Chapter 117: Saving Niu Baiwan


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Gao Fei was taken aback. There were dozens of brothers downstairs!

Isn’t Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. an ordinary person? How did he manage to fight all of them off?

Gao Fei became anxious and didn’t care about Cao Toufei anymore. As he was approaching the door, a voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“Who did you say is coming up?”

Gao Fei turned back and noticed Cao Toufei’s stunned expression. He also didn’t ask Cao Toufei why did he ask that, instead he just quickly explained, “A taxi driver. He actually kicked me at a hotel in the evening, so I kidnapped his friend to lure him here and revenge.”

In Gao Fei’s opinion, Cao Toufei was like the Big Brother in Qinghe City. He thought that if he explained the matter to Cao Toufei, perhaps he would help him.

Having said that, Gao Fei watched Cao Toufei picked up a wine bottle from the table. He suddenly felt joy. As long as Cao Toufei’s willing to help me, even if Su Qiubai’s good at fighting, would he dare to provoke the Street Racers Gang?

However, as he was having that thought, he saw Cao Toufei approaching him.

“As if I would help you!”

Upon hearing that sentence, the bottle from Cao Toufei’s hand smashed directly on Gao Fei’s head. The private room became silent all of the sudden. Wang Qian was stunned, not knowing what was going on. Gao Fei was even more blurred.

Is… Is this some kind of joke? This shouldn’t be happening!

He felt a sharp pain, then he fell to the ground. But Cao Toufei didn’t stop there. He threw the bottle aside and started attacking Gao Fei!

Darn it, you dare to kidnap my boss’ friend and even have my boss show up here! And… you even tricked me to come upstairs! You’re obviously trying to cause trouble to me!

The more Cao Toufei thought about it, the angrier he felt. He showed no mercy, kicking Gao Fei until the man himself kneeled on the ground and begged for mercy.

He was usually prestige in front of others, but that was because those people weren’t comparable to Cao Toufei.

Not only did the Street Racers Gang had this pampered son, the child of entrepreneurs who became wealthy after the economic reformation in the 1980s, the gang also had many forces at Bei Du.

Gao Fei originally thought that it was an opportunity to meet Cao Toufei tonight, but now it seemed that it was just bad luck! The most important thing was that he didn’t know what was going on now!

Wang Qian also felt the same but when Cao Toufei asked about the man downstairs earlier, she had somehow felt that he had something to do with Su Qiubai.

But… isn’t Su Qiubai just a taxi driver? How did he know Cao Toufei?

At this thought, the door was pushed open once again. The man had a pair of eagle-like eyes, his body was obviously not very strong, but he looked as fierce as a cheetah.

Su Qiubai was here!


Once this word came out of Cao Toufei’s mouth, everyone in the private room immediately became silent.

Gao Fei initially wanted to ask why Cao Toufei was hitting him. Shouldn’t we be on the same side?

However, he felt his head spinning upon hearing this word.

Oh no, if someone was to be addressed as boss by Cao Toufei, that person is definitely not a simple person. And I actually kidnapped his friend and threatened him to come over in the middle of the night to revenge… I’m simply digging my own grave!

Wang Qian already had a bad feeling earlier. However, after hearing Cao Toufei calling Su Qiubai his boss, she felt as if God had already sentenced her to her death!

Cao Toufei called Su Qiubai boss! That’s to say… Su Qiubai was the boss of the Street Racers Gang! How did I not know anything about this? If Su Qiubai is the boss of the Street Racers Gang… and Niu Baiwan, being his close buddy, was beaten up so badly now, then that means I am…

Wang Qian’s face became pale and she almost fell on the sofa as she was having that thought.

However, Su Qiubai was also a little confused at the moment, so his urge to murder people was slightly reduced.

Spotting Cao Toufei, Su Qiubai took a step forward and asked, “Why are you here?”

This question made Cao Toufei feel a little embarrassed. He definitely couldn’t say that he was here as a guest, right?

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However, Su Qiubai didn’t ask any more questions. He had already turned his eyes to Gao Fei, who was bleeding on the ground. Then he spotted the broken wine bottle at Cao Toufei’s feet. He understood that Cao Toufei was the one to beat up Gao Fei.

Su Qiubai was too lazy to beat up Gao Fei again so he asked, “Where’s Niu Baiwan?”

Feeling scared, Gao Fei quickly pointed his trembling finger at the suite after listening to Su Qiubai’s question.

Su Qiubai ran towards the door and opened it. Then, he saw Niu Baiwan thrown on the ground. At the sight of this scene, he felt as if he had collapsed. Niu Baiwan’s face was swollen. He was also covered in blood, and his eyes could only open slightly. When he saw Su Qiubai coming in, he grinned in pain.

Su Qiubai stunned for a few seconds, then turned and stormed towards Gao Fei.

Gao Fei had been worried that Su Qiubai would beat him up when he saw Niu Baiwan. Seeing Su Qiubai turning and walking towards himself, Gao Fei felt as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water on him. He was terrified, especially when he looked into Su Qiubai’s eyes once more! The fear he felt made him kneel on the ground and beg for mercy without hesitation.

“Su… Boss Su, I beg you… I beg you to spare me a life, please spare me a life, I beg you!”

Right after this sentence was said, Su Qiubai had already landed a kick at Gao Fei’s chin.

Truthfully, a warrior might not even be able to bear the pain from Su Qiubai’s kick. He was just too strong for ordinary people.

Gao Fei’s chin was broken on the spot and several of his teeth flew out from his mouth. He also crashed into a wall and fell to the ground. However, Su Qiubai still had no intention of stopping, he stormed towards Gao Fei once again.

Gao Fei had never felt so scared in his life before, but Su Qiubai’s eyes were as calm as a pool of stagnant water.

Gao Fei whispered to himself, “I shouldn’t beat him…”

Su Qiubai punched Gao Fei’s face one more time. He fainted.

The private room had a murderous feeling. When Cao Toufei saw Su Qiubai lifting his arm for the third punch, he felt a chill down his spine. He completely understood that Su Qiubai was really planning to kill Gao Fei. So at the last moment, Cao Toufei rushed forward and pulled Su Qiubai’s arm. Su Qiubai stopped for a moment, his mind became clearer, then he looked into Cao Toufei’s eyes, and understood what he meant.

Afterwards, he didn’t care about Gao Fei anymore, instead he turned to Wang Qian. He didn’t do anything but just calmly looked at her. It was because of this woman that caused Niu Baiwan to suffer.

Upon seeing Su Qiubai’s eyes, Wang Qian directly fell sitting on the ground.

She was afraid, really afraid! Worst of all, she felt regretful…

Therefore, Su Qiubai just ignored her and entered the suite with Cao Toufei. Both of them carried Niu Baiwan and left the place.

Perhaps Niu Baiwan felt too ashamed of his face swollen face, so he just laughed.

Wang Qian looked at Niu Baiwan one last time. She felt an indescribable feeling, a hint of faint pain. However, thinking of the things she had done to him, Wang Qian felt too embarrassed to say anything, so she only looked at Niu Baiwan in silence.

“Let’s go…”, Su Qiubai said to Niu Baiwan. He didn’t want to stay there any longer.

Niu Baiwan nodded and walked towards the door with his unstable footsteps.

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