Chapter 197- The Event Quest Everyone Does Wrong Part 4

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KMega6KMegacharacter only made three rotations before he came to a complete stop. The entire building was less than a quarter of a foot shorter and counting as he started regressing into his human form.  Pictures and statues started hitting the floor in the room he was in and in several other locations. However, he stayed completely still as he kept a watchful on the roof, making sure he had an escape route in case the building collapsed.

The wall collapsed and the roof became a ramp blocking normal access to the building.

“I may have overdone it.” (KMega)

While he was standing around thinking about his next move, he heard footsteps from the entrance on the other side of the hall he was in.

“Kieser!” (KMega)

Just as the name escaped his lips, KMega noticed a fully armored black knight with a very similar appearance. KMega sobered up from his surprise and put away his greatsword before equipping his sword and shield, just like what Kieser had.

He then went into a ready to strike stance and used ‘Eye of the Future’ to find out his stats.

Name(s)- Keiser (Hidden), Subject 136

Level- 211

Main Class- Demon Knight

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Secondary Class(es)- Slave

HP- ???/???

MP- ???/???

Strength- ~1783

Agility- ~1112

Endurance- ~1487

Intelligence- ~1014

Wisdom- ~867

Charisma- ~53

Luck- ~30

Titles: ???

Skills: ???

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From KMega’s experience, the ‘~’ means within ten points. This means Keiser is relatively near his level in stats, but he was over ten levels higher since KMega was only Level 198 at the moment. Kieser then suddenly charged at him and their swords and shields collided against each other.

After an hour of swordplay, the two finally broke from their clash; KMega was panting really hard and his sword and shield were broken and shattered.

Even though he had just half of his HP, Kieser was in a similar state.

They were only a few feet away from each other so they could catch their breath. Both of them then grabbed their greatswords at the same time, but KMega removed his helmet to reveal the ‘Drake Fang Memento’ around his neck. Kieser removed his helmet as well to show a similar necklace. Confirming that he was the teenage youth that he was looking for, KMega sighed with relief.
“I knew it was you, little brother. Let us end this foolishness so you can go home.” (KMega)

However, contrary to what KMega was hoping for, the response he got was a demonic screech. The demon then went into a cleave stance, causing KMega to sigh as he got into his as well.

Black energy started swirling and surrounding Kieser. The demon he was under contract with was putting everything it had in its next attack. Upon seeing this, KMega started charging up his cleave attack with tension and magic. The power of holy and fire magic enveloped the Dragonborn blade in a fury like no other. Once they were at their peak, the two moved in unison. Keiser unleashed the full might of a humans’ body under a demon’s influence.

However, KMega dropped his sword and spread his arms like an eagle as he closed his eyes and said, “Brother, it doesn’t matter if I die, as long as you live.” (KMega)

As his words escaped his lips, Kieser’s greatsword cleaved into KMega’s chest.

[You have deliberately taken a powerful and deadly blow. You have refused the activation of skills and titles to preserve your life.]

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