Chapter 75: You Triggered Him

Xiao Xiao took a glance at Mo Jialing, then turned her head away. She didn’t know that the girl was leading a group of people to deal with her. She didn’t even understand what had happened in the classroom when Mo Jialing just stormed out.

However, those uncles didn’t think the same. Looking at Mo Jialing’s eyes, they knew what she was planning to do, but no one uttered a word.

As long as Mo Jialing didn’t provoke them, they were too lazy to bother themselves with her.

Cao Toufei spotted Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel. heading downstairs and immediately pretended to look cool and chase those beautiful girls away. Truthfully, he was worried that the ancestors would come over and slap him.

Mo Jialing and her friends were about to start a fight. But then, she spotted Xiao Xiao and the uncles actually walking towards the luxury cars, so she subconsciously stopped in her tracks. She was especially surprised when she watched the owner of the red Ferrari actually take the initiative to welcome Xiao Xiao.

What… What is this?

An uncomfortable feeling was spreading in Mo Jialing’s heart. She recalled what Zhang Wen had said to her in the classroom earlier. She said… The luxury cars are all here to send Xiao Xiao to school?

I didn’t believe her and even placed a bet with her.

The last trace of hope in Mo Jialing’s heart completely shattered when she saw Cao Toufei smiling at Xiao Xiao! She felt an unspeakable anger and loss, before she felt a strong sense of hatred!

Why does this girl have everything that I’ve ever wanted?! The students and teachers like her, even these rich young boys like her! Why is this world so unfair!

Having that thought, Mo Jialing finally lost her patience.

“Su Xiaoxiao, you’re a slut!”

Her voice completely silenced the crowd. Xiao Xiao hadn’t even reacted when the uncles all casted their gazes on her.

At that moment, Mo Jialing felt like she was being stared at by devils, and the atmosphere seemed to have frozen.

Then, Cheng Yaojin14Cheng Yaojin Li Shimin16Li ShiminTang Taizong or Emperor Taizong/Tang Taizong/Emperor Taizong15Emperor TaizongLi Shimin or Tang Taizong's general walked over…

It was obvious, the two groups were definitely going to fight. However, in the next second… Cao Toufei suddenly rushed forward, overtaking Cheng Yaojin.

Then, he slapped Mo Jialing.

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“Go to hell, are you too bored to live? Here, let me help you!”

Cao Toufei continued to kick her while scolding her. Mo Jialing almost cried from being beaten.

Cheng Yaojin didn’t continue further after seeing that. Xiao Xiao shouted at Cao Toufei to stop hitting the girl, but he didn’t seem to hear her at all.

Perhaps only he knew what he was doing had actually saved Mo Jialing’s life. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any guarantee that she would even be alive if any of the ancestors acted up.

The person that Mo Jialing brought along was Wang Qing, a popular troublemaker in Donghai University. Before he could even respond, Cao Toufei had already started beating Mo Jialing.

Wang Qing finally returned to his senses. Although he saw that there were many brothers from the Street Racers Gang and a bunch of uncles, he had never faced the consequences of his actions in Donghai University, so he shouted to the group behind him and they all rushed forward.

Unexpectedly, an anxious voice suddenly sounded out loud.


That made everyone stunned for a moment before they turned towards the sound. They spotted a black Mercedes parked not far away. The person who alighted from the car caused Wang Qing to feel ecstatic immediately. In fact, that was his brother, Wang Yuan!

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He even brought along his bodyguards.

Cao Toufei stopped and strangely looked at Wang Yuan running over. Wang Qing snorted. It’s too late for you to be afraid now!

It wasn’t just him. Even the disheveled Mo Jialing also got up from the ground slowly. Her face had become swollen after the beating, but her eyes showed a deeper hatred with the presence of Wang Yuan.

“Brothers, fight!” Noticing his brother running over, Wang Qing was instantly exuberated. He raised his hand and shouted.

“You idiot, stop fighting!”

However, Wang Qing’s brother in fact landed a slap on his face, causing him to almost tumble to the ground. He was so shocked that it seemed like he had seen a ghost.

He… He slapped the wrong person?

Before he could ask, another slap followed.

“I’m beating you up, you idiot. Do you think Mom and Dad sent you to school to fight with people? What else do you know besides bullying others?”

Wang Yuan seemed gone crazy, bashing up his own brother. The crowd fell silent.. Wang Qing’s brothers stared at one another, speechless.

What the heck is happening? Aren’t we in the same gang? Why are we hurting each other?

Wang Qing fell on the ground, unable to comprehend what he had just heard.

His elder brother had just told him the day before that if he was dissatisfied in school, he should just beat up the person. Young people must have that kind of attitude! What’s wrong with bullying? It was just a small matter! He shouldn’t let others take advantage of him!

But now…

Wang Qing just couldn’t understand.

Wang Yuan was also very frustrated. He had no interest in the phone call he received saying that his brother was about to get involved in a fight with other people. However, as soon as he heard that… his brother was actually going to find fault with Su Xiaoxiao?

Isn’t that just plain stupid?

The Xiao family was extremely powerful! They had almost demolished an extremely dangerous place! Although that was a secret, there had been so many people at the scene then!

The son had jumped off a building and became a vegetative person. Su Xiuwen still apologized to those people. Heck, he almost chopped off his own arm himself too!

The Gu family’s mistress had a strange illness for many years, but she was magically cured by Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel.?

Don’t you know the Gu family’s status in Donghai City? Gu Tian had personally given out an order: Whoever’s going against Su Qiubai means that they’re going against the Gu family!

Of all the people you could pick a fight with, you just have to mess with Su Qiubai’s sister?

Don’t you know that all young masters of Donghai City had already been warned? As soon as you see the brothers from the Street Racers Gang of Qing River, run as far as you can! Whoever dares to start a fight with them will be in great trouble!

So the whole story wasn’t about how great Cao Toufei was. Instead, it was all because of the mysterious yet powerful Su Qiubai!

If Wang Yuan hadn’t come in time, who knew how much trouble his idiot younger brother would have caused to the family.

“Hurry up and scram!” Wang Yuan commanded. Although Wang Qing was still unsatisfied, he quickly left the place.

“Boss Fei, I haven’t seen you in a long time.” Smiling, Wang Yuan greeted Cao Toufei.

During the race in Qinghe City, Wang Yuan was next to Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter., so he knew Cao Toufei.

“Don’t call me boss. Our boss didn’t come today… You’re quite smart, huh!” Cao Toufei smiled.

“No, no. Who are you calling smart? Boss Su’s sister is also my sister. Whoever goes against her goes against me too!” Patting his chest, Wang Yuan said without hesitation.

Businessmen surely knew how to talk. Although everyone knew it was fake, they couldn’t help but felt satisfied listening to it!

He wanted to say some good words to Xiao Xiao, but was blocked by Cao Toufei.

The ancestors already treated Xiao Xiao as their little girl. If Wang Yuan accidentally coughed out a few wrong words, a slap on the face wouldn’t result in just losing two teeth. So it was best not to approach Xiao Xiao.

Although he didn’t understand why Cao Toufei was blocking him, he noticed the gaze in Cao Toufei’s eyes, and the silent uncles next to Xiao Xiao, so he could vaguely guess why.

Therefore, without much hesitation, Wang Yuan turned and left. Cao Toufei also returned to his gang.

The conflict was over.

On the ground, Mo Jialing was pale. Her body shook uncontrollably. She had heard every word from Wang Yuan and Cao Toufei. Su Xiaoxiao was actually Cao Toufei’s boss’ sister!

But… isn’t she just an ordinary person? Since when did she have such a powerful brother?

Having that thought, Mo Jialing firmly believed that Xiao Xiao must have done something despicable to have such a dominant brother.

She felt even more resentful, especially under the gaze of all the onlookers. Mo Jialing felt as if she had been thrown out there naked. She had completely lost her reputation!

Finally, she left the place. Just as she planned to make things clear with Wang Qing, he actually took the initiative to look for her himself. Mo Jialing felt happy again. After all, the Wang family was very rich, so it was quite an advantage that she had Wang Qing. However, before she could open her mouth, Wang Qing landed a slap on her face.

Wang Qing had just heard from Wang Yuan about what kind of person Xiao Xiao’s brother was. Whenever he thought of how Su Qiubai had made Xiao Yun a vegetative person, he couldn’t help but shudder.

That was why he was back for Mo Jialing.

He wanted to take his revenge on her!

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