Chapter 1 : Meeting the supreme Deity

I opened my eyes. I was sitting in a pure white space. My senses aren’t picking anything up. There is no smell, no sound, and as for my eyes, there is nothing around to be seen. it appears as if I’m in a sort of white room but I can’t gauge the distance to the walls. The experience is similar to a sensory deprivation tank if I have to describe it, only more profound. I don’t even sense touch where my legs are connecting to the ground or even the temperature. But the white light isn’t hurting me.

‘So, This is what happens when we die? Never thought there was anything after death.’

I remember taking a walk in the park near my apartment and suddenly swords started raining down from the sky. It wasn’t in numbers I can possibly hope to dodge. I gave up on dodging and accepted my fate. If it was someone else in my place, they would’ve thought it to be a hallucination but I have the confidence enough to say it wasn’t. I was pierced with countless swords and lost consciousness. There is no getting out of it. I’m dead. But the actual question is, what is this place where I’m standing right now? Just when I was wracking my brain over that absurd turn of events, I heard a voice.

“You don’t seem to be restless after that absurd turn of events and in a place where every creature I’ve ever placed started freaking out and going crazy. Nice. let’s change places and talk.”

It’s a male voice. Gives off a sense of dignity and authority. But the choice of words somehow ruins that. It seems the place changed somehow. Now I’m standing on a carpet laid out and there is a table in the middle with two cushions laid out on opposite sides. the more concerning thing is, the carpet is floating in the sky it seems, for we’re surrounded by clouds. There is a refreshing flowery scent floating about, that shouldn’t be here. And a man with silver hair, pure blue eyes and a silver beard materialised on the caution on the opposite side from me. He seems to be in his mid-forties. As I am 16 years old, that could be considered a fatherly age for me. I don’t know why I had that thought though. I know it’s absurd but I feel like I know this person, and my absurd memory tells me I’ve never met this person in my life. I have a memory so good, I can’t even forget what I want to forget. I can still remember the faces of doctors and nurses from the time when I was born, so this feeling is even extra absurd.

“Sit down, son”

He said. I don’t know why, but I don’t want to object to him calling me ‘son’. I took the seat opposite of him.

“What is happening? Will you explain?”

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I asked him. He’s got a friendly atmosphere going on around him and I’m extra curious right now. So, I forgot the introductions and went to the main point. As he is the one I heard in that senseless place and he got me here, it’s obvious that he can explain what is happening, but will he?

“I’m God. The supreme one above all the other gods and demi-gods.”

He said as he materialised two mugs of black coffee and passed me one. He knows my preferences. Two plates with pieces of cake also materialised on the table, one in front of each of us. I took a sip as he continued.

“I killed you because I wanted to bring you here and not give you any choice other than going where I want to send you. Dead people can’t go back to the world where they died without becoming undead or reincarnating after having their memories and knowledge stripped from them. The former option is unavailable to you as the world you came from does not have Mana in the atmosphere to support such a being.”

He takes a sip of coffee after he said that. Seems to be waiting for my response. I ate some cake and washed it down with coffee and responded.

“Basically, you abducted me and I have to be your slave or something like that? No thanks, I’d rather die or reincarnate. You said that’s an option.”

“I did but that also is impossible for you, as I removed you from the cycle of rebirth. Also, I don’t want you to be my slave. I’m just forcing you to achieve something sooner than you will on your own in few thousand more lifetimes.”

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“Then say that first, you nasty old man. The vibe you give off and your actions aren’t matching at all. I don’t even know if you’re telling the truth but what is it that you want me to do?”

“Become a god of the world where I’ll send you.”

“That sounds absurd enough. I’m just a human, How do I do that?”

“Your soul has the potential to awaken divinity after a few thousand rebirths, unlike normal mortal creatures. I will rebuild your body with material from the divine realm, that will make the awakening faster.”

“Can anyone become a god in that way?”

“No. You’re special so you can become a superior god. Any other mortal would just gain a very powerful body but may not be able to awaken. And even if able to awaken the power would be at the level of a Lower level subordinate god or an angel.”

“Then why am I special?”

“There is a reason, but I won’t tell you yet. I’ll tell you when It’s time for you to know.”

“Okay, I’ll wait. There is no use trying to make you tell me. You’re clearly more powerful and smarter than I am, seeing as how you killed me. So, I’ll try to become a God. What am I supposed to do in the meantime? And also, what is a god supposed to do? Can you tell me about that?”

“You will become a god in charge of a whole world. You will nurture and develop that world as you see fit after you awaken fully. Until then I will send you to that world as a human being. Do as you please. If you want to have a quiet human life before you become a god, do so. If not you can travel the world and learn about its current condition. It has been without a god for a few centuries and is surrounded by three other worlds that were abandoned by the gods because of some reason, so it might become a bit troublesome if left alone for more time. Or you can make humanly possible changes to the world as well if you want to. I will send some gods to train you after the awakening starts, so enjoy life to the fullest, and do what you want till that happens. You have a lot of knowledge accumulated from your old world, so you can use it to advance civilization if you want. This world is less comfortable and lacking in entertainment, so you won’t be able to have the same type of fun as your old world though.”

“So, it’s all sorted then. What kind of world is it, by the way? From our earlier talk about undead, there seem to be some magical worlds and there is my old scientific world. What is that world like and what about the language barrier?”

I finished my coffee and asked. He replied while standing up and coming over to me,

“It’s a world of swords and magic. You have the talent for magic, so you will be able to use it. I won’t take away the joy of learning from you by giving you direct knowledge of magic as I know you like learning and researching new things. I will give you the skill to understand, speak, read and write all languages to make it easier for you. I will also give you a divine oracle skill that will let you contact me directly like telepathy.”

He put his hand over my head and some divine light started pouring into me. I felt like my body was being rebuilt. I was in just soul form till now in other words astral body and now I had an actual, physical body. He said,

“From today onwards, your name is kaminaga Akito. I have great expectations of you. Become a splendid god and make me proud. Now, I sending you to the world that will one day become your domain.”

And my field of vision was enveloped in golden radiance. I will be in another world when it clears. I’m a little excited. Let’s see what that world is like.

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