An accusation on the move

“What’s going on?” Caroline and Phoebe stepped out from inside the Aldwin carriage, inquiring about the commotion outside. They had started hearing sounds of panic, so they decided to investigate, only to find a crowd of people surrounding their carriage.

“Let’s check it out,” Caroline urged, and they began walking toward the commotion. The sense of panic soon became evident.

“Is there anyone with medical knowledge here?” One of the men tending to the injured man inquired. He had some knowledge on how to treat a wound having seen many battles, but it wasn’t enough to stabilize the seriously injured man. The injuries were just too severe.

“I do…” A feminine voice sounded from the back of the crowd, and people turned to see Phoebe, a bit shaken. She had received some training at her father’s behest, but she hadn’t taken it seriously. Still, she had no choice but to help now. At least it was better than doing nothing.

“Okay, please take charge!” The man tending to the injured guy urged Phoebe. She rushed forward and did her best to bandage him and stop his bleeding.

“It’s already happening, huh?” To the left of the crowd, a young man with brown eyes and a skinny build mused while observing the scene. It was Leon, and he remained unshaken, even in the midst of the commotion.

A few minutes later.

“He’s bleeding too much.”

The crowd looked panicked, not because they feared the man’s life was in danger, but because they didn’t know the message he had come to deliver. They didn’t know whether to start running or stay. Phoebe tried her best to stop the bleeding, but it only got worse with time. Some even started speculating that she had no idea of what she was

“He might not make it.”

She had tried over and over again and there were no results, she had started to regret volunteering, at least that was until…

“Maybe I can give it a shot”

All of a sudden a voice echoed from behind her causing her to turn back in a hurry. She was scared that this guy might die in her hands and bring her trouble, if someone else could do it she would gladly step back.

However she didn’t expect that the person who had just spoken was none other than Leon.

“You? This isn’t a joke Leon, how can you take care of these injuries with your weak body? Stop constituting a nuisance and go seat of there”

Staring at him fiercely, phoebe berated. the good for nothing thought he was some kind of saviour because he took care of the old man’s wounds? That was like the difference between a mountain and mole hill.

“Yeah kid I don’t think this is the place to joke around, go take a seat over there and let the professionals work ” one of the men in the crowd urged after taking a long look at Leon.

He was skinny and looked pale, there was no way in hell that he would be able to do anything to help.

“Do you believe that you can save him?” Leon ignored the man who had just spoken and asked Phoebe this question.

She had been working on him for a good few minutes now and he was still bleeding like a flayed rabbit, she had failed and even the people in the crowd had noticed it too, but they just didn’t want to say it.

“I….” phoebe didn’t know what to say, he was right. What she was planning to do a minute ago was dump the responsibility on someone else, but as soon as she saw that it was Leon she got triggered…..

“Let me do it, if he dies I’ll take responsibility.” Leon reaffirmed. This time phoebe could only nod her head and step aside.

Then Leon proceeded to sit beside the injured man in a lotus position. His move was strange and he didn’t do anything for close to 10secs causing the crowd to worry that he was a quack too.

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But in the next second.


Leon streched his had forward and a magic circle appeared in front of it enveloping the man and pouring down mana, the immediate effect was that the man began to heal.

Slowly but surely, the wounds began to close up, stunning the crowd. It was extraordinary to see Leon, who had been frail and weak, using healing magic. This was one of the most valuable and rare skills in their world, especially one that could heal Warlocks.

Outwardly, they were happy that the man was healing, but inside, they there were thinking the same thing

(How did this frail poor fool get his hands on a healing spell?)

“Out of the way!!!!”

Several guards pushed through the crowd and reached the injured man.

“You? Is that healing magic?”

One of the guards was taken aback when he saw Leon using healing magic. He knew Leon well and couldn’t believe he could use magic, let alone healing magic.

“Not now. Let’s get him to the Elders first.”

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Another guard urged them to transport the injured man And just like that they moved him to where the matriarch lived.

Thirty minutes later, word came from the matriarch that they had to abandon any carriage that hadn’t been incorporated into the World Traversing Serpent and start moving.

Panic ensued, and the clan members of the Blood Serpent Clan were packed into cabins of the World Traversing Serpent like sardines.

Not too long after, The World Traversing Serpent started moving, crushing trees in its path like they were butter.

Inside the World Traversing Serpent.

“We are moving.”


Whispers echoed inside a particular cabin. They had started moving so abruptly, there could be only one explanation for it: the hunters were catching up.

“Hello, Brother Leon. Can I sit next to you?”

Amidst all the noise, a voice reached Leon. It was Phoebe, and she wanted to sit next to him, of all people.

“Hm?” Leon looked up and frowned. It was unusual for Phoebe to choose to sit next to him. “Is everything okay?” Leon questioned.

Phoebe didn’t answer. Instead, she squeezed herself next to Leon and leaned in to whisper in his ear.

“I know you stole that healing spell from one of the Elders. I won’t let anyone know, as long as you let me take a look at it…”

In Phoebe’s mind, there was no logical explanation for how Leon obtained such a valuable skill. He was a cripple, and she suspected he had stolen it.

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