Chapter 99: A Sudden Phone Call

“This… this is too valuable, I can’t accept this.”

Looking at Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel., Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter. was also surprised by what Mr. Dongfang said. She put all the scrolls back into the box and intended to return it to him. If she had said this earlier, everyone would surely find it funny.

Gu Chengya is the mistress of the Gu family, will there be a gift in this world that she thinks is valuable?

But now, no one felt that what she had just said was wrong!

This gift… was indeed too valuable!

“No, it’s not valuable. It’s just a few words, please keep it. Happy birthday.”

Su Qiubai smiled, not taking the box from her.

When he said this, the guests almost fainted, especially Yuan Pengqing and a few guests, who were gnashing their teeth. This kind of present was on the level of a national treasure! They also wanted to give something like that to her, but they didn’t own any!

Everyone else thought that Su Qiubai had purposely said those words, but in actual fact, Su Qiubai really didn’t think that it was expensive, it was really just a few words!

Some of the ancestors carried their seal with them, so he went out to buy some rice paper, then let the four emperors each write a word, then he stitched them together. After stamping the seal, he just spent a few growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system ​​to make it look old.

It was that simple!

To say that his gift was fake… The words were indeed written by the four emperors, and the seals were belonged to them, so it couldn’t be fake!

But to say that it was real… How could there be anyone in the world to piece the words of these four emperors on a single artwork? The seals were there, and finally the words were stitched together into wishes of happy birthday, good health, and prosperity and good luck…

Therefore, even Su Qiubai himself couldn’t tell whether his gift was real or not. But the whole process of making it… was really simple! After all, the emperors were all sitting there. Su Qiubai could even remake the ancient picture, Thousands Miles of Mountains and Rivers.

No one was willing to talk about Su Qiubai’s gift. Some guests even watched in regret as Gu Chengya kept the box with the scrolls in it.

Darn it, that’s a national treasure! How could it simply be given away!

But no one could say anything since it belonged to Su Qiubai, and he could give it to whoever he wanted.

The dinner soon began. Gu Chengya originally wanted to invite Su Qiubai to sit with her but he refused. He wasn’t a fool. At this point, he could also perceive that Gu Chengya might have different feelings for him, so he rejected her offer and returned to his own table.

The ancestors were already finishing the food. Although the waiter next to them looked horrified, Su Qiubai still asked if he could order another round of the dishes.

Leaning on the chair, Zhou Zile2Zhou Zileonly here for Gu Chengya’s party only ate a few mouths of food before staring at Su Qiubai. He had previously thought Su Qiubai was an ordinary person, but now, he seemed to be so much more mysterious.

It should have been a scene where the group of youngsters to show off their wealth, but Su Qiubai had casually put everyone in a daze!

He’s definitely not an average person!

However, Su Qiubai was pondering over the matter with Gu Chengya at this moment. It was a mess in his head, especially when he recalled the look in Gu Chengya’s eyes.

Does she really like me?

Perhaps because of his past failed relationship experiences, Su Qiubai was very cautious about this matter. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked for Xiao Xiao’s opinion when he experienced awkward moments with Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City.

What Gu Chengya did today suddenly worried him a little…

Just as the dinner was going smoothly, Su Qiubai suddenly received a call.

It was from a number he didn’t know. After some doubt, he answered the phone and heard a man’s voice.

“Hello. Are you Mr. Su? I’m Xia Xiaomo8Xia XiaomoFemale police officer ’s brother, Xia Tian.”

It was a clear self-introduction, so Su Qiubai knew who the caller was.

“Yes, it’s me.”

Su Qiubai replied, slightly confused. He didn’t tell anyone else about helping Xia Tian. Could it be that he found out about it?

“Mr. Su, I have something to tell you, are you free now?”

Xia Tian soon followed this with another question.

Su Qiubai was even more surprised, especially when he heard the panic and uneasiness in his tone.

“Must it be now?”

Su Qiubai looked around and asked.

“Yes, now. If any later… I’m worried that something will happen!”

Xia Tian immediately replied; his voice became more tense.

This made Su Qiubai feel somewhat troubled. He was still attending Gu Chengya’s birthday party now. If he left, what could he possibly do with the ancestors?

However, his intuition told him that Xia Tian had something really important to tell him. Su Qiubai recalled the story that Xia Xiaomo told him at the riverside. Xia Tian knew a secret, which caused him to end up where he was now…

After hesitating for a long time, Xia Tian said once more, “Mr. Su, please come see me, it’s really important!”

At last, Su Qiubai made up his mind.

“Okay, where should we meet?”

“Jiangbei Wharf, don’t tell anyone else that you’re coming, thank you.”

Having said that, he hung up the phone. Su Qiubai felt a bit nervous.

Soon, he whispered a few words to Ying Zheng9Ying ZhengQin Shihuang10Qin ShihuangYing Zheng or Emperor Yingzheng or Emperor Yingzheng, and requested that Zhou Zile help send these uncles back later.

The little fat boy agreed without hesitation. But when he noticed that Su Qiubai was about to leave, he asked, “Aren’t you going to say goodbye to Miss Gu?”

Having heard that, Su Qiubai looked back at Gu Chengya, and shook his head. Then, he quietly left the Gu family’s home.

Because the place Su Qiubai was currently at was quite far from Jiangbei Wharf, and he had to pass by the villa, so he first returned to the villa, before driving his taxi to the destination.

At this moment, in the middle of the night, the cold wind blew at the riverside. Xia Tian sat alone on the stone bench next to the pier, feeling extremely nervous. He didn’t know why he felt this way, but he felt terrified, and this fear magnified the secret in his heart. After he was expelled from the army previously, he occasionally still thought of the secret but it had never been like how it is now.

After receiving the news that he could return to the army immediately, he had a bad feeling, as if there was a pair of invisible hands in the dark, ready to kill him any time. Therefore, after learning from his sister that it was likely that Su Qiubai had helped him to return to the army, Xia Tian made up his mind!

Although he didn’t know how a taxi driver could have such power, it was obvious that Su Qiubai was certainly more capable of keeping this secret than himself. Therefore, he decided to ask Su Qiubai meet him late at night. If anything really happens to me, at least there’s still someone who knows the secret!

Having this thought, Xia Tian took another deep breath and tried to calm himself down.

Watching the empty road in the distance, he anxiously waited…

After Su Qiubai left the villa, he drove directly to Jiangbei Wharf. His intuition told him that what Xia Tian wanted to say had to be crucial, otherwise he wouldn’t use that tone!

In Su Qiubai’s opinion, Xia Tian was a man of few words. In addition, the things that Xia Xiaomo had mentioned previously… What kind of secret was such a person hiding? And why did he decide to tell me about it?

Su Qiubai didn’t know the answer to these questions. Along the way, the journey was fraught with disturbances; he was stopped by several traffic lights.

This made him a little anxious. When he tried calling Xia Tian, no one answered!

Su Qiubai had a really bad feeling in his heart.

Finally, he arrived at Jiangbei Wharf.

He had made a total of five calls to Xia Tian along the way, all of which were unanswered. 

Parking the taxi by the roadside, Su Qiubai ran towards the pier, while shouting for Xia Tian, but he didn’t hear any reply in this silent late night. The dock wasn’t big, so Su Qiubai had basically covered the whole place after running a round.

When he finally couldn’t resist it and was about to call Xia Xiaomo to ask about the situation, he spotted an arm in the water.

Su Qiubai’s entire being quivered as he slowly walked over, grabbed the arm and pulled it up forcefully.

The corpse instantly surfaced.

After taking a closer look, he realized that the dead body’s eyes were wide open and filled with panic!

The person… was Xia Tian!

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