Prologue. A typical transmigration? Perhaps not. (Don’t make her cry!)

As the rain tapped persistently against the classroom window, my thoughts strayed from the math lesson. I couldn’t help but wish for an escape from this monotony.

With his usual stern demeanor, Professor Anderson scanned the room before posing, “What is trigonometry?”

Distracted by memories and daydreams, school lessons often felt distant. But the moment Alice began to answer, her voice pulled me back to the present. “Trigonometry is…”

While equations and numbers faded into the background, Alice remained a stark contrast. Her laughter and the way she confidently answered questions all stood out. Recollections of childhood games and shared secrets as neighbors came rushing back. But things changed. Ever since she began dating Tom, I’d intentionally kept my distance, sticking to brief exchanges of glances.
Her being with someone else was a sharp sting, a reminder of unspoken feelings and missed opportunities. Every day, I grappled with the juxtaposition of my fond memories of us and our present reality.
Nowadays, brief eye contact is the most interaction we have.

The ongoing lecture became a distant hum as memories flooded in. I remembered that summer day when Alice and I had raced our bicycles down the hill, laughing without a care in the world, or the time we’d stayed up late, gazing at the stars and sharing our dreams. Those were the days when the future seemed boundless.

A subtle unease had nagged me throughout the day, a shadow I couldn’t shake off. As the lecture progressed, that shadow grew more tangible. A sudden tightness in my chest made the room seem to blur and tilt.

Yet, today’s heaviness wasn’t just from nostalgia. A tightness gripped my chest, the room blurred, and unease settled in. I’ve been off the entire day, feeling lightheaded. Now, it’s escalating—dizziness overtakes me, soon joined by a pounding headache and pressure in my chest.

“My chest… It’s hurting,” I whispered so softly that no one seemed to catch it, the pain growing sharper.

“Help!” My voice broke through stronger this time, catching the attention of the guy seated before me. His eyes widened, filled with concern.

“What’s happening?” he questioned, alarm evident in his tone.

“It’s serious,” I choked out, struggling with each word, “I feel like… like I’m dying. My chest, head… everything’s in pain.”

“Professor! Something’s wrong with him!” The guy’s voice pierced the room’s murmur, pulling everyone’s focus to me.
I collapsed to the floor, the pain giving way to a weird stillness.
“Joe! Get the nurse. Now!” The professor’s voice rang out urgently, but deep inside, a surreal calm settled over me. I sensed it might be too late.

The same guy quickly checked my pulse and leaned in to listen for any signs of breathing.
“He’s not breathing!” His voice cracked with panic.
A part of me wished for silence, a quiet exit. I’ve pondered ending things before, so this may be fate’s intervention. At least in this room, I’d be remembered – the student who met his end during a math lecture.

“Can anyone here perform first aid?” The professor’s voice cracks with urgency.
“I know how!” Alice’s voice cuts through the panic.
She hurries to my side. Oddly, I’m watching the scene from above, detached.

“Rocky! Stay with me!” Alice’s voice is choked with tears. Hearing her use my old nickname stirs something deep within. Why would she shed tears for someone like me?

She hesitates for a split second before beginning CPR, her lips meeting mine in a desperate attempt to save me. Ironically, this is my first kiss, and I’m numb. As darkness creeps, I’m consumed by the thought: what a way to go, fading out in the middle of a math lesson.

An otherworldly stillness washes over me. The frantic sounds of the classroom, the desperate compressions on my chest, and the muted sobs of my classmates all seem to grow distant, echoing from another plane.

Though I should be lost to oblivion, thoughts swirl within me. Isn’t there supposed to be a heaven or at least something beyond? The realms of life and death blur, and I’m caught in the tide of transition. As the unsettling realization takes hold that my afterlife might be a never-ending void of introspection, a force begins to pull at my essence.

My surroundings dissolve, replaced by a vast expanse of space. The emptiness stretches out infinitely, a silent abyss just as the chilling thought grips me that this might be my eternity.

For some reason, I find myself on the banks of a tranquil lake. The atmosphere is eerily silent, except for the gentle water splashing against the shore. The previous sensations of fear and uncertainty give way to an overwhelming confusion.

Why am I here? Isn’t this the realm beyond life? My thoughts were confused; my previous reality clashed with the scene unfolding before me. It felt like a dream, yet too real and vivid to dismiss.

A young boy approached the water’s edge near where I stood. Every step he took seemed burdened by sorrow. His eyes, wet with fresh tears, looked heavy with a pain I couldn’t understand. My heart ached at the sight, though I couldn’t place why. Who is this child? And why, of all things, am I bearing witness to his pain?

I watched as he knelt, his tiny hands trembling. His expression shifted from sadness to sheer terror when he looked into the water. Curious, I tried to see what had captured his gaze, but from my point of view, the water only reflected himself.

“Why? Why couldn’t I be someone else? Why was I born as this person and in this place?” The child said as he looked at his reflection.

A cold fear settled in my stomach. Panic bubbled to the surface as the horrifying realization hit me – was this eerie vision my afterlife? The boundaries between life, death, and whatever this was were becoming blurred.

The sensation of the cold stone beneath my feet clashed violently with the previous scene. The vast difference between the haunting lake and this ostentatious hall only deepened the pit in my stomach. Where am I? What is happening?

The images before me seemed too natural to be mere figments of imagination, yet too surreal to be reality. The creeping dread that had settled within me since a fresh wave of confusion and panic now joined the lake scene. The room, despite its magnificence, felt suffocating. It looks like a palace and is filled with strange people.

Each whispered conversation among the courtiers sounded like a sharp hiss in my ear. Seeing a child who looks like the one I saw at the lake being utterly humiliated in front of dozens only fueled my escalating fear.

The chilling voice of the emperor rang out, amplifying my disorientation. His words echoed with a force that threatened to shatter my fragile grasp on my sanity.

Is this the afterlife? An endless cycle of harrowing scenes meant to torment me? The very thought sent a shiver down my spine. I wanted nothing more than to cry out to demand an explanation. Still, I remained a silent observer, imprisoned within my fear and confusion.

Just as the moment’s weight seemed unbearable, the throne room began to dissolve, like ink diffusing in water. The ornate walls and glowing chandeliers blended and shifted, replaced by a vast expanse that stretched beyond the horizon.

After some time, I stood on an unfamiliar cobblestone street. The buildings around me were old and worn, their bricks stained over time. The air was thick with the scent of rain, and the distant rumble of thunder hinted at an impending storm.

Children’s laughter echoed through the narrow alleyways, starkly contrasting the somber atmosphere. But as I followed the sound, the laughter turned to jeers and taunts. In a small square, a group of children had circled a younger child, their faces twisted in cruel delight. The child in the center, no older than seven, had tears streaming down his face, his clothes torn, and dirt smeared across his cheeks.

One of the older boys stepped forward, shoving the young child to the ground. “Look at the bastard!” he shouted, drawing laughter from the others. Another child kicked dirt onto the fallen boy while a third spat in his direction. The humiliation was palpable, and the young boy’s sobs echoed in my ears, each a sharp stab to my heart.

I felt an overwhelming urge to intervene, to shield the child from the cruelty before him. But as before, I was a silent observer, unable to act or speak. The weight of helplessness pressed down on me, suffocating and oppressive.

The cobblestone street and the jeering children started to dissolve, their forms becoming less distinct like a painting being washed away by rain. However, the young boy’s sobs remained, echoing and resonating, a haunting reminder of the cruelty I had just witnessed.

The vast cosmic expanse returned as the world around me faded, but this time was different. As I was drawn through this mesmerizing expanse, I glimpsed sprawling cities, majestic creatures, threatening monsters, and powers that defied comprehension. Amongst this cosmic spectacle, a towering structure began to crystallize in the distance, its allure undeniable. It called to me an anchor in the chaos. Deep within, a force – neither voice nor hand, but just as tangible – beckoned, promising answers or perhaps more questions. An inexplicable connection pulled me towards it, a beacon in the ever-shifting sea of visions.

I feel myself entering and occupying something. It’s a bizarre sensation I have never felt; slowly, I forgot everything I saw. Who was that child?… What child? For some reason, I think I should help a sad and hopeless child, but I don’t know what he looks like.

As The weird feeling fades, I’m hit with total stillness. It feels like I can’t move at all. Come on, wake up!
“My head… It’s hurting,” I murmur as I slowly become more aware.
“Brother! Wake up!” A voice shouts, filled with worry.
“That’s different. When did you start calling me ‘bro’? Thought I was the ‘creepy’ one,” I mumble to my sister, confused.
“Why wouldn’t I call you that?” She sounds genuinely hurt.

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I blink, trying to clear the haze from my vision. I thought I was gone, so why am I here, feeling the cold floor beneath me and a pounding in my head? Is this a hospital?

As things come into focus, I see a girl’s face above me, tears streaking her cheeks. “Brother, I was so scared you wouldn’t wake up! Don’t do that to me,” she says, wiping her tears away.

“Where am I? Who are you?” I ask, my voice shaky.

The girl looks more upset, tears spilling again. “I’m your sister! Why are you acting like this?” She sobs, her voice filled with anguish.
‘And she’s telling the truth. She’s our sister,’ a distant voice adds.

“Oh, okay, so you’re my sister,” I mumble, grappling to understand amidst the confusion.

“Why are you acting so weird?” the girl says, her voice breaking with fresh tears.

I glance around, searching for where the voice is coming from.

You won’t find me even if you tried. I didn’t expect this to work,’ the voice mentions with a hint of amusement.

“Who are you? Come out!” My voice rises, frustration clear in every word.

I return my attention to the young girl, who looks around twelve and is undeniably beautiful. “You’re truly stunning; I’ve never seen anyone quite like you,” I say, captivated.

‘Don’t talk to her that way!’ the voice interrupts harshly.

“No, I didn’t mean it creepily! It’s like seeing a cute dog—you want to pet it,” I rush to clarify, hoping she understands.

“Did you just compare me to a dog?” The girl asks, her eyes filled with disbelief.

“I… I didn’t mean it that way. I’m so sorry,” I quickly apologize.

“It’s alright. Brother, do you feel better now?” She softens slightly.

You were right to liken her to a dog. She gets a big head with too many compliments,’ the voice chimes in.

“Where are you? And I didn’t call her a dog; I was trying to explain!”

I’m right here, in your mind. Didn’t get that yet?’

“In my mind? That can’t be.”

‘Believe it. Also, you’re here because of me,’ the voice retorts, confusion clouding my thoughts.

“Brother, who are you speaking with?” The girl’s eyes search mine, clearly worried.

“It’s okay, I just need a moment,” I try to calm her, but my voice betrays me.

“No, you’re not okay. Just wait, I’ll get help,” she insists, her voice thick with concern, before rushing away, leaving me with chaotic thoughts.
She’s gone. Don’t upset or hurt her. Now, get up!’ the voice ordered, echoing in my mind. I felt an overwhelming urge to obey. “Why is this happening?” I whispered, my legs moving independently, leading me towards a house. “This can’t be happening!” I exclaimed, fighting the pull to obey the voice’s commands.

Quiet down,’ the voice said sharply, an undertone of exhaustion evident. ‘Listen. You’re in another world now, and you’re in my body. I brought you here.’

“Brought me? Don’t you get it? I think I just died!” I shot back, frustration mounting.

Keep it down. Just think, and I’ll hear you,’ the voice responded, its tone softer this time.

‘Is this how I communicate now?’

‘Looks like you’re catching on,’ the voice replied, a hint of amusement lacing its words.

‘Cut the sarcasm. What’s going on?’ I thought, trying to remain calm.

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Just walk towards those trees,’ the voice directed. A strange pull made me start moving. “Why does it feel like this?” I blurted out, the sensation overwhelming.

‘Don’t resist!’ the voice urged. Despite my confusion, I felt drawn to its command. Soon, I stood in front of a majestic tree. “Now what?” I inquired, a mix of apprehension and intrigue in my voice.

Hit the tree. Give it everything,’ came the unexpected reply.

‘Why should I hurt our hand?’ I countered, eyeing the hand that now felt like mine.

Just trust me and do it,’ the voice insisted.

Taking a deep breath, I followed through. Bracing myself for pain, I was surprised when the tree barely left a mark.

“That didn’t hurt at all,” I remarked, surprised as I moved my fingers, finding them unscathed.

Hit it again, but this time, channel your energy,’ the voice guided.

Together, we concentrated, and my fist struck the tree with renewed force. The impact left an impressive dent in the bark.

“Wow! How did we do that?” I asked, gazing at the mark, amazed by our combined strength.

‘I will show you. Now, say ‘Activate System,” instructed the voice, a hint of excitement noticeable.

“Activate System.” A flurry of numbers and information danced before me the moment I spoke.

‘You’ve got a high intelligence, registering at 80 out of 100. Most here average around 50. But your determination sits at 40,’ the voice remarked, analyzing the info.

“What’s the deal with these stats?” I wondered aloud, trying to grasp the significance.

‘I hoped for someone smart, but I should’ve thought about the determination aspect too,’ the voice conceded, sounding a bit remorseful.

“So you’re saying I’m smart but lazy? And what about your stats?” I retorted, my voice edged with annoyance.

‘We can discuss my stats another time,’ he answered, deflecting the question.

‘Focus on the skill named ‘Two-Headed Dragon.’ It’s why we’re sharing this body,’ the voice explained. I looked closer, spotting a glowing entry among my stats. Curiously, I began to read aloud:

“Skill Name: Twin Soul Resonance-Two Headed Dragon.

The power of duality converges in the host body. Two spirits inhabit the same vessel, with dominance shifting based on the hour of the day. The strength of this skill hinges on the synchronization of their desires. When perfectly aligned, their combined might is unparalleled.

Day/Night Cycle:
Day Soul – Dominant from sunrise to sunset. Their attributes lean towards light, warmth, and creation.
Night Soul – Dominant from sunset to sunrise, harnessing shadow, cold, and destructive forces.

Desire Synchronization Meter (DSM):
A meter represents the alignment of the two souls’ desires, fluctuating based on decisions, interactions, and various events. The scale ranges from 0% to 100%. As it approaches 100%, abilities amplify in power. However, at 0%, specific skills may become inaccessible or weakened.”

“Seems like we need to work together,” I observed. “So, what’s the plan?”

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