Chapter 55: I Would Just Give It a Try

All eyes turned towards the door. No one had expected that the one who yelled was the crazy man from earlier who had been holding a book.

He had a grave look on his face. After loudly claiming that he could perform the treatment, he just ignored everyone in the courtyard and marched into the room.

“Rascal, who’re you saying no to?”

Pang Zhixue noticed that it was Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel., so he stepped forward in order to block his way as he demanded.

Su Qiubai had just finished memorizing all of the acupoints and needle techniques, and yet he was actually blocked from entering the room.

Worrying that he might forget what he had just memorized, Su Qiubai lifted his leg and kicked Pang Zhixue’s stomach without hesitation.

“Get lost!”

With those word, Pang Zhixue’s body flew across the air and hit a corner before falling to the ground.

No one expected that Su Qiubai would actually beat up people.

However, since it was Pang Zhixue who was beaten up, no one stood up to say anything. Several of the other doctors even showed a sense of approval in their eyes.

This young man really kicked at the right place!

 “Mr. Su…?”

Gu Qianshan was the first to approach Su Qiubai. After all, he was from the Gu family so it was more appropriate for him to speak out.

“Quick! I know how to save her. We have no time to lose!”

Seeing that it was Gu Qianshan, Su Qiubai finally explained. A loud sigh was heard in the hall.

Absolutely impossible! Although the doctors were happy that Su Qiubai kicked Pang Zhixue, from the way Su Qiubai had asked them questions earlier, all of them believed that Su Qiubai was just a simple layman.

A person who probably never even studied a medical field, actually claimed that he could cure Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.’s illness. That was simply nonsense! He was simply questioning all the doctors seated here!

Therefore, just as Su Qiubai finished speaking, a lot of doctors instantly stood up.

“You know how to save her? Let’s listen to your idea.”

“Yeah, I want to hear what you say.”

“Little brother, do you even know how to check for a pulse? Are you so confident because you’ve probably have treated others before?


Even Gu Tian didn’t expect the whole hall to be so eager. It was a complete reversal from earlier. Pang Zhixue was the first one to seek out but now he was the only one who kept quiet.

Truthfully, Pang Zhixue also wanted to say a few words, but his stomach was so painful after being kicked by Su Qiubai, he could only clutched on his stomach.

After a long time, Su Qiubai finally understood it. These doctors were just a nuisance. Are they sick?

You people don’t even have the ability to save her, yet you don’t allow me to save her?

Having that thought, he took two steps back and made a gesture to invite the doctors in front of him, “Go on, if you guarantee that you can save her, just step right in now. I won’t snatch the chance from you!”

Seeing him like that, the doctors who questioned him earlier kept their mouth shut.

They also wanted to go in but the problem was that they had already went in and came out with no results!

Glancing at the silent doctors, Su Qiubai took a step forward, “Each and every one of you only know how to abide by the rules and regulations and keep things to yourselves. If you all have the time, try to understand why the skills of our ancestor disappeared, instead of stepping on others to raise yourself up on the social ladder.”

These were Su Qiubai’s honest opinions. If it weren’t for doctors keeping secrets, how could there be so many godly doctors in history that pursued in the traditional Chinese medical field in China for thousands of years, become inconspicuous?

How could no one know how to treat Gu Chengya’s illness despite Hua Tuo25Hua TuoAlso known as Hua Yuanhua or Yuan Hua. An ancient Chinese godly doctor/acupuncturist’s medical book having clearly explained how to do it?

If Murong Deye was the one to say all those, the other doctors would surely be convinced, but it was Su Qiubai.

So almost immediately, the living room felt like it was exploding.

“Grandpa Gu, I’m here to sincerely help you, not to endure this ignorant rascal… Goodbye!”

“Yes, I can’t stand this anymore. Goodbye!”


Seeing this situation, Gu Tian also started to have headaches, but Su Qiubai only coldly glared at the doctors.

Truthfully, he didn’t really have much confidence in curing Gu Chengya, but…he really wanted to say a few words for himself!

“How about this, let’s make a bet… What would you do if I successfully treated her?”

Su Qiubai’s voice wasn’t loud, but everyone heard it; the place was silent for a moment.

“Alright! Since you want to get yourself involved in this today, then… If you succeed, we’d admit that you’re the master in the medical profession, just as Murong Deye!”

No one knew who said that. Everyone just exchanged glances until Murong Deye finally spoke.

“If this little brother can cure Gu Chengya, the status of the master should be given to him.”

Everyone agreed to that.

“On the contrary, if you fail… you must admit your mistake and ignorance to everyone present here.”

Su Qiubai immediately laughed out loud. This group of people really think I’m stupid!

If I succeed, they have nothing to lose. But if I fail… they all benefit!

What the heck… They think I’m retarded!

“How about this, if I succeed… all of you owe me a favor in case I need any help in the future.”

The doctors didn’t object his proposal.

To them, Su Qiubai was undoubtedly going to fail. Murong Deye couldn’t do it, so it was impossible for a man like him, who didn’t even know a single thing, to cure her.

The bets on both sides was settled, but Gu Tian was quite nervous. He was even more furious at the doctors who actually took advantage of Gu Chengya’s illness.

After all, the patient was his granddaughter!

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If the patient was their granddaughter, I would also place a bet!

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Seeing Su Qiubai was really stepping inside the room, Gu Tian stood up, walked towards him and whispered, “Are you confident?”

Su Qiubai snorted, “Not at all.”

His words almost made Grandpa Gu collapse. You don’t have any confident and yet you dare to talk so much!

His mood was already very bad. Yet, Su Qiubai’s next sentence almost made him kick Su Qiubai out.

Su Qiubai had said… I’d just treat a dead horse like a live horse!

[TLN: An idiom that means knowing that things are hopeless, but still hold a glimmer of hope, actively try to save, usually also refers to the final attempt.]

Darn it… You’re the dead horse! Your whole family is the dead horse!

Before Grandpa Gu could say that out loud, Su Qiubai had already entered the room and shut the door.

The hall outside was quiet all at once. Only Pang Zhixue was still there clutching his stomach and coughing occasionally. Finally Gu Zhanchuan27Gu ZhanchuanGu Chengya's bodyguard. ordered people to send him away.

After closing the door, Su Qiubai took a deep breath and immediately calmed himself down in the room.

Although Hua Tuo’s medical book was very clear, Su Qiubai was indeed just a complete layman, so he couldn’t guarantee anything!

Turning his head, he focused at Gu Chengya laying on the bed. Her eyes were shut and her face was pale. She was indeed in a dangerous state.

Slowly walking to the bed, Su Qiubai hesitated, then took the medical book out again. He had forgotten some acupoints.

He panicked, his mind was even more confused. Finally, he threw the medical book on the table. Frustrated, he opened the door once again.

“Erm… Grandpa, please come in and help me.”

The people outside were initially waiting for his results, but who knew that Su Qiubai actually opened the door to say such a sentence… Especially the fact that the grandpa he meant was actually Murong Deye!

Several people couldn’t comprehend the situation.

Even Murong Deye was a bit stunned. He pointed to himself and asked, “Are you talking to me?”

“Yes, you.” Twitching his lips, Su Qiubai replied.

Murong Deye was indeed a medical master. Instead of feeling dissatisfaction with Su Qiubai’s words, he thought that this young man was quite interesting.

So without saying anything, he followed Su Qiubai into the room.

The other doctors surely didn’t think that was unfair to their bet on them, after all, if Murong Deye could cure Gu Chengya, he certainly wouldn’t wait until then…

On the other hand, the two men immediately started the treatment as soon as they got into the room.

The most important thing about acupuncture was the position and the degree. The reason why Su Qiubai would request for Murong Deye was to let him find those acupoints, then he would control the degree by using his Qi observation skill.

Murong Deye didn’t refuse. He took the golden needles from Su Qiubai and inserted them precisely at the acupoints according to Su Qiubai.

Finally, after all the needles were inserted into the required acupoints based on the medical book, Murong Deye sat aside. Su Qiubai used his Qi observation skill and saw a different image in Gu Chengya’s body. He also fully understood why Gu Chengya was sick!

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