Chapter 10: Driving is Stable

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. was stupefied by Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City’s fondness.

The gaze made Xia Rongrong slightly blush, she couldn’t help but pretended to cough lightly. Su Qiubai quickly stopped staring at her and grinned foolishly. Li Muhao, who was standing next to him, was utterly upset with Su Qiubai’s behavior.

“Well, since you’re paying for the car, I’ll just give you the rest of the wild ginseng as well.”

Su Qiubai generously rolled up all of the ginseng in the kraft paper lying on the bedside and placed them into Xia Rongrong’s hands without further due.

Li Muhao and his father almost fainted as soon as they heard Su Qiubai’s words. We said that we don’t want you to pay for the car, just trade it with only one of your wild ginseng.

But you refused; instead, you’re giving her the rest of your ginseng just because she said she would pay the debt for you!

Such a subjugation!

Xia Rongrong was also thrown into a daze. She suddenly felt touched, a feeling that had long lost, as she stared into Su Qiubai’s clear eyes.

He really just wanted to help me. There is no hidden agenda in his actions.

Xia Rongrong felt her heart pound a little faster, and her face slightly reddened as she realized that.

Li Muhao felt like fainting as he saw her expression at that moment.

Without saying goodbye, he left the room right away. He held his own century-old wild ginseng, which he regarded as a treasure previously, in his hand. He was so angry that he wanted to throw it away there and then itself. But at the last moment, he was reluctant to do so.

Li Xiangyun also followed behind him quickly. Only Li Dingtian hesitated for a while longer inside the room. Finally, he handed Su Qiubai his business card before leaving as well.

Besides Su Qiubai, only Dean Liang and the Xia family members were left in the room.

Grandpa Xia was very happy, but the nervous Dean Liang’s heart was screaming on the inside. When he saw Su Qiubai readily hand over all of the ginseng to Xia Rongrong, his heart almost jumped out from his chest.

After hesitating for some more time, he finally couldn’t hold back any longer; he walked two steps forward and spoke, “Rong Rong, I know this may be a bit difficult, but could you ask Su Qiubai to spare some mercy? I have an old friend who had always been unwell. Such a ginseng might cure his illness… You see…”

Dean Liang said cautiously. He was afraid the taxi driver next to him would become unhappy and refuse to give him a ginseng. After observing the driver for some time, the dean finally understood what kind of man he was.

That driver was a total squanderer. He would give away his heirlooms simply to make that lady happy. In fact, he would gladly give away all of the ginseng.

Dean Liang secretly grumbled. It was a pity that such valuable ginseng belonged to a total squanderer. But given the situation, he really had no other way to say otherwise.

“The old man you mentioned… is that one?” Grandpa Xia suddenly thought of someone so he asked the dean in a respectful tone.

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“Yes, it’s that old man.” Dean Liang nodded and simply admitted.

“Rong Rong, you must help him. See if you could ask brother Su…” Grandpa Xia urged promptly after hearing what Dean Liang said.

Xia Rongrong immediately understood the two old men’s intentions. After all, she too was at the helm of the Xia Group, so she was naturally smarter than others to some extent.

But these wild ginseng belonged to Su Qiubai. He can’t be serious about giving all of them to me.

With that thought, Xia Rongrong turned to look at Su Qiubai, whilst still figuring out ways to ask him.

Su Qiubai was the one who broke the silence first. “I’ve said it earlier. Don’t ask me. I brought these ginseng to treat your illness. You may give them to whoever you want as long as it makes you happy.”

Su Qiubai grinned after saying that, fully expressing a simple and honest look, just as how any taxi driver would.

His words stilled Xia Rongrong. Finally, she looked up to gaze at Su Qiubai and gently thanked him. Perhaps even she didn’t notice the gentleness in her words.

The procedure afterwards was very simple. Dean Liang took a wild ginseng and Xia Rongrong began her recovery treatment.

After sending Dean Liang away, Grandpa Xia went to search for the attending doctor with Xia Haiqing, leaving only Su Qiubai to take care of Xia Rongrong. It wasn’t clear whether he did so intentionally.

Soon after they left, Su Qiubai began to feel a little embarrassed and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, Xia Rongrong looked at him with her puppy in her arms. She chuckled and said.

“Thank you. Please take back the three remaining ginseng. And treat the one that I gave to Dean Liang as me buying it from you. Regarding Li Xiangyun’s car, I will also arrange for a compensation. You don’t have to worry.”

Su Qiubai was immediately anxious upon listening to her words.

“I said that I’m giving you all of the ginseng. Why are you telling me to take them back again? What if one ginseng is not enough? Your health is more important.”

Xia Rongrong gazed into Su Qiubai’s eyes again. Those eyes were really sincere without any hidden purpose.

“Do you really not know the value of these wild ginseng?”

“What value do they have? As long as they can cure your disease, they have their value. However, to me, they’re no different from a withered radish.”

Smiling carelessly, Su Qiubai said in a serious tone.

Xia Rongrong’s little white dog suddenly yelped twice. Only Su Qiubai understood that it was saying he had another half a sack of ginseng in his car’s trunk. So the five ginseng were worthless to him!

Xia Rongrong certainly didn’t know that. She had seen too many conspiracies in the business world. Even her loved ones often placed their benefits as their first priority. Yet, it was evident that Su Qiubai just cared about her health since the beginning.

“Well then… I’ll keep these ginseng for you. If I use them as an investment later, I’ll give you fifty percent of the shares.”

Since he was so honest and upright, she didn’t have to insist on refusing the ginseng; Xia Rongrong agreed. Originally she wanted to explain the investment in detail to Su Qiubai but the old driver merely waved his hand.

“Just do whatever you like. I don’t understand these things. You can just handle it for me.”

Su Qiubai felt a little strange after saying that. Why does it feel like I’m talking to my wife?

However, Xia Rongrong probably was not thinking the same thing as him, instead, she just chuckled slyly. Women…

“Right, how did you know that I needed wild ginseng to cure my sickness?”

As if suddenly recalled that matter, Xia Rongrong asked Su Qiubai curiously.

Su Qiubai hesitated then smiled mysteriously as he pointed at the little white dog in Xia Rongrong’s arms and said, “If I told you it was the puppy that informed me about it, will you believe me?”

Having said that, he laughed and Xia Rongrong soon followed.

The two of them continued to talk for a long time. Su Qiubai also took out his mobile phone to show Xia Rongrong his photo with Wu Song. He also didn’t forget to exclaim that the sky in the Song Dynasty was very blue. He even said that he would treat Xia Rongrong to some tiger’s meat next time.

It may be that he looked strange in his vest, which was why Xia Rongrong and the little white dog kept on laughing.

After a while, Grandpa Xia and Xia Haiqing came back as the doctor had already made arrangements for Xia Rongrong’s treatment.

Su Qiubai felt that it was unnecessary for him to stay there any longer. Although it felt good to chat with a beautiful lady, nothing was more important than curing her illness. So, Su Qiubai decided to leave after wishing Xia Rongrong a speedy recovery.

Obviously, that should have been the first time Xia Rongrong had ever met Su Qiubai but she felt lost after hearing that he was leaving. However, she quickly felt relieved.

She smiled as she requested Su Qiubai to take the little white dog with him and return it to her after she recovered.

Su Qiubai naturally agreed, and carried the little white dog in his arms.

Grandpa Xia was once again grateful thankful to Su Qiubai. In the end, he invited Su Qiubai to visit them next time and even ordered Xia Haiqing to walk him out of the room.

Xia Haiqing’s face had been ugly ever since Su Qiubai took out the wild ginseng. She felt even more awkward especially when she heard the old man asking her to accompany Su Qiubai out.

Forcing herself to exit the room, she couldn’t help but apologize to Su Qiubai after walking a few steps. After all he was Rong Rong’s savior. I treated him so badly when I first met him in the hospital. If Grandpa Xia knew, he will be so furious with me.

It was crucial that she get forgiveness from Su Qiubai as soon as possible.

Who knew that Su Qiubai had long forgotten about that matter. He only recalled it after Xia Haiqing mentioned it.

He told Xia Haiqing that he had cast that matter aside. Xia Haiqing believed him and felt relieved after he explained it several times. At the same time, she also secretly felt glad that Su Qiubai didn’t tell Xia Rongrong that he was the one who sent her to the hospital in the first place.

Su Qiubai left the hospital and got into his taxi.

Xia Rongrong’s case had finally come to an end. Su Qiubai didn’t expect that he would feel so happy after settling the debt even though he still didn’t know the actual value of the wild ginseng.

But… let it be! Anyway, there was still a lot left. Even if he gave them all away, he could always ask Chai Da Guan Ren for more again.

It’s definitely a golden opportunity to be his brother.

Feeling gleeful, he sent the little white dog home first, before leaving the house again. He planned to return to the streets to pick up a few passengers.

What Su Qiubai didn’t know was that someone had been following him since he left the hospital. A black Santana had been trailing behind his taxi.

However, the old driver had no time to worry about that now. He felt depressed; his bad luck seemed to have returned again.

It had been almost two hours since he left his house. The sky darkened in a blink of an eye but he still didn’t manage to get any passenger. It was as if no one could even see his car.

Su Qiubai planned to return home after a last lap around the city.

But then, the navigation system suddenly sounded.

“Someone is in need of your help one kilometer ahead.”

Su Qiubai stopped the car with a foot on the brake once he heard that.

The last time he heard that kind of sentence, he ended up meeting Wu Song. It’s the same again now… I wonder who will it be?

He somehow felt a bit excited. After calming himself down, he shifted the gears and stepped on the gas pedal, making the car fly straight ahead.

Su Qiubai stopped the car at the position about one kilometer away, there he saw a young man carrying a wooden carton. He was wearing a white coat, had long eyebrows and a pair of eyes that shone as bright as the stars in the night sky. The old driver was stunned.

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“What’s your name?” Su Qiubai asked nervously after swallowing his saliva.

“My name is…Ning Caichen.”

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