chapter 1

It was past midnight in LA and the streets were covered in snow, looked as if it was christmas already.

“Boss, I just got an intel. There’s an assassin being sent for you. But who, when and how is not known.” A man told his Boss who was sitting in the middle of the room with a cigar in his hands.

He blew a puff and then turned to the man. “You see, I have been in this business for a decade now. You think a mere assassin would be able to kill me??”

The man didn’t answer anything, but he had heard the stories of the assassin specifically who was sent to finish his Boss.

“It’s the one called Black Rose. You must have heard about it. Nobody knows if its a man or a woman or what the person looks like.” The man said trembling.

“Look, I know I shouldn’t tell you this, but I am worried about you. Can you not be so stubborn and go to the safe house?” He asked gathering his courage.

“My boy, I am glad you worry about me. But I have killed more people with these bare hands than both our ages combined. So don’t worry about me.” The Boss replied.

“Hold on why is it so silent today? Get one of our men to get the car ready. I have to meet someone urgently.” The Boss said to his assistant and he immediately went out.

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But not long after he left, he started walking backwards followed by a person in black.

He was tall, slender, with black hood and a mask covering his face.

“Were you planning on leaving, Mr. Henry? But you know it would have been useless, even if you tried.” The person said his voice very deep.

“Huh, are you the one who’s gona kill me? Aren’t you worried that my 100 men would kill you in an instant?” Asked Mr. Henry, blowing the puff from the cigar.

“Ha ha ha,” the person laughed. “Did you really think of me being a kid sent to assassinate you Henry?” And now it was time for Henry to be shocked.

“Don’t bother, all are dead. Such useless people, couldn’t even take a second blow, one was enough for all.” The person said making the man who was running out stop in his tracks.

“Now now now, it’s your turn gentlemen.” The masked person said and instantly killed the man and the Boss.

Then went through all the things in the house and got all the important things with him before setting fire to the mansion and leaving.

Next day, it was a big breaking news, that Mr. Henry Oswald, the biggest Drug Mafia was dead

Now Henry wasn’t a lay man. He was dangerous and feared by many others. He had been in the drugs business for quiet a long time. Many families were broken, many people lost their lives and many places became haunted, because of his cruelty.

The news of his death spread like fire. And while all this was happening, the person who did all this, was having a peaceful sleep.

Meanwhile… (somewhere in San Francisco)

“Rian, did you hear about Henry?? He’s dead. For real.” Came a voice along with running footsteps.

The man called Rian turned his back and opened his arms to his best friend Ashley and Klaus, his dear assistant who had come in running.

“Hello, my lovelies.” And he laughed hugging them both as if nothing had happened.

“Adrian, I’m serious. Henry is dead. It’s in the news.” Klaus said and Ashley turned on the news.

The news flashed:

(The biggest Drug Mafia, Henry Oswald. was found dead and almost unrecognisable due to the fire. The DNA tests proved it was Henry Oswald indeed.)

“That’s good.” Adrian said with a sigh.

“Who did it?” Adrian asked his assistant who exchanged looks with the assistant, Klaus and then replied.

“Someone called Black Rose. All of Henry’s 100 killer machine like men were killed and that too with one blow. One of our spies got the intel saying there was bouquet black roses found stuck to the main gate.” Ashley replied and Klaus nodded.

“Who is it? This Black Rose? Man, or a woman?? Any clues? Did our man managed to look at his face?” Adrian asked and both the men shook their heads in a no.

“Wears all black. A black mask. Uses a voice changer for sure. And carries a sword at the back with 2 guns. That’s all we know.” Klaus replied and Adrian scratched his chin.

“We will have to meet this guy? Get him to work for us. If he could easily kill Henry, then he sure is powerful.” Adrian told his friends.

“But we don’t know where he comes from or where he goes. He’s almost like a shadow.” Ashley told his friend.

“Okay, let’s leave it for now. What about the  consignment which was suppose to reach us today?? Why isn’t it here yet?” Adrian asked his men whose faces went pale.

“What?? Speak!!” He almost yelled at them.

“Mark. Mark Samsam. He betrayed us.” Klaus replied with his head down.

“He intercepted the consignment after it left the port. And he’s got together with the Wolverine Gang and sold it for a very high price to them.” Ashley replied.

After a while of silence, Adrian asked, “Where is he?” and both the men answered at once.

“LA.” Adrian opened his eyes.

“Get ready for LA. I will show him what it is to betray Adrian Westwood.” And he left the room.

LA was the Viper Fang’s territory. And Arthur King was the leader. Ever since he assassinated the previous leader and took the post, LA had been peaceful until Henry decided to destroy the peace. But seeing, that Henry was now dead, LA was now breathing peacefully.

“One more thing, just let Arthur know, I am coming to LA for the rat who has stolen my belongings and we don’t intend to fight or anything.” Adrian came back and told the men.

“Okay.” Was all they replied.

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