Chapter 1: The Supporting Male Lead’s Awakening – The Female Lead’s Tool

“Brother Shi, I’m pregnant.”

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The moment Shi Qing regained consciousness, his face twisted in puzzlement upon hearing those words.   

He was in a private booth; the environment was quiet, and he was sitting across the table from a woman. Obviously, the words he had just heard came from her.

Shi Qing was still unsure of the situation, and his eyes darted around in confusion. He quickly contacted the system in his consciousness.

“System, what’s going on?”

“Host, rest assured, the child is not yours.”

Shi Qing stared in disbelief.

“Then what does she mean by telling me this?”

The system was a bit embarrassed.”Maybe she wants you to help raise the child…

Shi Qing was silent for a moment, then quickly put on an indifferent expression and said to the woman, “It’s not my child. Why are you telling me this?”

“I-I was lied to. He doesn’t want me anymore, and I want to have the baby. Brother Shi, can you help me?”

“How can I help you?”

“I want to leave this place.” The woman’s voice trembled, her pitifulness palpable.

Shi Qing remained unmoved. “Oh.”

The atmosphere fell into an awkward silence for a moment.

“Um… about that, the host should probably accept the scenario first.”

As soon as the system finished speaking, it sent the scenario to Shi Qing, who silently read it.

This was a world taken from a novel.

The scenario mainly revolved around a substitute who would defeat the white moonlight, become the cinnabar mole of the male lead, and eventually live happily ever after with the male lead in an extremely melodramatic story.

The male lead was Jiang Ruchuan, and the female lead was Qiao Xingwan.

The male lead, Jiang Ruchuan, had an exceptionally good childhood friend, Xu Nianxi. Their families were of similar social status, and they had grown up together since childhood.

Xu Nianxi had been his secret crush since childhood, and in college, after Jiang Ruchuan’s relentless pursuit, they finally started dating.

But good things never last forever. After graduation, Jiang Ruchuan had to take over the family business, while Xu Nianxi chose to study abroad to pursue her dreams; the two parted ways after realizing they could not reconcile their differences.

But Jiang Ruchuan could not forget Xu Nianxi. One year later, at a cocktail party, he unexpectedly saw a woman who resembled Xu Nianxi – Qiao Xingwan.

So he developed the idea of raising a substitute and proposed to Qiao Xingwan, offering to sponsor her financially and she refused.   

Later, problems arose in the Qiao family business, and Jiang Ruchuan used this as leverage. If Qiao Xingwan agreed to be his mistress, he would help the Qiao family, and she agreed.

In Jiang Ruchuan’s eyes, the problems were nothing, and with his help, the Qiao family business quickly recovered from its financial troubles.

As time passed, Qiao Xingwan gradually fell in love with Jiang Ruchuan, and Jiang Ruchuan unknowingly took the kind and sweet Qiao Xingwan into his heart.

But fate plays tricks on people. Just as things were settling down, Xu Nianxi returned, bringing with her newfound fame and confidence.

After Xu Nianxi’s return, Jiang Ruchuan discovered that he still couldn’t forget his first love, so he broke off relations with Qiao Xingwan. No amount of pleading or begging could change his mind.

At the same time, Jiang Ruchuan began to shower Xu Nianxi with care and attention, rekindling their old flame. Meanwhile, he  sometimes thought of Qiao Xingwan.

Months later, the Jiang and Xu families planned an engagement ceremony. At the reception, Qiao Xingwan appeared in a small white dress, looking pitiful as she accused Jiang Ruchuan of cruelty and playing with her feelings. Fortunately, she was taken away before she could disrupt the ceremony.

A few days later, a discouraged Qiao Xingwan unexpectedly discovered that she was pregnant. Thinking that the child was innocent and was her last hope, she wanted to keep it, so she left the country with her childhood friend Shi Qing.

Years later, Qiao Xingwan became the largest shareholder of SZ Company, which owned several popular games at the time, and returned to the country with her four-year-old genius baby, Qiao Xiaoyu.

Once, Qiao Xiaoyu got lost and was found by Jiang Ruchuan, who was struck by how similar the child’s face was to his own when he was young. On a whim, he decided to take a DNA test, which revealed Qiao Xingwan’s secret of keeping the child.

What followed was a series of entanglements between the three of them.

Why three? The third person was, of course, Xu Nianxi, who had married Jiang Ruchuan a few years ago. As his wife, when she saw her husband’s mistress and illegitimate child being accepted into the family, she was naturally furious.

Later, when Jiang Ruchuan and Qiao Xingwan became involved, the three of them had many conflicts.

Caught between the elegant and powerful Xu Nianxi and the playful and cute Qiao Xingwan, Jiang Ruchuan finally chose the latter and divorced Xu Nianxi.

The Xu and Jiang families became mortal enemies.

After falling out with the Xu family, Jiang Ruchuan caused their downfall, along with that of the Shi family, whom he also disliked.

Xu Nianxi fled the country in disgrace, and Shi Qing also left quietly.

In the end, Jiang Ruchuan married Qiao Xingwan, and her son was the flower boy at their grand wedding.

The lovers were finally together.

“So, am I now the unlucky male supporting character who toils for the female lead, raises the male lead’s wife and child, and is eventually ruined by the male lead, unable to meet a good end?”

“Yes, host.

Shi Qing: …

Shi Qing’s face darkened as he looked at the task. It was a male secondary character awakening and revenge task, but at least it didn’t require him to continue being an unlucky character!

Shi Qing carefully checked the memories of the supporting male lead.

The supporting male lead, Shi Yun, was the youngest son of the Shi family. When he was young, he was cute and well-behaved, and as the baby of the family, he was very spoiled.

His family spoiled him and granted his every wish. With an older brother to rely on, he didn’t have any responsibilities and lived a carefree life.

When he was ten years old, Shi Yun’s parents died in a car accident. Many people who had been friendly and kind to them suddenly changed their attitudes overnight, as they all wanted a piece of the massive and leaderless Shi Corporation.

Amidst the difficulties caused by the various shareholders and the scheming relatives, Shi Yun’s older brother, Shi Yan, stood alone at the forefront, bearing all the hardships and pressure to protect Shi Yun.

The Shi family used to be neighbors with the Qiao family, and Shi Yun and Qiao Xingwan attended the same kindergarten and often played together.

Later, as the Shi family’s business expanded, they moved away. They met again in college, and Shi Yun, remembering their childhood friendship, took good care of Qiao Xingwan.

Later, Qiao Xingwan approached him and told him that she was pregnant, but refused to reveal the father’s identity, saying only that she had been deceived.

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Seeing her pitiful condition, Shi Yun, under the influence of the plot, agreed to take her abroad on a whim.

After going abroad, Qiao Xingwan was often depressed, and Shi Yun took care of her tirelessly. Later, he even provided her with financial support and technical expertise, and helped her set up a business and take care of the child.

Their relationship gradually became ambiguous, and in the midst of Shi Yun’s silent devotion, Qiao Xingwan always seemed touched. She said, “Brother Shi Qing, give me some time. After I forget him, I will be with you.”

However, after she returned to their country, Qiao Xingwan changed her attitude. She said, “Brother Shi Qing, I have realized that I still don’t like you. I can’t deceive you. If I were to be with you, it wouldn’t be fair to you. You’re a good person, and you’ll always be my brother.

So, after meeting Jiang Ruchuan, Shi Yun decided to give up.

Under the control of the power of the plot, Shi Yun accepted all this, thinking that maybe they were fated, but not destined, to be together.

Later, the male lead targeted the Shi family’s company, catching them off guard and ultimately leading to their defeat. The Shi family had no choice but to file for bankruptcy in court.

This could be seen as a business competition, and Shi Yun only blamed himself for not being capable enough, implicating his family. His brother and sister-in-law knew that it was because he had insulted Jiang Ruchuan that he had retaliated against them, and they didn’t blame him.

After the Shi family’s company went bankrupt, they didn’t have much money left, but they were still better off than ordinary people and could live a carefree life, even if it wasn’t as luxurious as before.

Both Shi Yun and his brother were capable people, and it wasn’t impossible for them to make a comeback. In the face of Jiang Ruchuan’s oppression in Haishi, they decided to start over in another city.

Shi Yun thought that this was the worst that could happen, but he never imagined that Jiang Ruchuan would go to such extremes.

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