Chapter 136- Forming the Eastguard Republic Part 1

Luke heard KMega6KMegacharacter and Astrid7Astridcharacter’s story. The two were normally not selfish according to rumor, but hearing the two now, he couldn’t help but laugh. He could clearly see why Eastguard had become a republic. The man, the hero, that saved the country did so only because he was looking for his friend. A man of morals, conviction and determination, he lacked drive for personal political power.

After a moment, Luke decided, “ I want to save my people. It is plain as your wife is a dragon4dragonspecies, that Southguard and, in fact, all the other union states are no more. We must unite as one people as none of us can survive alone. None of us have enough people to do otherwise. While we squandered the gifts of the gods on our personal desires, you and your fellow people of Eastguard have been rebuilding and preparing for the next war.” (Luke)

Luke looked away. “I am not sure that I am worthy of your trust.” (Luke)

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KMega sighed, “Militarily, Eastguard is in a decent position, but politically, we are in turmoil. We have no trade partners, no national reserves, no well-functioning government. The people have little to no trust in the monarch and nobles. I as a commoner knight, in part, became a cause of this.” (KMega)

KMega glanced at Astrid. “As you know, I am a traveling soul who was taken in by a common knight. I have draconic ancestry, and my wife is a dragon as well. I am a blessed knight that has the attention of the gods, and I am a champion of the people whose actions speak volumes.” (KMega)

KMega then glumly rested his face in his hands. “It is starting to go beyond my abilities.” (KMega)

KMega then took out a notebook; it was the fort’s financial ledger.


Luke, being a prince, was educated enough to see KMega’s intelligence in how he managed the numbers. Every few pages would list a revised worth of products traded that week. While Eastguard had an ample food supply, because of the losses in the war, medicine, woodworks, and stoneworks were sparse while leather goods were in surplus. The money KMega invested in the fort from his own pocket equaled a national annual budget if not more. Added with lax taxes and colossal military spending, KMega was broke. He had even paid IRL money to keep things afloat. Yirk and Astrid helping only delayed the problems. Yirk trained the army personally, which saved them from having to find an instructor. As for Astrid, she distributed collected goods as pay for the soldiers.

“So, you want me to become a general?” (Luke)

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KMega nodded. “I want to retire from being a commander. I will still serve as a knight, but I also have duties in my wife’s brood now. Through trade with the Dark Sky dragon brood, at the cost of wine and other luxuries, we can acquire financing. And because someone had fun with a grand total of thirty-nine ladies…” (KMega)

Lazar swallowed hard behind KMega.

“I am expecting a population of draconians to soon appear. That being said, more of the Dark Sky brood will also be appearing to observe the human lands to determine whether investments in the lands would yield promising returns. Should they choose to invest in us, we would probably establish a defensive alliance: when their homes need defending, we would answer the call.” (KMega)


Just as KMega said that, a noble of the Northern reaches of Eastguard spoke for the first time, “Yes, the financial gains from rebuilding will easily pay off future debts. The two dragon kin have made things very good for us so far.” (???)

Luke turned to the voice and found a rather well-built elderly man. He was well-dressed and three gold rings with different gems adorned his left hand.

“I’m senator Direrevia Tonewell. The senate representative for the northern region. As soon as I heard of your arrival, I came right over.” (Direrevia)

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