Chapter 39: Arriving At Dong Hai

Meanwhile, at the Xia family’s yard, in Donghai City, Xiao Xiuwen had just finished throwing a temper tantrum at his wife.

He just found out that his youngest son had actually done such a shameful thing: forcing a girl from Donghai University to be his girlfriend, and even making her jump from a building.

If it wasn’t for his old subordinate who secretly revealed it to him, he’d still be in the dark!

“Look at you. Why are you so angry? Yun Er’s fine. That girl’s only a female student from the countryside! She’s blessed that our son actually liked her. Yet, she didn’t know how to appreciate it.” [TLN: Xiao Yun’s parents call him Yun Er.]

The one who spoke was Xiao Xiuwen’s wife and Xiao Yun’s biological mother, Fang Chunyu. As she spoke, she walked over to Xiao Xiuwen with disdain in her eyes and arrogance on her lips.

“Shut up!” Xiao Xiuwen yelled, he couldn’t bear to listen to her any more.

“If you hadn’t pampered him, do you think that stupid boy would have done this kind of thing? It’s all because of you that he behaves so badly!”

Xiao Xiuwen felt frustration from this feeling of helpless from dealing with this woman, but he couldn’t do anything about it. After all, it was only with the Fang family’s support that the Xiao family was able to achieve its current status.

“Xiao Xiuwen, why are you shouting at me! She’s only a stupid poor girl! Besides, she’s not even dead! Even if she was, we just have to give her family a little more money! Why are you so angry?!”

Fang Chunyu glared at Xiao Xiuwen, she had no intention to retreat.

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Xiao Xiuwen’s mouth was left agape, he intended to argue more, but just let it go in the end.

Leaving the yard, he immediately hopped into his car and planned to go to Dongkou Lane.

“Have you found out the girl’s family background?” After being quiet for a while, he looked up and asked the driver.

“Yes, I’ve found out everything. She’s from an ordinary rural family without any special background. Her brother’s a taxi driver in Qinghe City.” The driver didn’t hesitate to report what he found.

“Okay, I understand. Arrange someone to give the girl around ten thousand dollars. If she promises to not pursue this matter anymore, give her another ten thousand. Ask the bodyguards to be more alert these next few days. If anything happens to Yun Er, immediately send him back to Dongkou Lane.”

Having finished, Xiao Xiuwen closed his eyes and rested against the seat.

This son of mine is really worrisome, but this is the only way I can help him.

After all, he was pampered by his mother at home. Xiao Xiuwen was concerned that something worse could happen sooner or later if his son continued with this kind of attitude. Fortunately, the trouble wasn’t too big this time.

Xiao Xiuwen soon threw the matter to the back of his mind.

Unfortunately, the real trouble was already on its way, roaring from Qinghe City through the heavy rain.

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel.’s taxi was at the forefront on the highway, following by more than 30 sports cars. Many people could hear the deafening roars from afar, but what was more important was the indescribable impact it had visually!

The heavy rain seemed to be an omen that Donghai City wouldn’t be so calm anymore.

At this moment, in a small hospital next to Donghai University, Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel. was still in the intensive care unit while her two housemates stood at the door.

“Xiao Li, did you really tell Xiao Xiao’s brother about Xiao Yun?” Asked Zhang Wen, who was also Xiao Xiao’s roommate. Standing with her was a young girl in glasses who called Su Qiubai.

“Yeah, if not, how could I have so much money?” Xiao Li nodded.

“But I heard from Xiao Xiao that her brother’s just an ordinary taxi driver. How could he have so much money! Are you sure that bank card really…” Zhang Wen only managed to say that much. She still doubted the card’s cash balance.

Xiao Li nodded once more; she too felt that it was unbelievable!

Afterall, they clearly knew how frugal Su Xiaoxiao was on her daily expenses. She wouldn’t even spend an extra penny on spicy hot pot. How could her brother transfer so much money to her just like that?

“Maybe he borrowed from others.”

Xiao Li hesitated a moment before telling Zhang Wen. Zhang Wen had also come to the same conclusion. The amount was indeed too huge for them to handle.

“What are we going to do when her brother gets here? You’ve already told him about Xiao Yun, do you think he would…” Zhang Wen paused, before asking Xiao Li once more.

Speaking of that, Xiao Li also felt perturbed.

Xiao Xiao had warned her not to let her family know about this, but she had broken her promise. If Xiao Xiao was awake, she’d surely blame me for revealing everything!

Besides, the Xiao’s family was simply too powerful in Donghai City. What would happen if Xiao Xiao’s brother couldn’t control himself and went to quarrel with them?

Xiao Li became pale-faced at the thought of it. She felt relieved when she heard that Su Qiubai would be coming to the hospital, but now… She silently prayed, hoping that he wouldn’t come to Dong Hai.

The both fell into silent, suddenly they heard cars honking. They exchanged glances; the sound must be coming from downstairs. They walked towards the window, feeling strange.

Upon witnessing the scene before them, both of their mouths dropped open.

The scene downstairs was really amazing! There were dozens of colorful luxury cars driving into the hospital compound. The whole area was soon jam-packed.

“Is there a marriage going on?” Zhang Wen stroke her chin, speechless. Xiao Li just shook her head in a daze.

As they pondered, the sports cars all came to a standstill in the hospital compound. Security guards could be seen gathering from afar, as if they wanted to ask what was going on, but dared not get any closer.

On the other hand, Cao Toufei had already switched off his car. He was the first to get out, followed by everyone else. They were all sharp youngsters in their twenties.

Many people sensed a chilly vibe, so they quickly avoided the scene.

“Big brother, what should we do now?”

The group of youngsters marched towards Su Qiubai. As he came out from the taxi, Cao Toufei asked him.

It caught the onlookers off guard.

Why would the bunch of youngsters in luxury cars surround a taxi? Moreover, it’s obvious that the taxi driver’s the boss! Even a fool could see that!

Without any explanation, the youngsters swiftly entered the hospital; the crowd quickly gave way.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Wen and Xiao Li were taken aback. For one, they didn’t expect to see so many luxury cars, and on the other hand, they were quite suspicious of the taxi driver at the forefront.

However, after seeing them enter the building, both of them temporarily disregarded the matter. After all, how could they guess that the taxi driver, was in fact, the person whom they had prayed not to come.

Looking away from the window, they planned to ask the nurse again to arrange a doctor for Xiao Xiao.

Just because they didn’t have the money to pay for medical expenses at first, the nurses wouldn’t speak to them. They wouldn’t even get a doctor for Xiao Xiao. It wasn’t until Su Qiubai’s money had been transferred over that the nurses even prepared an intensive care unit for Xiao Xiao. In fact, the head nurse actually cursed that Xiao Xiao should die for offending young master Xiao Yun.

So no one knew what condition Xiao Xiao was in right now.

Just as the two of them prepared to head to the nurses station, they suddenly stopped still.

The entire group of sports car youngsters were actually striding towards them.

Zhang Wen and Xiao Li instinctively shuffled to the side of the corridor, allowing the group of people to pass. Although they didn’t know what the youngsters were here for, they certainly didn’t want to offend them.

However, the bright looking taxi driver actually stopped right in front of them and stared at the room number. He then asked, “How’s Xiao Xiao now?”

Xiao Li was immediately stunned, but Zhang Wen quick-wittedly responded, despite her wariness, “Who are you?”

“I’m her brother.”

The two girls were frozen still from his reply.

This man, the leader of the luxury car youngsters, was Xiao Xiao’s brother?

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The two girls forcefully suppressed the shock in their hearts. It was obvious that he was worried about Xiao Xiao’s condition, but nevertheless, neither of them knew how was Xiao Xiao anyway.

Without further hesitation, Zhang Wen quickly relayed all that had happened in the hospital, including what the head nurse said and about how they couldn’t get a doctor for Xiao Xiao earlier.

After listening to Zhang Wen, Su Qiubai’s usually calm eyes flashed with danger!

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