Chapter 158 – Where Do Familiars Stay?

I learned a lot more about Familiars after having Fenrir by my side. It was true that experience taught us the most. During the little remaining holiday, Fenrir was introduced to the other Familiars in the family, including Fenix who normally dwelled in the royal castle. Surprisingly, they clicked the most!

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School started shortly after that. Normally, I would feel lazy because school was honestly getting harder, but I could commence my strategy with Fenrir by going to school again, so I was a bit excited.

When I was getting ready to school, Fenrir walked to my side, reminding me of something I needed to ask him.

“Say, do you want to go to school with me or…?”

Alt-nii would bring Rurune sometimes, but sometimes he’d leave her at home. That mostly depended on Rurune’s mood.

“I will accompany you, why not?” He said as if it was a matter of course.

“Alright. Hmm, I will explain to the teachers first so they aren’t worried to see you, a wolf beast…”

“It’s fine, I will just come out when necessary.”

“Ah, is that so… Wait, what do you mean by that?” I answered reflexively before I could think.

“Hmm? I will just stay in your Animosphere.”

“Animosphere? Isn’t it the space within one’s mind…? Familiars can stay there?!” I was surprised. I knew what Animosphere was, as we were taught about it. But I thought Familiars stayed within someone’s magical cells? Or that someone needs to create a magical space where Familiars stay?

You see, only those with magical capabilities can make contracts with Familiars, after all. So I just assumed… Geh, assuming something is bad, after all!

“Mmhm. We Familiars can stay within one’s Animosphere and come out whenever necessary. That is also why Familiars and their contractors have special bond,” Fenrir explained.

“But everyone has Animosphere, including those who aren’t good at magic. Why is it that Familiars can’t make a contract with them? Or is it because they won’t?” I tilted my head.

“Actually, Animosphere of people with greater magical abilities will be more imbued with their magical power, making it possible for Familiars to access the Animosphere. Interfering Animosphere of someone with little to no magical power will be really bad for both the contractor and Familiar, although it may be possible,” Fenrir explained.

I nodded, then patted Fenrir’s head, “Thanks for the explanation, Fenrir!”

“…You don’t need to treat me like a child or a pet wolf. I’m much older than you,” He said, but he didn’t retract his head from my hand. His tail swayed a bit.

“It’s fine. We need to be pampered from time to time, right? I won’t do it in public, I promise,” I laughed at how tsundere he is.

“…,” Fenrir remained silent.

Then, a question hit my head.

“Wait, why does it seem like Rurune never return to Animosphere? She’s always out there! Is it possible that not all Familiars can occupy the Animosphere to rest?” I asked.

“No, we’re all born with that ability. That is simply not possible,” Fenrir resolutely stated.

Since that was not the case, I dashed to see Alt-nii. Rurune was right beside him at this very moment.

“Alt-nii! I just found out about how Familiars stay in Animosphere. Geez, did you know this? Why did no one tell me?!” I puffed my cheeks.

Alt-nii blinked at my sudden question, before he chuckled and said, “I bet Mom and Dad just thought you knew. And well, I know about it! I also thought you knew since you never asked!”

“Geeeezzzz!! Wait, why is Rurune never there? Or is it just my imagination or that I never knew…?”

“Oh. Rurune somehow hates staying there. I asked her several times, but she just shook her head. Isn’t it right, Rurune?” Alt-nii stroked Ruru’s fur.

“Rururu!!” Rurune crossed her arms and nodded.

“Oh…,” I came to an understanding. It must have something to do with one’s personality. Just like how a person dislikes being on stage, while another loves performing on a stage.

Satisfied, I left Alt-nii because I wasn’t done getting ready yet!

“Did you get your answer yet?” Fenrir welcomed me with a question.

“Yup. It’s simply because she doesn’t like it. Do you know all along?”

“Yeah, I figured. But it’s best for you to learn about something from the person concerned. I can be wrong. Everything is possible in this world,” Fenrir said like a wise man he was.

“You have a point. Anyway, do I need to do something to help you enter my Animosphere?” I asked.

Fenrir stood up, walked around me and said, “Nothing. Just stay relaxed.”

“Okay,” I said as I reflexively closed my eyes. But then, I changed my mind as I wanted to see the moment Fenrir entered my Animosphere.

I opened my eyes right in time to see Fenrir’s body bein warped to nothingness bit by bit.

Then, I felt some kind of warmth in my body. A few magical particles like Fenrir’s body color floated around me.

[I’m in your Animosphere now. You can summon me whenever you’d like to, and you can talk to me anytime. Just call me.]

Fenrir’s voice echoed in my mind.

I nodded as I answered in my mind, ‘Okay, Fenrir! Enjoy your stay!’

The four of us went to school together with Clavis as usual. Rurune was tagging along this time.

During the way, the twins often looked at each other before looking at me in wonder.

“What is it?” I asked as I saw them tilting their heads.

“Did you leave Fenrir at home, Lyra-nee?” Freyja asked.

“Fenrir didn’t escort you to the front door. Is he resting or are you fighting?” Freyr asked calmly.

“Hey, we aren’t fighting! Actually, Fenrir is right here with us now,” I said.

“Huhh?” The twins tilted their heads and said at the same time.

I guess this would be the right time to explain about Familiars and Animosphere to them. I just learned the connection between both this morning, so it was nice that the knowledge came in handy quickly!

“You two, listen…,” I tried to explain the concept to them in a simple way. Alt-nii would often interrupt me to help me explain better.

In the end, the twins understood and their eyes sparked.

“Whoaa, that’s amazing! I want to have a Familiar too!” Freyja said enthusiastically.

“Interesting,” Freyr calmly nodded.

I smiled as I saw the two of them talking about what they just learned. Then, it came to my mind… about the royal family’s Familiar, Damon. I wonder if that dream world told me the reality? It couldn’t be, right?

Thus, after arriving in my classroom, I decided to come to Luca and ask him right away. Not directly to the point, I need to open the conversation as natural as possible.

“Hey, Luca! Do you know that Familiars stay in Animosphere? It’s my first time hearing about it! I thought they stayed somewhere in our body’s magical system!” …was what I could come up with. I couldn’t come to Luca and suddenly say, “Hey, remember how I got a Familiar? He’s the best! What about you, do you have any Familiar or will you get any?”

…That seemed like bragging, and I wouldn’t like it!

Luca looked surprised at my random topic, then he said, “Yes… I know? My father told me about it when he explained about Familiars personally to me.”

“Ah, your father taught you directly? Come to think about it, does he have a Familiar?” I asked.

“Not only one, but he has two,” Luca said proudly.

“What?!” I was so surprised. Having one Familiar was already hard, let alone two!

“Yes. The royal family has two Familiars that have been passed from generation to generation. In case of royal siblings, the Familiars might be inherited to one each, or they can be inherited by the same person at once,” Luca explained.

“Eeeh, I never knew!”

“Well, not many know, indeed. The royal family is the descendant of the hero who founded the country and the greatest magician ever, remember?” He asked.

I nodded, “So, your family’s two Familiars are from the hero—the first king, and the greatest magician—the first queen’s?”

However, Luca shook his head. He added, “Actually, the greatest magician’s Familiar… It was said that her Familiar disappeared in their final battle. So, the two Familiars in the royal family are the hero’s.”

I nodded again, “As expected of the great hero, having two Familiars! May I know what they are?”

“Actually, one of them is pretty much known, but the other one is a Familiar that we can’t talk to others so lightly about,” Luca said.

“Why?” I asked.

“…To put it simply, this certain Familiar is up for underground works. He’s like… working in the background?” He said.

Damon flashed in my mind and if my guess was right, Luca was talking about Damon. He wasn’t the kind of Familiar one would expect to be associated with the royal family, and it was natural they didn’t talk about him that much.

I was satisfied with his answers as I managed to hypothesize that it was 75% true that Damon was real! I didn’t want to ask Luca to tell me something he wasn’t allowed to tell or something that he didn’t want to tell, so I wanted to ask about the other Familiar.

But then, the class started, so I guess I would let it go for now.

Maybe I could ask about it later during our recess…

In the middle of the lesson when I was bored… I knew I shouldn’t do this, but I asked Fenrir.

Fenrir, do you know the royal family’s Familiars?’

[Not really.]

Remember the trial and the dream world I was in? Do you think Damon is real and that he is the royal family’s Familiar all along?’

[It’s possible.]

But if neither you and I knew about him, where did he come from? The trial dream world was weird in this sense, honestly. I always thought that the dream reflects things that we know or have seen in the real world, be it consciously or subconsciously.’

[True. Our imagination is boundless, and sometimes… absurd dreams are born.]

‘But what if Damon is really, really real?’

[…A coincidence, perhaps?]

Or could it be your new power awakening? Bringing over something from the reality that exists, although you never knew of it?’

[Can be, but I can’t say with certainty about that.]

‘Hee… I am curious!’

[…Go and focus on your class. You haven’t learned this in your first life too, right?]

‘Ugh… Alright, alright.’

Long story short, I forgot asking Luca about the other Familiar when break time arrived, thanks to all the lessons we had.

Plus… It was also because during the break time, I saw Ein, who would be the first target to my and Fenrir’s strategy. Ein’s parents were none other than Clyde and Nicole. They were the easiest to approach due to my connection to Ein.

Time to commence the plan!

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