Ning Rulan sat on a moldy straw mat in the prison, her legs shackled by thick iron chains. Her red dress and sparkling pearl hairpins were a stark contrast to the gloomy prison.  

“The Eldest Imperial Princess, Ning Rulan, used her influence over the young emperor to disrupt the palace laws with her influence! Such actions must be met with severe punishment!”  

The ministers jointly petitioned and removed all her contributions while Yun Ruofeng, the man she loved deeply and held all the military power of Nanzhao, avoided meeting her. He watched dispassionately as he was escorted to the prison.

“Lan-er, I, Yun Ruofeng, will only love you in this lifetime.”

He couldn’t get those lingering words out of his mind. Gradually, her tears fell onto the straw mat like pearls from a broken necklace.

He raised his hand to wipe away the tears when the Lucky Knot accidentally slipped from his sleeve.

He picked up the Lucky Knot and looked at it in confusion. This is a sign of love between the two of them. 

The character ‘Feng’ is stitched with gold thread. This belongs to a pair of Lucky Knots. Each one was embroidered with the characters ‘Lan’ and ‘Feng’.

At this moment, the prison warden’s ill-intentioned laughter sounded. “Very smooth and soft skin. I want to know what it feels like.” 

Ning Rulan narrowed her eyes and tucked the Lucky Knot into her sleeve before coldly looking at the prison warden outside her cell.

“Usually I see you in a high position with a cold and aloof attitude. You never expected to fall into the hands of this arrogant person today, right?” The prison guard entered the prison cell and slowly walked towards Ning Rulan. 

He immediately stood up. The warden was very displeased by the look of arrogance in his eyes.

“With both your feet bound by iron chains, you won’t be able to escape! Arrogant woman, please scream to your heart’s content later. The louder your voice, the more likable this arrogant person is.” The prison guard had started to take off his trousers.

Ning Rulan narrowed her eyes. When the prison guard tried to pounce on him, despite his ankles being heavily cuffed, he swung one of his legs at the man with a kick, landing a heavy impact on his body.

The warden screamed as he fell and swallowed a mouthful of dust.

“Hah! This arrogant one will have fun with you until you die. You still dare act arrogantly as if you were the eldest imperial princess? You are nothing more than a damned woman! Even General Yun himself has given us permission to toy with you as we please!” The prison guard immediately climbed up and closed the distance between them, hitting him with the whip in his hand.

Ning Rulan raised her hand to block the whip but was unable to escape the prison warden’s continuous lashes. Soon, his clothes became disheveled.

The jailer’s eyes shone with a glint. “Only General Yun has touched the Eldest Imperial Princess’ body before right? Haha, I shall have fun with the woman of Nanzhao’s number one general tonight!”

Right afterwards, he threw himself at her.

Rip! Her shoulder was exposed, glimmering with a captivating lustre. The jailer’s improper thoughts surged forth as his saliva almost flowed out.

Ning Rulan forced herself to endure the feeling of disgust in her heart. Catching the jailer unprepared, she raised her hand to grip his neck and ferociously twisted it.

The jailer instantly stopped breathing, an expression of lust clear on his face even at his moment of demise. However, he was still lying prone on Ning Rulan when he died. Furthermore, with her rumpled clothes, it looked as if she had been bullied and humiliated.

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Ning Rulan was just about to push the jailer’s body off herself when the sharp voice of a woman could be heard. 

“Who would have thought that Nanzhao’s eldest imperial princess is currently pressed under a jailer’s body? This feeling, tsk tsk, how is it?” Her tone was filled with disdain and detestation.

Ning Rulan didn’t even need to look up to know who it was. It was her younger sister born from a different mother, the Second Imperial Princess, Ning Anlian.

“You’ll find out what it feels like once you endure it once.” The next moment, she exerted her strength to push the jailer down. She sat back down on the straw mat again before tidying up her torn dress.  

The jailer has been killed by her! Ning Anlian’s expression changed. She looked at her tussled hair again. She’s already in such a plight yet she’s still so unruffled!

Ning Anlian was inwardly upset. This is the part I hate most about her!

Arrogant and aloof. In her eyes, everyone is a nonentity!

Ning Anlian suddenly smiled and took out something from her sleeve. “I suppose that you’re rather interested in this, right?”

There was finally a ripple in Ning Rulan’s emotionless eyes. That’s the Lucky Knot! There’s a ‘Lan’ character embroidered on it!

“Yun Ruofeng tossed this away. He told me that every time he sees this Lucky Knot, it causes discomfort in his heart!” Ning Anlian smiled wantonly. She threw the Lucky Knot onto the ground and stepped on it with her right foot, grinding it into the ground with her heel. 

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Ning Rulan’s eyes widened. As she watched how the Lucky Knot was ruthlessly trampled and became a sordid lump, it felt as if her heart was enduring the same treatment.

 “Ning Rulan, I hate you! You stole everything that should have originally been mine. The person Yun Ruofeng likes is me. We have long since been with one another!” Ning Anlian had an excited look. She walked into the prison cell step by step. I want to tear Ning Rulan’s expression to shreds! 

“Have you been together for a long time?” Ning Rulan clenched her fists tightly. Maybe he didn’t save me because of the circumstances. However much power he has, it is still not enough to overcome the threat of removal of officials from the judiciary. 

He loves me. How could he possibly like Ning Anlian?

Ning Anlian walked to Ning Rulan’s side before placing a hand under her chin and forcing their eyes to meet. “For the past two years, he has been running husband and wife affairs every few days. All because of you, I can’t be with him openly and honorably! I had abortions three times! Can you understand such pain?”

 “Had three abortions.” The expression in Ning Rulan’s eyes became weak and all her strength left her body. This information completely destroyed him.

Moreover, living together, he had only kissed her twice.

“I am pregnant now. I can finally look after this child!” Ning Anlian started laughing cruelly.

The expression in Ning Rulan’s eyes became uncertain. He actually had an affair with Ning Anlian. The Yun Ruofeng I know is not like that! 

“I had abortions three times. For the sake of my three unborn children, I want you to die!” Ning Anlian bent over to pick up the whip and viciously hit Ning Rulan.

Ning Rulan’s mind was full of Yun Ruofeng. In this world, only he can destroy it. 

The whip lashed his body repeatedly. His battered and torn skin created a pitiful sight, completely satisfying Ning Anlian.

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