Chapter 72: Problem

When Cao Toufei heard about the situation, he immediately panicked!

He had just seen with his own eyes how those people were like yesterday. Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. wasn’t around. If everyone went out together, who knew what would happen?!

However, he didn’t know how to explain that to Xiao Xiao because it seemed that Su Qiubai didn’t intend to let her know the truth.

Cao Toufei hesitated, not knowing what to do. He was almost slapped to the ground by Tie Muzhen18Tie MuzhenEmperor Genghis, Genghis Khan19Genghis KhanEmperor Genghis, Tie Muzhen.

In the end, he had no choice but to ask everyone to wait for him while he ran out to give Su Qiubai a call.

But… Su Qiubai’s phone was shut off!

Su Qiubai wasn’t to be blamed for that. He actually didn’t know that his phone was turned off. It was likely due to the fact that the navigation system was running, which shielded the phone signal.

Cao Toufei helplessly returned to the living room; the ancestors had already made up their mind to send Xiao Xiao to school.

Perhaps Xiao Xiao noticed that Cao Toufei was uncomfortable with their request, so she whispered to him that if it was inconvenient for him, she would call for a taxi.

Cao Toufei hesitated. He really wanted to tell Xiao Xiao that those uncles whom she thought were normal were actually really dangerous to the outside world.

But he couldn’t admit the truth, especially seeing the generals glaring at him behind her. He gulped, then went to arrange for a car to come.

Upon hearing this, Xiao Xiao was also happy. On one hand, she could go to school, and on the other hand, she could see that those uncles really wanted to go outside. She pitied them having to stay indoors all day.

If they wanted to go to school, they definitely had to change their clothes because what they wore was definitely unacceptable. Fortunately, there were many old clothes in the villa that the previous tenant had left behind, so Cao Toufei took them out and asked the emperors and generals to change out of their current clothes.

Truthfully, after everyone had changed out of their clothes, Cao Toufei was actually quite surprised.

Their large robes had covered their body, so no one could really see anything, but it was totally different now!

Besides, most of the clothes in the villa were quite small, so they just wore vests that outlined their figure.

At that moment, Cao Toufei felt that those muscular men in the European and American films were really too weak as compared to those emperors and generals. It was as if one single ancestor could easily beat up an army of muscular men.

Soon enough, the sound of sports cars resounded outside. The brothers of the Street Racers Gang were there.

The Street Racers Gang was famous for their courage, so the fear and worry that Cao Toufei had felt earlier disappeared within a second. Even if something really happens, what should I be afraid of?

 Anyway, if I can’t solve it, Su Qiubai can definitely settle it!

In addition, how many people in the world can lead a group of emperors and generals out to play?

The heck… I have the chance to do it today!

“Let’s go, let’s go to Donghai University now!” Cao Toufei shouted, leading the emperors out the villa. Xiao Xiao was carried by Tie Muzhen. Taking a glance at them, she looked like a 10-year-old little girl.

The brothers of the Street Racers Gang were originally confused as to why they were asked to pick people up. However, they were all stunned when they spotted the uncles coming out one by one from the villa!

When everyone got on the car, the Ferrari at the forefront roared and dashed out first, then dozens of sports cars followed closely behind.

For a moment, everyone felt a great pride. Even the calmest Bai Qi was urging the kid to drive faster to overtake Yuchi Gong11Yuchi GongYuchi Jingde12Yuchi JingdeYuchi Gong!


Su Qiubai didn’t know that his brothers and sister had brought all the ancestors out of the villa and were heading towards the school.

He parked his car in a small alley in the suburbs and was focusing on studying the navigation system while sweating profusely.

In fact, he had found a hidden feature.

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There was a question mark in the skill-adding interface. After clicking on it, he could spend some growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system to ask a question!

If he hadn’t fiddled with the navigation system, he would never have found out about it!

Su Qiubai was quite ecstatic. He had almost gone crazy just with the energy problem on the space-time channel. He had finally found a small hint.

However, that inquiry feature was too wasteful of growth points. One question would actually cost him ten growth points!

Only allowed on

Although it was expensive, Su Qiubai still bit his lip and clicked on it.

“Tell me what energy is needed to open the space-time channel? And where do I get it?”

After that, Su Qiubai waited anxiously. A while later, he noticed that 20 growth points were missing. He was shocked for a moment, then he shouted, “I just asked one question, why did you deduct 20 growth points?!”

The moment he finished his sentence, another 10 growth points ​​were gone.

“First, here is the answer for the last question. The reason why 20 growth points were deducted is because you asked two questions. Next, the answer to the first question: Energy is a material that needs to be consumed to keep the space-time channel open… Finally, to answer the second question: The energy crystals are randomly distributed, but when you’re two kilometers away from it, the system will prompt you.”

A robotic female voice spoke, then immediately went silent after answering the questions.

When Su Qiubai heard the first two answers, he had the urge to swear, but at least there was something useful in the end.

He initially wanted to ask if it was possible to narrow down the scope, but then hesitated and held back his question because it was really too expensive. Growth points were very useful to him!

Finally, after pondering for a long time, Su Qiubai thought of a clever way to ask his question.

“Are there energy crystals in Donghai City?”

Having asked that question, he waited in anticipation. That was the best way he could think of to narrow down the scope.

If there are energy crystals in Donghai City, then I’ll just drive around the city from today onwards. I’d be able to drive around the whole city in ten days. The system will prompt me when I’m within two kilometers from the energy crystals. I’d definitely be able to find it by then!

“Yes, there’s an energy crystal in Donghai City.”

Upon hearing that, Su Qiubai almost jumped up in excitement.

He finally had hope that he could complete the test. Otherwise he just had no way to finish it!

Therefore, without hesitating, he drove out of the alley and began to plan which route he should first follow to start searching for the crystal, in order to search the whole city in the shortest possible amount of time.

As he was thinking of a plan, Cao Toufei and the rest of the gang had already driven to Donghai University.

Along the way, Cao Toufei had led the group of emperors and generals to a phone gadget town, and bought everyone one of the latest models of the Apple phone. Xiao Xiao firmly insisted that she didn’t want one, but in the end, she wasn’t able to dissuade Cao Toufei.

Actually, she was just distracted by Cao Toufei’s words.

He said that an Apple phone was worth just a few coins to Su Qiubai.

That stunned Xiao Xiao for a while. And she also began to wonder: Has my brother really become rich?

Cao Toufei didn’t hesitate when he said that. In fact, his words didn’t seem like they were faked at all.

Other people might not know about it, but he had clearly heard from Xia Xiaomu that Su Qiubai was now the Xia Group’s largest shareholder, and it was him who revived the Xia Group. Hence, to Su Qiubai now, a mobile phone really wouldn’t cost much.

The emperors didn’t decline at all as they each held a mobile phone. They even thought of bringing hundreds of phones with them when they went back home.

As for how much Su Qiubai would be paying for the phones?

The heck… For heaven’s sake, those things aren’t mine, yet you guys dare to spend my money! What a joke!

Just like that, before everyone’s eyes, the luxury car squad drove straight to Donghai University.

On the other hand, Su Qiubai had never driven around the city before. So, he just drove his car to the east and started narrowing down the scope gradually from there.

After passing by two streets, he suddenly thought of a problem. He smacked himself on the head and stopped the car.

His plans had been based on the idea that the crystal was stationary. If it could move… then he really was screwed!

Therefore, he quickly opened the navigation system and painfully spent 10 more growth points. The answer he got was…

The energy crystals… really could move!

Su Qiubai was extremely frustrated. His willingness to continue the search had greatly lessened.

Just as he was feeling depressed, he noticed that his phone was turned off, so he turned it back on.

It was at that moment, he received a call from an unknown number.

“Hello, is this Mr. Su Qiubai? I’m Xia Xiaomo8Xia XiaomoFemale police officer . I want to thank you for saving me previously… Can I treat you to dinner?”

After answering the call, before Su Qiubai could react, a nice but somewhat cold female voice resounded.

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