World Traversing Serpent

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A few days later.

“Gallop gallop!!!” The sound of a horse coming to a slow stop sounded.
“Clan meeting!!!”
From the distance, a young man shouted while walking forward into a patch of grassland that covered the entire area.
After they escaped the hunters and slavers, the Warlocks made their way through devil wood forest And came to a stop in this location at the command of the matriarch.
Leon’s Father’s pushed his wheelchair down from the carriage and began rolling him towards the direction of the clan meeting.
“Hmp!!” Two females sneered from behind as they watched the old man push the crippled Leon towards the meeting area. However, there was Nothing they could do. He was lucky to make it out alive.
“We should go to White Mountain Kingdom, our brothers still have massive influence there. At least we won’t be chased by random mages and good for nothing sorcerers”
“Hm? That’s a dumb suggestion, white Mountain kingdom is still ruled by other races, plus the Wind Eagle clan will hunt us down if they catch a whiff of us. We would be better off moving north”
“Moving north? You must have failed biology when you were a child…..”
From within the tall grasses, Leon and several other members of the blood serpent clan watched, as several well-built men and elders of the blood serpent clan argued among each other. They all had different ideas of where was safest for their clans.
Naturally, a few of them were suggesting Areas where they would have the most advantage. This was simply because, even though they were in danger, the clan could not simply leave behind their competitive nature.
Everyone wanted the upper hand
A domineering shout echoed, causing the assembly to become quiet all of a sudden. This voice…it belonged to the matriarch.
The genius of the blood serpent clan, she was chosen as the matriarch purely because of her power. Her parents were gone, and she was an orphan, but her extraordinary talent was something that could not be ignored.
After many schemes and blood soaked battles, she finally emerged as the new matriarch.
“This is not the time to fight,” calming herself down, the lady Liana’s eyes trailed across the field where the clan members stood.
“Myself and first elder have already decided that we will be heading to blood rock. We will need to regroup before anything.”

She causally announced. Blood rock was their homeland, it was like the holy land for their clan. Over the generations, they had migrated to different parts of the world, but they would never forget where they came from.
One of the Elders tried to intercede, but was quickly shot down by the matriarch.
“This is not up for debate….now, How should we go about the mode of transportation?”
After shooting down the elder who had tried to complain, the matriarch Liana continued with the decision-making on how to get to blood rock.
She didn’t care for their constant ramblings, she was the clan head and her decisions were final.
  It lasted a few minutes and several words and concepts were spoken about that Leon didn’t understand, but at the end, they decided to give out responsibilities.
“Sir Thane, your craftsmanship is well known throughout the clan, I trust you will be able to work on building the world traversing serpent.
“Yes, matriarch, ” a man responded from among the clan members in the grass field.
“The Alrune family will be of great help in making study wheels….”
“The Talmut family will also help in this endeavor”
“The Artus family is well known for their metal works, you can also help….
The matriarch began distributing responsibilities to different families with special skills and eventually….
“I belive sir Alduwin is one of the prominent wood works Warlocks in the clan, can we trust you and your family to help in the construction of the world traversing serpent?”
The matriarch spoke, but this time she was looking in the direction of Leon and his Father.
“Hm? Alduwin? The guys with the crippled son?”
“Ah? Is it, that slut phoebe’s family name?”
“Hehe, this is surprising…”
Numerous Whispers echoed throughout the field, as the members of the clan threw snide remarks filled with Mockery. They were talking about Leon’s family.

Their family had a bad reputation in the clan, all this was because of Leon. In all Warlock clans, there was a sigma against weak and crippled members, the believed that weakness was a result of weak bloodlines and people like these were a source of contamination in the clan.
“Matriarch, I am honored to do so, but as you can see, my child is crippled and I can only do so much…..”
He was refusing, there was no greater shame than turning down the opportunity to work for the clan’s wellbeing. However, what could he do? He didn’t have the strength to habdle it.
“No, I can do some work.”
A voice resounded from in front of Leon’s father. For a brief moment, he didn’t know where it was coming from.
At least that was until he saw a figure raising up before him.
“We are honored to take some of the responsibility.”
It was Leon, His body was still skinny and weak, but he was able to stand up. It shocked everyone here. They knew Leon, at least they had seen him during clan meetings. 
He was always drooling while seated in his wheelchair, it was absolutely disgusting. But the person in front of them was quite different. Even though he looked skinny, there was this look of unfathomable arrogance in his eyes. Just that was enough to make them give him a second look.
“This is also good, but for assistance, let’s attach one more family to the construction.” 
The matriarch looked at Leon’s build with some skepticism and decided not to depend too much on them
And just like that, the other warlock families set off towards their carriages to prepare and also have some rest.
“Be careful” 
Leon’s father walked beside him while cautiously trying to support him. His son could walk, he was absolutely thrilled, but his body was still fragile, he didn’t want him to injure himself. 
“Don’t worry about it, father, I can walk by myself”
Pulling himself away, Leon smiled at the old man. The old man was trying so hard, it was touching. 

“Are you confident?” The old man looked at Leon standing straight and spoke, to which Leon answered with a simple nod.

“Okay, I will go prepare some things, have fun with your new legs….” 
He could understand why Leon wanted to walk by himself. It must be a very stimulating to have his legs back, he wanted to enjoy it.
“Sigh” the smile on Leon’s face disappeared, replaced with a neutral one expression. He looked towards a hill on the far side of the grassland and began walking towards it.
Upon reaching, Leon looked around to make sure no one was around. Seeing that he was alone, he spoke.
Just then his consciousness was pulled into his mindscape where a massive pagoda stood. 
“Show me the sea of wisdom” Leon commanded. And not even a second later, the pagoda pulled his spiritual body into it. There on the first floor was a massive library filled with countless books.
[Welcome to the sea of wisdom
Ask any questions, and they shall be answered by the system, or books pertaining to this topic will be provided.
Speed -20x 
1 minute in the real-world Is 20 minutes in sea of wisdom.
]“Give me a book on unique energies and sources” Leon said and a book on one of the shelves flew towards him.
“Hmm, Energies of Finor world by igotatoothpick” 
This was the name of the book. Leon then proceeded to sit down and read.

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