001 The Beginning of Everything

All things don’t exist, no universes, creatures, or everything. Just some lame old white void where there is just infinite white space.

But something strangely came out of nowhere, it was a blue mythical spirit like a blue little flame suddenly summoned from nothingness but unable to do anything because it doesn’t know how to control itself yet, the spirit stayed there for quadrillions of years until the white void slowly becoming dark pitch black that you can not even see anything. 

But the spirit has finally able to control itself a little and something just happened, there were octillions or decillions or not even the creator knows how many, massive explosions and exploded at the same time causing the void to into a magnificent space with a lot of white dots called “Stars” and “Space Dusts” spreading out, and universes was formed and the multiverse has been born all because of the blue spirit.

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13 billion years later…

There was a species called Humans on a planet also called Earth inside the Milky Way galaxy, a civilization that is advancing and made a lot of changes in the world it also affects the whole universe, by creating Gods that can do anything in their grasp yet the Humans are true gods that can create everything by making stories but they haven’t realized it yet because they thought it was just fantasies. 

But each human has individual strength and power, and they have a superpower called Magic.

Magic appeared 5 years ago in the Year 132 and caused the world into chaos, a Giant labyrinth that has a Boss type of monster inside appeared and monsters spawn everywhere around the world at a rapid rate, but some humans can fight it with Magic and defeated a lot of monsters that’s what they call “Hunters”.

Since then the monsters were spawning quite slowly because humans became stronger than before and made a system to maintain their powers and not violate them.

The blue spirit appeared in that universe and unexpectedly possessed a meteor unable to move as it pleased and roaming around the galaxy, after roaming around for 37 years, the tiny meteor landed on Earth in a country of Philippines and a small island called “Samal” and it landed without any damage and it was near a village the blue spirit finally able to move again, after realizing it can possess anything it, it tried to do some more of his abilities when he saw a human for the first time and he was shockingly able to form into a human male but he just copied his appearance and still unable to talk. 

He walked around and just all he sees are trees and grass but there were quite interesting things, by exploring he learn a little bit about the planet and continued his exploration.

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While roaming around he sees a boy named Raijin Deus (B Rank Hunter) facing some (B Class) type giant wolves, he watched Raijin fighting and was able to defeat the 23 wolves but he fell unconscious, and more wolves came in and a boss type appeared but he saved Raijin because he could be worth trying to gain knowledge from him and blew all the wolves in one move caused the area to be destroyed by 10 km, luckily he can control his power to use the slightest bit of it, if not it could destroy up to 1,000+ universes. 

When the boy wakes up, he found himself under a big tree and he saw a man in strange clothes and asked him who is he but he can not talk because he doesn’t know the language of humans. Raijin realized that he can’t talk so he teaches him how to speak the human language of course for saving his life. He let him in on his house, outside the city there was a small village and that’s where Raijin lives.

After teaching him basic communication, Raijin now asked him his name but he don’t have any name so he gave him a name that he made up in his mind. And that name would be Genzo means like a field or originally and he liked that name, that’s where their friendship begins.

After 5 years have passed of teaching him how to speak the human language and training outside after it, Genzo can read books and communicate, he never has experienced something like this in his moments while being alone in a void, and he asked Raijin what feelings he felt and it was called “Emotions” that exists on every creature in their heart. 

Genzo learned new things that he has never seen while exploring, the cities that filled up with houses and buildings behind the massive wall to prevent monsters from entering, and asked Raijin if he can guide him to where the city was. They arrived at the city using a vehicle and he was surprised at how the things inside the city is very advanced compared to the outside. 

Since Raijin knows how strong Genzo is by seeing him fight monsters, he asked him if he wanted to register as a hunter and he accepted it. Inside the building, there were a lot of hunters that are quite strong looking A Rank below, he told the receptionist of the guild that he want to register Genzo as a hunter and they tested his strength and magic by touching the crystal ball while touching it, it detected nothing and just broke and the detector doesn’t know what to rank him so he was ranked as an E Rank hunter after Genzo left the detector is curious on why the ball suddenly broke when it has detected many powerful powers before and it was indestructible, Raijin has quite the shock of the results that he was not expecting but congratulates him anyways.

After it, he was tasked to do E-Class quests to rank up even higher so Genzo accepted it. But a group of A Rank bullies comes in front of them and insults them, but Genzo does not mind any of it, but the bullies have gone too far and humiliated them with many people, Genzo says that he is only hunting some monsters and the bullies laughed at them because of what he said, Raijin tried to stand up against them but stopped by him and put some flame at the bully’s back and panicked, the two walked away as nothing happened.

Raijin was surprised at how he easily dealt with a group of A Rank hunters but still does not aware of his full power because he has never seen it, they head back home but he wants to hunt alone so he left Raijin in the house. As Genzo explored the forest and saw an A-Class Minator, that has the appearance of a bullhead and a very muscular giant body, he wants to test out his strength and punched through it defeated by one weak punch causing the area to be destroyed completely evaporated, and as well killed few monsters that are A-Class below in instant. 

Later, the guild reported that there was a massive explosion outside the city and went after it to investigate, Genzo luckily saved up some of the crystal core of the Minator as he manages to hold back too much and found more crystal cores around, as he gets back to the city he went to the guild to sell the 53 crystal cores and it was valued around $1000-$1500 and the hunters around got a massive shock on how the newbie got so many A-Class crystal cores and he left the guild after claiming the money, Genzo went to Raijin’s home and he was totally surprised to death on where he got all those money and he only said he went on a hunt and killed many monsters, Raijin couldn’t believe it but he was happy anyways, they both got rich later. 

–End Chapter–

— New chapter is coming soon —
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