“What’s the bad news hound?”

“I still have not figured out whether Brenner is the mastermind that spreading info about our organization.” 

The person behind the phone with Aiden was shocked as she was expecting something that was way worse than that.

“Is that all? You did not do anything worse than this?”

“Handler, I know I like to mess around but when it’s come to work. I never compromise on professionalism.”

“Fiiine, so what’s the good news?”

“Brenner and I have managed to deduce 2 suspects that could be the culprit that fit the profile.”

“Oh, this must be the fastest for you dealing with high-traffic cases.”

“I agree, this is all due to Brenner’s skill. His skill is completely different from mine. In fact, both of our skill is completely contrasting with one another. My skill allows me to deduce from the environment and connect all the small dots together like a puzzle until one conclusion comes out. While his skill allows him to deduce someone’s personality so well that he could basically tell what type of person they are from a crime scene. In the end, his skill makes my investigation ten times easier”

“This the first time you compliment someone so much.”

“There is nothing I could do about it. Since Brenner’s understanding of human psychology is so in-depth. If he was not a suspect of being a mastermind, I would have him work with us.”

“Yea, Yea for now forget about that. Make sure you find the culprit between those 2 you suspect so there is no other victim.”

The handler hangs up the phone straight away.

[Damn, she is as cold as ever.]

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Once Jessica reached her room she told the guard she may leave, the guard pretended to listen to her order but was waiting around the corner so that if Jessica did look out she could not see anybody. The guard duty was finally relieved once she saw Brenner enter the room and when Aoden called her to stand down.

Brenner went into the corner of Jessica’s room to only see her cover herself up with a blanket and shivering.

In a soft tone, Brenner asks “Jessica are you alright.”

“Yea, I’m alright.” Jessica’s voice trembles.

Seeing how Jessica was trying to hide her anxiety attack from him, Brenner did not want to make her anxiety worse by prying. So he went beside Jessica as she shivered under the blanket, offering his shoulder for Jessica to lean on.

After a few hours passed, Brenner woke up from the sound of a knocking door. He gently lifts Jessica to the bed and walks toward the door.

He peeps through the door hole to see who was it, and to his surprise, he saw Dan. standing in the hallway alone looking very anxious.

Brenner opens the door to figure out what is wrong with this kid that he had a suspicion of being a murderer.

“Nice to meet you, how may i help you?”

“Nice to meet you I’m here to meet Jessica.”

“You came at a bad time, she is currently not feeling well.’

“Oh, in that case, I will visit at another time.”

“Hey kid, before you leave tell me your name so I could relay whatever you want to Jessica.”

Dan nodded and agree and gave Brenner his name. After Dan have left the hallway Brenner was frustrated that Jessica is putting herself at risk just to help somebody she just met especially for their mental health.

He sat opposite Jessica watching her sleep peacefully. He thought to himself there is no point to get frustrated, Jessica is just being herself. The best I can do is to not tell her about the boy.


Jessica look around and saw Brenner just staring at her.

“You do know, staring at people is rude right,” Jessica said in a playful manner while hiding her face behind the blanket

“Says the one that got me worried for no reason.”

“You know you care about me, Brenner.”

Brenner did not bother to answer her but he turn away to hide his bashfulness from her. Once Jessica has freshened up She dragged Brenner out of the room. The art event exhibition hall was spacious to put multiple to enormous art pieces that came from many famous artists even the atmosphere was quirky as each section have its own theme but the section blend well with the other section that he does not stand up like a sore thumb. 

Brenner was just being dragged around by Jessica against his will. For every different section, Jessica will take a photo with Brenner.

“Brenner, Brenner look at how they make this sculpture.”

“Jessica, You know I don’t understand anything about art right? Even if they make this sculpture out of straw I still don’t understand anything about this.”

Jessica pouts her face  “There is no need to understand anything about art. Is how you perceive their emotion created by their artist.”

Brenner just stares blankly at the sculpture looking confused before posing a question on how Jessica perceive this sculpture.

“Brenner even though you are smart. You are really not in tune with your emotions that much. This is why you never understood my feeling.”

Brenner was taken aback but What Jessica said but did not bother to stop her to let her continue her explanation about the sculpture.

“This straw sculpture represents a fragile ago with its torn up part being forcefully stitched back, I would say that even though he has a fragile ego he still pushes through but is on the verge of giving up.”

Suddenly a soft sound of applause showers her. Jessica turns around to see the main star Bryan Hopkins clapping for her explanation.

“You must be really a fan of my work to be able to decipher the emotion behind the sculpture.”

Hearing the praise she was receiving from her idol Jessica blushed. On the other hand, Brenner cautiously moves in front of Jessica to stand in between Bryan and Jessica in case of anything.

“Is an honor to meet you again sir Hopkins.” Jessica put out her hand behind Brenner to receive a handshake from Bryan.

After receiving the handshake Bryan continue to talk about his sculpture and how this sculpture co-artist was non other than a genius prodigy he took under him, Dan.

Before Bryan took his leave, he apologize for Dan’s action yesterday which troubled Jessica. Jessica was confused, but seeing how sincere Bryan was. She just slightly agrees and politely sends him off.

Jessica gave Brenner a death stare. “Brenner, is there anything you want to tell me?”

Brenner casually scratches his cheek “No, not really.”

“Dan did visit me yesterday night right.” 

“Well, something like that.”

“What do you mean something like that? You did not want to tell me in the first place right.”

Brenner protested that it was for her own good but Jessica was too emotional to continue to listen to Brenner’s excuse. All she could do was ignore him and went to another section of the art exhibit.

Brenner was trying to catch up to Jessica, but they were separated due to the crowd. Once Jessica managed to get her emotion in check she start to look around to see if Brenner is around.

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Both Jessica tried to look for Brenner after she separated from him. In her mind, He felt betrayed that Brenner did not tell her about Dan trying to contact him yesterday night. She knew that Brenner did it to make sure my anxiety does not come back but-

Before she could finish her thoughts she heard a familiar voice.

“There you are, Jessica.”

Jessica suddenly someone’s warm hand pulling onto her feeble arm, Alarming her instinct to pull back. Before she could shout she saw Dan holding onto her arm.

She was surprised to see Dan here as most artists like to stay near their exhibit.

“Dan? Why are you here.”

“Sorry Jessica, I need your help with something could we talk in private?”

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