Caption raised his sword and voice coming from man that “who are you?” and he vanished

Its has to be it three head .its use fire ball and it coming toward me and caption jumped and saved me and he said “it surprised that we found a hydra but we cannot die here and the king was waiting for us to retain”

I don’t know why but a voice coming from my heart tell me fight . the caption was fighting and He inspired for it. i wanted to save people who support me from child i don’t have parent but people that they help me i will save them from being sacrifice. So i have to do it and i fighting for them people who support and people in the kingdom fight till my die and i raised my sword and enchanting( As i know that hydra scales are too strong) when the caption cut the half of hydra head i use my sword and cut off hydra half head( It was hard even the caption cut its half head )

And after i was exchaused from it but i can support the caption .he fighting like flash of light Its seem to be enjoying and when caption stop and see me he tell “Formation areal” And I distracted the hydra and give some time the caption to use his skill and i distracted the hydra

the hydra was charging for this flamethrower at me at the time i see the caption power as he flawless cut the head of hydra(one remaining) and the blood was flatting here and there and we have to cut only one head to kill this and caption used formation areal (that he charging his move(skill) that time i call the devil sacifice demon and offer in return it give areal that blow from the sky) and head cut and everything seen end

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At that time the reality was changing suddenly the hydra has three head and the caption was laid to death and and i was stand with leg even cannot walk and the hydra coming toward me. I thought i really going to die and my life its over but something in me talk to me that “You sure want to die” and the hydra hit and i saw a open mouth to eat me and i thought that it was my end i like to say good bye to people who support in me. And voice coming from inside of me telling “keep fighting ,keep fighting ……..” is Like the holy sword talking to me.

And i use my energy to one last sword Dance amd i use the sword to cut his head i cut it and felt to the ground and i managed to stand up and hydra was before me with 2 head that i can really cut but my life was going to over that i know for sure

Suddenly the caption voice “you are not going to die her man wake up”

Then I see the caption before me i was laying in the mountain before the palace and caption was not death and behind me the boy who was in the top to hydra was there. I raised my sword to attack him and he block with single hand and the caption tell me to not to fight that he was not our enemy

He was the guardien to test the human before entering into the mountain to test our heart because people with low strength in there heart are easy killed by suffering and prevented the human to entre the mountain we passed that test we can entre and we are fighters was just the illusion of hydra boy look at me said you quite good at fighting and weilder of devil holy sword please be careful with it (And in the world that he know that only the persist and draf who fought this sword this ) and how you know this i said to the boy he(boy) said “just observing you” and also said “i am sorry for the illusion it to test your truth” and he appearer as the kind of age 17 to 18 and i surprised me also the same age and surprised by him how he used that kind of illusion magic . And after he talk

(And finally we see the main protagonist of the light novel ) and boy in the mountain introduce him as shin he was only human in the mountain in the funny way I ask the shin that he was one who defected the knight boot in river of Verona and he answered yes and i (shin) also sense a powerful suffering appear there again and the adventures are join to fight that so i leave to them

you(caption)and adventures defeated that and the caption ask the shin that he know where the queen of mountain live and he said that she gone to Table of fate she never came back her and she became the permanent member of Table of fate (the permanent member are the soul of the of the person )and i said “so we come here but she is not her and how we going to solve the issue How we are going solve the issue ? And the knight cried

we travel here for 3 days and the caption ask the shin that there is anyway that we can see here

shin said only way to see her is today the queen will appear in celestial form and we can speak with her

we must hurry to the top of the mountain before the full moon coming up and they started there journey and cross the rocky path and climb the rock as it was the short cut and during his when they climb up to the top He ask here what happen to the kingdom and they were surprised that how he know that as he said that they were good in fighting and there spirt at level at caption and he the kid was knight he was so young to be and he figure it out and the caption reveal the truth before they tell about the mysterious aura it was the time the moon coming up and before they saw a grave of the queen it was very beautiful and moon linage with it.

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