Chapter 57: Wingbeat

Five days later


Erik sighed as the morning winds blew past his lengthening golden hair, watching from the keep’s parapet walk and down at one side of the Dark Citadel’s city streets below.

He watched as his Dark Elves began a new life within the city, families coming in and out of actual homes, guards roaming the streets, traders even coming with their own families from hidden villages all around the Sinbeni desert.

Word of the Dragon Empire’s siege on Abu Katra had gone far and wide these past five days.

Yet whilst the streets seemed peaceful, Erik knew the tension which lingered, he could see it on the faces of each of his children.

Abu Katra had yet to send out a single slave, instead the Sinbeni capital had barricaded itself inside the walls, raising several magical barriers whilst siege equipment of each kind was prepared onto the walls themselves.

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Seeing such as he walked around the keep, the pulsating sphere of dark blue magic surrounding the entire city ahead.

Fools.” Erik hissed in annoyance.

It’ll be their own destruction.” Makaela mused in elven as she suddenly appeared behind him, leaning under one of his wings and into his arm. Erik showed no reaction, simply continuing to stare off at the enemy.

Makaela’s gaze fell to his other wing, as it lay dragging on the floor behind him, his scales turning from white to a dark violet whilst the golden netting gained further patches of black with each passing day. Her eyes moving to his face, scales there too turning purple whilst strands of his golden hair gained a tinge of black.

Most worrisome though was Erik’s left eye, as tendrils of black formed out of the side, growing closer and closer to the deep draconic blue iris.

You look worse with each day that passes,” Makaela mused, “Why won’t you let us gather the healers? You’re sick Erik, we can’t just leave you like this…

Erik chuckled weakly, “This is no sickness, I’ve already told you, no healer will even comprehend this. Only I can save myself now, and if I’m not strong enough to…So be it.

Makaela sighed softly, “I beg to disagree,” she said pulling away from him. “If no healer can help you, and if only your own strength can, then you wouldn’t mind coming to meet with our newest visitor?

Erik’s eyes turned to her, “Visitor? Who and where?

I’ve left them to wait in the throne room, they expect you there. As for who, I’m sure you’ll understand.” Makaela said with a nervous smile.

I said no visitors, not while I look…like this. The pe-” He began to chide, but was cut off.

It is for your own damn good, also it isn’t anyone who would undermine you by your looks alone.” Makaela chided him back, “Do you not trust my judgement?” and finding no place to argue the growling dragon thought it wiser to simply back off.

Fine…General.” He sighed, turning to walk inside after which Makaela followed him. “I hold my right to disintegrate any offender though.” Erik grumbled as they reached the stairs.

“But of course~” Makaela giggled in amusement, turning by the stairs and walking through the long hallway, reaching then the closed white doors.

Erik moved to open them with his hands, but as he did pitch black veins grew about his arms, filling him with pain. He backed away, a flash of darkness filling his eyes as he did. “No,” he said to Makaela as she moved to help him, raising his hand towards the doors they then slowly creaked open on their own.

Revealing within five individuals, four of which he recognised but…

As Erik and Makaela walked in, he saw Nerick and Kayle talking with Alan, next to which Ivyieth hung onto a beautifully cold woman with long crystalline blue hair and bright cyan eyes.

Draconic, cyan eyes.

The excitement of both Ivyieth and the woman dying down as each turned to gaze at a sickly looking Erik. His own darkening blue eyes meeting the woman’s, it took him several moments to realise who stood before him.

I see you’ve finally gained your wings, Erikathyr.” The woman said in Draconic.

Although fate wishes to rob me of them still.” Erik mused back, “How long has it been Findri? It feels like an eon has passed since I watched you gain yours so quickly.

Findri chuckled, “My master was your brother, after all, Ziethei the Sun Dragon, my it truly has been a while hasn’t it?

“I had heard that you’d returned,” Erik switched to speaking in common, “What happened?”

Findri’s smile faltered as he asked so, “Grim brought me back, as it did with both you and Alandru. But, only days after that, the God of Death stopped communing with me. I am unsure why, but I was left lost in this new world, alone. I was found by Alandru’s child, the adventurer’s guild and met with him through there. A week ago though, I received a message from your…” She glanced at Makaela, “General, that you’d fallen sickly.”

Findri then glanced over Erik and the colours which corrupted his body. “Fate truly is cruel…and here we thought you had already been corrupted before.” She said as her sorrowful gaze met his darkening eyes.

“I was not corrupted before,” Erik said with a sigh, “Those were just ramblings of those old fools from my clan…No, I wasn’t corrupted. I was possessed by a Devil’s ilk. So do not blame yourself, neither of you.” He said, glancing between both Findri and Alan.

“Corrupted?” Makaela repeated, anxious to learn what was happening to Erik.

“Even we…Dragons, know little of it.” Erik admitted, “All I know, is that when corruption begins, it is fully up to that Dragon’s strength of body and will to retain their sanity.”

“That…simply put is the truth.” Findri sighed as she stared at Erik’s dragging wing with sadness. “I…studied this affliction deeply, and that is the only conclusion I was able to come up with myself.”

“Studied?” Erik repeated in question, a raised brow as he stared down at Findri.

Who’s expression gained a blush from being stared at, “I…Uh, when I heard that you were corrupted I delved into our history and studies of our biology and arcanology to find or make a cure…”

Makaela, keen as she was, noticed the Ice Dragon’s expression. “But…you failed?” she said scornfully.

Watching then as Findri’s shouldered suddenly began to tremble, and her gaze fell to the floor. Frost began to form all around the Dragon as Alan suddenly moved to try and comfort her.

Makaela, Nerick, Kayle and Ivyieth all backed away, expecting this Dragon to explode with fury at being called out on failure…

But instead, they watched, as icicle-like tears began streaming out of Findri’s eyes.

The Ice Dragon suddenly burst into tears, “I-I did! I-I’m sorry!” sniffling and apologising while Alan held her by the shoulders trying to calm her down.

“I-It’s alright! She didn’t…” Alan glanced at Makaela, “She didn’t mean it like that!” he lied, he knew that she did…

Erik sighed at the sight, stepping forth to stand before Findri as she wept and shook. Grasping her chin with his two fingers, Erik forced her to face his narrow cold eyes. “And here I thought you had become this Cold Queen of the Ice Clan I’d heard so much about, yet, you have not changed one bit. Have you, little weeping drake Findri?

Findri’s tears faltered as did her sniffling, her cold expression freezing onto Erik’s. Alan glared at him from behind the entire time though, annoyance filling the hero.

Erik smirked just as Findri’s foot found perch onto his right knee, kicking him before suddenly turning away. “Hmph, only master called me that! Pompous twerp Erikathyr.” She said, giving him her back as a redness filled her face.

“Ah…” Erik’s expression immediately turned to annoyance at the sound of those titles, his grin turning to a grimace too as his knee burned with pain, “Yeah…I guess I haven’t changed much either from back then?” His expression turning to amusement as he watched Findri break down into tears once more.

Turning to him, her quivering expression now drenched, “You…You’ll beat this right?”

Erik chuckled weakly, “I’ve only ever been beaten once,” he mused glancing at Alan, “Yet here I still stand.” He said as he placed his hand over Findri’s forehead, ruffling her crystalline yet soft hair.

Alan continued to glare at Erik with hidden annoyance the entire time, at this moment Ivyieth was looking at this gesture with some jealousy as well…Makaela on the other hand, was murderously staring daggers at Findri.

Nerick and Kayle stood away from the entire awkward scene, Kayle trying her best not to break out laughing.

Findri though stood frozen, the only one meeting the Dark Elf’s glare, as a shiver of cold strangely crawled up the Ice Dragon’s back. Findri then pulled back, fixing her hair as her gaze lay on the ground, “I-I’m sorry, I can’t help you…”

“You should know above all, I’m not so easy to kill.” Erik said, chuckling when he saw Ivyieth’s pleading expression as she now stood next to him and on her toes. “Ah, you two have met already I presume?” He said, patting the little drake’s head next, who’s expression filled with joy and glee at the gesture.

“Yes! Elder Sister was telling me of things Fae could not!” Ivyieth exclaimed with excitement.

Erik smiled weakly, “Well, you’re both free to stay for as long as you wish, I’m afraid the scenery won’t remain as peaceful as now for much longer though.”

“Actually, we can’t stay.” Alan now spoke as he came to stand before Erik…and between him and Findri. “There’s another reason we decided to come.”

“Hm? Druvia?” Erik guessed as he met the hero’s hardened gaze.

“Druvia has shared many resources with you, from food, materials and equipment. You asked for a lot, and the King approved it.” Alan said as his narrowed eyes met the Dragon’s calm stare. “We now ask for something in return. I know you’re busy sieging Abu Katra, but the Orcs grow restless, they must be assaulting our border as we speak. We cannot hold them on our own, there’s too many and more keep coming.”

Erik’s gaze moved to Findri, “And since I cannot even sense your presence, I’m guessing you’re still unrecovered to do much?”

Findri silently nodded in response.

“We’ve tried contacting the Jotunn, Findri’s children, but they are too hard to find without her magic.” Alan then said, “Erik, anything you can give us we will appreciate, but we need something.”

“Indeed, I cannot overlook the Orc’s invasion any longer it seems.” Erik sighed, (“Mostly because it is probably spearheaded by the Pact from the shadows…”) He thought, having seen no movement by Azkel’s people anywhere around Sinbeni in several weeks.

Glancing at Nerick, “Is it ready?” Erik asked.

Nerick suddenly stood at attention, his inhumanly tall form looming over everybody else. “My men have been ready for deployment since last month, it’s ready.”

Erik nodded with a smirk, “Very well, the Dragon Empire will send reinforcements to aid Druvia as a show of friendship and strengthening of our alliance.” He said, turning to Alan and Findri. “No point in you travelling all the way back either, I’ll just send you with them.”

“And who…might be them?” Alan asked as he glanced between Erik and Nerick, then noticing the wyvern cub was nowhere to be seen. “What is ready?

Erik chuckled at that question, “Nerick, show them to the roost.” He said, gesturing at the open doorway.

Watching as Nerick led Alan and Findri out, Ivyieth then rushing after Findri before they left.

“How fares the border?” Erik asked Kayle, who at the question, had her eyes shift to a white void.

“The battle began yesterday, the forts are holding but not for long.” Kayle mused, her eyes shifting back to normal right after.

“I see, keep me informed.” Erik told her.

And after nodding in acknowledgement, Kayle left as well.

“Makaela, make sure everyone is ready, this siege is about to reach its climax.” He then said, turning to a distracted Xilfir as she stared after Findri and Ivyieth, lightly ruffling her own hair.

“Makaela?” Erik said once more with a raised brow.

“Ah-Y-Yes, it shall be done.” She answered abruptly, looking flustered as she dissipated into shadow.

Erik sighed at the sight, raising his right hand then at the open doors he willed them to close.

Feeling as the blackness filled his arms once more, dark veins of energy growing under his skin as pain filled him.

The doors closed, but Erik was left gasping for breath and on his knees. “Hah…” He chuckled weakly as he rose back up, limping onwards towards his throne, the Dragon King collapsed into it.

It seems as, the Spirits have abandoned me.” Erik mused, watching as the dark veins slowly receded.

Then suddenly clenching his hand into a fist, “Or…have I abandoned them?…Haha~

Ivyieth led the charge through the castle and then city streets, enthusiastically showing Findri around while Nerick and Alan followed.

“I thought Dragons matured very early on…” Alan whispered as he watched the young Drakon lead Findri by the arm.

“I don’t think that affects their personalities.” Nerick chuckled, “That one’s a headache and a half.”

“Right, like they all aren’t.” Alan mused, chuckling too before being cut off.

Both of them suddenly felt something entangle around their legs, before feeling the street’s hard stone meet their faces. Nerick and Alan groaned as they rose back to their feet, watching as two vines disappeared into the ground behind them.

“You two alright?” Findri asked as she turned to them, hearing them fall.

“Humans should watch where they step~” Ivyieth said with a giggle as she hung off Findri’s arm, a wicked smile on her little face. “Come Elder sister, the roost is right this way!” She then said with excitement, pulling Findri away as the older Dragon simply smiled and followed.

“I think I can garner what you meant…” Alan grumbled as he dusted himself off.

“No…Try three months of that.” Nerick said, halfway between a smile and a grimace.

Then continuing to follow the mischievous drake, through the dark yet beautifully ornate streets of the Dark Citadel, until finally they reached the building simply called ‘The Roost’.

A newer construction amongst the many buildings of the citadel, yet none of them looked any older than it. Three times the thickness of a common single floor home, the tower called ‘The Roost’ rose almost half as high as the mountain which held the citadel’s keep.

Alan and Findri straining their necks to look up at it, as several hundred of massive windows riddled every side of its many floors.

“Her-” Nerick tried to say but Ivyieth pinching his leg cut him off.

“Here we are then!” She said enthusiastically, disappearing from the Lord’s side and reappearing clinging onto Findri. “The Roost!” she said, ending her words just as a growling roar bellowed out of the building’s entrance. Sending each of their hairs flowing back.

Followed, by a cacophony of shrieks throughout the tower.

As out of the large open entrance stepped out a looming reptilian beast, slowly prowling forth on all fours as the dark-blue wings on its front legs lay spread wide. Its long curved talons cracking the stone it walked on as it approached them. Its blackish scales shuddering as it suddenly rose its full height, its wicked tail then looming over its back like a scorpion taking a defensive stance.

Ivara’s green eyes widened at the sight of Nerick, stepping forth she suddenly roared out ferociously right into his face.

Sending both Nerick’s and Alan’s hair rushing back as they were drenched in saliva.

When, Nerick suddenly grabbed the wyvern by the green spike which grew out of her chin, pulling her head down and suddenly slamming her entire body to the ground which shook and shattered. Alan and Findri lost their balance then, both falling back onto their asses as they stared at this feat if insane strength by Nerick.

“You wanna play Ivara?” Nerick asked, and the massive wyvern which earlier seemed like a ferocious beast, now nodded excitedly as she licked the hand which held her down. “Alright,” Nerick said with a grin as he let go of her, “Gather the rest then, we’re going out on a field trip.”

Tongue still limply hanging out, Ivara rose back to her feet before growling back several times at the dim doorway behind her.

Alan and Findri’s eyes widened at what they saw inside.

“Let me grab my gear,” Nerick said as he walked inside, followed by the now fully grown Ivara, “We’ll be there by nightfall.”


Only allowed on

Southern Border

Fort Swain


Sol stared out into the canyon ahead, watching from the fortress’s highest tower as snow continued to fall all around him. It was winter in Druvia, and that only made everything so much harder for his people.

As he watched men and women, soldiers, mercenaries and adventurers running about the inside of the fort.

Preparing for the third assault this week…

Sol glanced to either side of the canyon’s walls, many of the towers built into this terrain had already fallen and it was now time for the main wall to take the hit. Clenching his hands over the stone, he felt the piercing cold delve through his armour and needle his skin.

“Here they come,” Kai, the adventurer’s guildmaster said as he stood nearby his King.

“This will be it,” said an elf nearby, the duke of western Druvia and Elven King, Ta’Lai Fae’er. “This clash will decide it all.” Glancing back at the rest of the gathered dukes behind him.

“Indeed it will!” Exclaimed a burly dwarf with excitement, one of the many dwarven lords present, pulling himself up to see over the tower’s stone fencing. “Aye the bastards brought it all this time around!” He mused, watching as the Orcin forces just now stepped into view.

Forming at the canyon’s entrance, an army of large green-skinned warriors marched out of either side, hundreds upon hundreds of Orcs armed with thick white furry armour and jagged iron weaponry. The enemy filled the canyon’s entrance, alongside many goblin packs who went unseen amongst the horde of Orcs…Other creatures also stepped into view.

Ten times taller than any Orc, the burly beast-like humanoids groaned and growled as they slowly moved into the canyon. Large hairy bodies riddled with bulging muscles, hair green manes surrounding their pointed features. These monsters were almost half as tall as the walls which Sol stood on, giving him the shivers as they began approaching although still outside of their range.

Their long arms dragging on the snow behind them as they walked, dragging with long hook-like claws covered in a greenish moss.

One of the Trolls bellowed, a guttural roar which shook many a warrior within the walls, followed by the bellows of the rest. Making them all wish they were elsewhere entirely.

Sol watched as fear filled his people, many freezing in their steps to stare at the greenish goliaths.

“The people require your words, milord.” Archduke Drew said as he rested his hand over Sol’s shoulder.

The young boy nodded, “They do, but how can I speak when even my own throat is frozen in fear at this sight?”

Drew felt Sol trembling beneath his grasp, the young King had seen many days of war so far yet still he was unused to what was to come.

“Fear is good,” Henry grumbled as the general suddenly came to stand with them, handing an armful of scrolls to his retainer. “It means you ain’t underestimating the enemy. Fear is your friend in war, it keeps you alive sire. But don’t let that fear devour you whole now.”

Kai chuckled, “Yes, and if I may speak some words of encouragement sire. And as much as it pains me to repeat these words…My father once said, bravery isn’t fearlessness.” The half-elf said leaned forward onto the railing, staring off at the approaching army with a grin. “Bravery is pulling yourself through the pile of s*** which is fear, it is the will to keep moving forward even when you are truly afraid.”

“Maybe he should be giving this speech and not me.” The King mused.

“Well I’m afraid that he is unavailable, as usual.” Grumbled Elena, the guild’s overseer.

“Then you all leave me with no choice…” Sol sighed, stepping back from the railing as his eyes suddenly glowed a fierce gold.

(“Lord, give me strength.”) Sol thought, feeling as the draconic energy surged through his body.

Everyone’s eyes then widening at the sudden sight of magic from their King, watching in surprise as he suddenly rose into the air and hovered forwards and off the tower’s side.

Fear not, warriors of today.” Sol exclaimed, his voice reverberating throughout the fortress. “The enemy lays ahead, outnumbering us, within their favoured terrain and with monsters beyond our own physical strength at their side. Yet, fear not.” He took a deep breath. “For we are Druvian. We survived two waves of monsters which rose from the very depths of hell. We fought off a Devil twice. And these green-skinned fools have nought of hell’s power!

Again, Sol took a deep breath. “We are Druvian. Humans, Elves and Dwarves joined together under one flag, one name and one people. For those people, for that name and for that flag tonight we fight.” He said, staring ahead as the sun slowly descended beneath the horizon. “Two sides clash tonight, be it if we fall and fail…” He gestured forwards, his booming voice suddenly going quiet.

I am the king’s fist.” As Sol began to chant just how Pyra had taught him, “The thunder which bellows in the night. The lightning which shines bright through the day. Lord, one who I would call master, lend me your strength! For I am your Chosen. Draconic School; Custom Cast; Solarion!” Sol whispered the chant, as golden energy rushed out of his body to engulf him.

Be it if we fall and fail tonight!” He continued to speak to his people, as he shone above them like a newly risen sun. “For our country, for our homes, for our families! These Orcs! Even if they defeat us today! I swear they will not make it a single step beyond this wall! For even if we fall! Even if we all fall today! Face forwards my soldiers, for we are but a single bastion in the way. So even if we die, there will be a tomorrow! And as long as there is tomorrow then there are those who will fight tomorrow! So let us fight! To make way for the warriors of tomorrow! For Druvia!” Sol exclaimed, just as the first volley of boulders and rubble bashed into the fortress’s walls.

Trolls from beyond heaving up large objects before suddenly lobbing them forth with the strength of a catapult, as Orcs and Goblins all around them charged.

A flood of green and white flowed towards their walls, more and more charging into the canyon’s entrance, seemingly a never-ending horde of Orcin.

Sol willed himself to land at the first wall, raising his hands forwards alongside many more mages as a barrier of blue mana slowly rose before them. Suddenly turning gold as he joined them, the barrier engulfed the entire wall and all its residents, now blocking every single projectile the Trolls lobbed forwards.

He stared through the barrier as the enemy charged towards them, a wave of magic then suddenly rising from within the horde.

A dark cloud of black magic bubbled out of the Orcin army, as standing out amongst the many warriors, a cloaked Orc rose to hover above them all.

Empowered, our bloodline surges forth, animalistic and elegant like our ancestors of old! Rise, rise, oh hungry and bold! Rise my brethren for death we court! Dark Arts; Necrotic Arcana; Undying Strength!

Winug grinned widely as he chanted, facing the young King whilst tendrils of dark green energy flowing out of his own body before several suddenly struck down like lightning upon a mass of his own people.

Filling each Orc within distance of the explosion of magic with a dark green energy, growing veins of black all over as their bodies suddenly expanded and grew, their eyes going pitch black. Growling and salivating like animals now, the affected Orcs continued their charge forwards, now standing twice the height of their other brethren.

Sol grimaced, watching as the Orcs now entered firing range, his archers sent a rain of arrows upon them. All the while ballistae and cannons fired volley after volley, massacring Orc after Orc…Yet more kept coming.

Blindly they Orcin charged forward, through hails of arrows and cannon fire, stepping over their own dead even to reach the looming wall of stone and iron.

Reaching it bloodily and finally, ladders began to rise along the tall wall, hooks began to appear along the fencing, and a shuddering bash made the large wooden gate tremble below.

Men and women shouted as the Orcs rose to face them, many a ladder and hook being displaced, yet more just appeared. The casters unable to help as they held the Trolls at bay from afar, the warriors, knights and adventurers faced the Orcin barbarians as they climbed the walls and bashed on the outer gate.

Blood splattered, whereas blades, hammers, shields and axes met. The clambering of weapons, iron striking iron or the occasional shattering of wood or bone, filled the air.

(“This is war…”) Sol thought as he glanced around, one life taking another just to survive another minute, to breathe for just another moment longer.

He watched, frozen as before himself a giant of an Orc clambered up the wall, eyes pitch black with dark magic as it reached out for him.

Its arm then suddenly falling limp and bloody to the wall’s floor, as Kai appeared between them.

Sol stepped back and out of the expert’s way, watching as he and many others clashed with the monstrous Orcs. A sight to behold their strength was, while all he could do was watch, grasping his grandfather’s sword while it still lay in its sheath.

A child for a King,” Winug chuckled as his shadow engulfed body hovered through the golden barrier with ease. “The night is already won brothers!” He exclaimed with a wicked cackle, raising his hand towards the boy King as dark energy crackled along his fingers. “Out of my way boy, I come not for you but for your patron.

Sol unsheathed his sword, an ornate white blade over a dark red handguard. “I am King Sol Druvia, and I am my own master!” He exclaimed, raising his weapon pointedly towards the Orcin Shaman.

Who simply laughed in amusement, “Then is it not a master’s energy which I sense flowing through you? Out of my way newborn, or bring me your Dragon!” Winug exclaimed with a ferocious grin full of blackened and green teeth. Raising both arms forth now as dark energy suddenly struck out of his fingertips.

Black Pulse!” Winug chanted and a blast of black energy flowed out, surging into Sol and everybody else around him, sending them all flying off the barricades as the walls shuddered before them.

Sol felt the air being bashed out of his own lungs as he flew back through the air, hearing the shattering of wood and creaking of metal as even the gate beneath him was burst open. Sol landed with a crash, tumbling back through dirt as his vision blurred.

He rolled over to see, barely able to make out the gate as the Orcs charged in, clashing with a formation of knights the moment they did. His eyes then settling, Sol watched in terror as Troll’s massive hand then loomed into the gate and over everybody else, the beast too large to step through itself yet its arm was long enough that it now hovered wide open over Sol…

It descended onto him as he scrambled up and turned to run, its shadow following right beneath him.

Sol felt his heart sink, watching as the monster’s massive hand enclosed around him.

A coldness filled him, (“No I can’t…Not yet!”) Thinking he would die, Sol turned to maybe face the monster.

But then seeing as its hand blacked out the sky above him entirely, Sol knew his little toothpick of a blade meant nothing to this beast.

The coldness engulfed him, and Sol knew, he was about die.

He was going to die, and that thought drained all the strength he had within his body.

Are you just gonna stand there and stare?” The suddenly hissed out a chilling voice, as before him darkness itself seemingly twirled and twisted into a wicked blade.

The Troll shrieked in pain as a pitch black scythe carved its way through the entirety of its hand, retreating back and away, yet it was too slow as the flutter of shadow streaked up its arm and severed it at the shoulder.

Orcs and knights making way as the large limb fell limp amongst them.

Standing over it was a dark figure, holding up a massive black scythe with one hand as he glanced back at Sol. “Cowards shouldn’t force themselves onto the battlefield.” Kailu hissed in Elven, his dark eyes glancing over Sol and then focusing on the Orcs around him.

“Who…Who are you?” Sol asked at the sudden appearance of this strange Xilfir boy.

Kailu chuckled, “Fear not little king. We’re allies.” He raised his scythe up, pointing at the clouded sky and Sol followed his gesture, looking up for his eyes to then widen in bafflement.

Piercing through the clouds they descended down, dozens upon dozens of wyverns covered in pearly white armour and ridden by warriors wearing much the same. Dispersing the clouds then, appeared the largest amongst them, covered in armour of the darkest black and ridden by an inhumanly large black knight.

Ivara bellowed through the night, the sound of her massive wingspan sending a chill throughout the battlefield.

The Dragon Empire enters the stage, milord Druvia,” Kailu said with a wicked chuckle as he glanced back at Sol, “We of the Third Legion, Knights of Wyvern, are here to assist!” He said, suddenly stabbing down his weapon into the massive limb as then skin, flesh and bone all warped and melted into the scythe’s blade.

Kailu rose, now standing on the ground where the Troll’s arm existed no longer, he turned to the open gate as hundreds of Orcs rushed to charge at him. Clenching his weapon, a wicked smile formed on his face as he looked at them. “Now…come…Let me see what colour you bleed!” He exclaimed, charging forth then, swirling and twirling his shadowy weapon as he surged forwards.

Blood and gore surrounding the boy wherever he stepped, screams and shrieks of pain surrounding him too, as they also came from the canyon ahead.

Ahead where groups of wyverns and their riders dove down and over the horde, claws raking through several dozens of bodies as breaths of fire, ice, acid and lightning dispersed hundreds more in their wake.

Sol dropped his sword as he stared at the sight before him, eyes wide in bafflement.

He laughed, a weak and choked chuckle.

“I’m sorry grandfather…I…I can’t keep up with that!

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