I began to lower myself and landed in the middle of the village. All Villagers watched in awe as they saw me coming down, from the sky.  

Once I landed, I jumped down from the sword and sat down on it. Out of their own the people began to gather around me and fell on their knees, begging me to save them. Of course, I had no intention to deny their biddings. No, to be more precise I would’ve been more than happy to save them.  

But what was their request?  

With that in mind I asked them, and they quickly responded.  

“There is a group of bandits in this forest which keep kidnapping our daughters and woman. We beg you please stop them and bring justice upon them.”  

“Oh, you blind lambs, you wish has already been fulfilled. God fulfilled you wish before you even asked and even saved you from your fate by sending me.”  

Once the people heard these words they began to cry and fell on their knees as they have been saved.  

“Don’t worry, you still have the chance to get on the right path and be forgiven. As my lord is more forgiving than any other.”  

I was surprised by my own. Maybe it was because I became a saint or maybe I always had this deep inside me. But this way of talking felt good, I liked it. And when I look at the faces of the people it seems they too.  

But there was a huge difference between liking my words and believing my words. But that was why I’m here.  

They are still blinded by this world, they do not believe, and they have no faith. But I will make them see.  




It has been a couple weeks now since I saved the villagers.  

It was difficult at first. I now have a glimpse of how prophets must’ve felt back then. Many elder people didn’t want to accept me or the truth but the longer they listened my words, the longer they heard the truth, the more they began to understand and believe. They witnessed my miracles with each day passing. I showed them how God was on my side and proved it like some have before me in my world too.  

And once they believed they started to ask me for help, asked me to tell them more about the truth and asked me if it was okay if they moved, they village to the church and officially become my followers.  

Of course, I was more than happy. Because I knew that I finally managed to take a step closer to my true destiny, to God’s plan.  

And then I received it.  

My reward.  

Others have been sent angels, others had visions, and even other met God in their dreams. Each Chosen one had their own way to communicate with God.  

Mine was the voice of God. It allowed me to receive his commands directly and allowed me to talk to him whenever I needed. For me this was by far the best reward I could’ve think of.  

He first told me the most important thing he had to say. He told me I should trust him in everything I do, for he will lead me to victory and protect me, something I already knew but strengthen my trust and faith once more as I heard it.  

God then began to tell me many thinks about my role as saint and my own unique powers which will manifest themself in their own way depending on me. He also told me that my title will have a huge impact on me and my followers as a group and my abilities. But I don’t think I really understood…  

But apart from this everything worked smoothly. The people began to build their new homes all around the giant church and already live better than before, and seem happier in general according to their children.  

Well, I think that’s good. I shouldn’t think too much about it and enjoy it while I can.  

But there is something I still didn’t get. Even through the Follower number has risen nothing changed. I thought it would have a special use… Well next time I will ask my Lord what the follower number does.  

But for first I have to hold my first preaching and to be honest I’m a little nervous. But I will somehow manage it, after all God is with me.  

And with that I walked through my door and arrived in the hall. All my follower sat on the benches in front of me and waited for me to begin. And so, I began.  

It was just a normal preach nothing special but what happened after was more important.  

“I have a question?”  

Someone said from the end of the room which I answered with a calm, “Yes?”. But what came after was something I haven’t expected.  

“How shall we call you?”  

Call me? 

I was fine with whatever they wanted to call me. Saint Lucius or just Saint everything was fine but maybe they wanted a proper Title?  

“Well, I don’t really know but how would you like to call me?”  

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That was the best solution. I just gave them the choice. But once more something unexpected happened.  

“Then… How about ‘The Father’.”  

“The Father?”  

Well, I didn’t dislike it, but I was still curious why. But soon after I got my answer. According to them I seemed like a father figure to them all and also treated them like one, which if I think back is kinda true. But furthermore, they all just had the same idea and now were even more fixed on it.  

At this point I couldn’t change their mind even if I wanted. 

And then a message arrived.  

[You received a new title!]  

[The Father]  

[This title allows you to draw upon the belief and faith your ‘children’ have in you and use them as fuel for your skills while it also increases your physical abilities. This title also gifts the user with unique skills, the more Children he has.]  

It was a nice title which finally put use to my follower stat but while I looked at my title, I noticed that I already had another one.  

[The one who is like the prophets]  

[This title allows you, the True Saint, to receive Gods voice and communicate with him no matter where you are, like some before you.]  

It was true that I was like them, I couldn’t deny it, but I’m still very different. The Prophets created, guided, and were free of any error, persons truly worthy of the name Prophets. I’m not worthy to be a prophet, I have sinned, and I also got lost from the way once.  

But that’s fine. I’m not meant to be a prophet, that’s not the role God chose for me. I’m the True Saint, the one who Protects, spreads and guides. And I’m more than happy that I got this role because it’s the perfect one for me and most importantly Its mine and only mine. 


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