Chapter: 09: Revenge

After getting rid of the uninvited guests, I continued researching. This time, I researched about martial arts. Before coming into this world, I found out that every element has its own set of martial arts moves. In addition, by element, I’m not talking only about the six basic elements from this game. The first elements I used for martial arts were from the Trigrams, « Heaven », « Earth », « Wind », « Storm », « Fire », « Water », « River » and « Mountain ». Even though I could not control mana on Earth, the moves I came up which were more than enough.

I stayed outside of the cave and tried to concentrate on my breathing. While doing so, I visualized the Chinese word 山 (pronounced: Shan), which means mountain. While I was searching for the runes and « Words of Power » inside my great-grandmother’s books, I found out that the Chinese words are actually really powerful. No wonder that in the Asian history, exorcists would use such words to make talismans.

For the better movement, I had to take off my shirt and tie my coat around my waist, like this, I was able to feel the mana around me better.

“Ugh… It left scars…”

I looked at the huge scars I got on my arm and all over the body from the experimentations and the fight with the gorilla. I looked like a veteran warrior from the old times. It is too bad that I barely have any experience in life or death battles, besides the ones from the visions.

After examining the scars, I closed my eyes and started focusing. While visualizing the word Shan, I felt the might of the mountains and the power under their weight. After a while of meditation, martial art moves started to flow in my head. At first, I made a powerful step forward in my right in the position of having both legs distanced from each other like a martial fighting stance. Every move would emanate the feeling of a mountain. I closed my finger to make a fist with my right hand and punched in an uppercut, then took another step forward and while doing so, I pushed hard with my left palm. The last move was; kicking forward with my left leg. After a repetition of these moves over and over again, I found out that the Earth was rumbling and the mana around was vibrating.

– CRACK! –

The first step forward shattered the ground under me, the uppercut would make a shockwave with a thunderous sound like rumbling boulders. The palm would push the space in front, then—


When kicking in front, a wave of dirt and stones would raise from under my lifted foot, which would fall in front like a landslide.


I was surprised by my own strength.

“Isn’t this like, really overpowered? What if someone were in front of me? He would’ve been buried by stones… A successful experiment, indeed~.”

I was truly happy, I had nothing to explode in front of me this time. While I continued to experiment with the other moves and elements, on the other part of the forest, a group of people gathered and talked something out with angry shouts.

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“I’m telling you! Don’t do such a stupid thing! If we go back, he’ll really kill us all! Didn’t you see that fireball? And that pressure too, we do not stand a chance against him!” → Bonny

Bonny was desperately explaining something to the leader of a group of 21 people, which was the same thief like the last time, Gario.

“Why do you even care? Didn’t you leave after we were locked in a battle with that Shen? If you’re that scared then just leave, we have a lot of healers around.” → Gario

“Locked in battle? He made you freeze with only his will! And of course I left, the embarrassment I felt was way too much for me. A kid that seemed 2-3 years younger than me scolding and telling me about morale and all that, who wouldn’t? The worst part was that he was actually right…” → Bonny

Bonny felt like crying after remembering those moments and started shaking after recalling the look in my eyes during those moments.

‘Is he really just a player? Those eyes were like those of a person who lived on clouds while looking at the ones from Earth trying to show their strength to him… We really can’t provoke him.’ → Bonny

Being overly embarrassed after remembering what happened he yelled at Bonny:

“Shut up! If you don’t want to come then just stay out of this!” → Gario

“You…” → Bonny

Bonny was shaking from anger, she wanted to say something more but she calmed down and said with a calm tone.

“Very well, if you’re in such a hurry to die then I wish you a nice trip to the other side.” → Bonny

Following those words, she left without letting any room for more words.


“You little!” → Gario


Gario couldn’t say a word and just turned around and commanded his men.


“Listen up everyone! There is a humanoid field-boss on the other side of this forest. Our goal is to kill him and take all the treasure inside the cave! You must watch out for his « AOE » skills, he can use some gigantic fireballs and mental attacks!” → Gario

“W-what kind of mental attacks?” → Fairy


A little elemental fairy with blue hair and eyes asked. She looked like a child of around 12 years old. She participated in this raid only for some money so she could buy food and a place to stay in.


“He can talk, he ought to scream for help while being only a mob, don’t you think?” → Bear Man


A bear-man wearing glasses behind the little child asked rhetorically. He was a Sword Master while the little fairy was an Elementalist focused on « Frost ». The thought of killing someone with a conscience scared the little girl, she wanted to flee but she needed money so she can stay alive in a world where her mama and papa were not present. When Bonny saw even kids being present, she started to panic. She rushed back to Gario and asked him furiously.


“What the hell are you doing? Recruiting children? Are you insane?! And what do you mean by ‘field-boss’? Shen is a player, just like us!” → Bonny


Bonny tried to persuade the others while screaming at Gario.


“Quiet! You! And what if she’s just a kid?! If she wants to participate then let her participate! The more, the better! So? What are you going to do? Coming? Or leaving?” → Gario

“You’re the worst! I’ll stay only to protect this little child. I won’t attack! Just defend, alright?” → Bonny


Bonny was conflicted, she really didn’t want to fight me and at the same time, she wanted to protect the little child with the appearance of a fairy.


“As you wish.” → Gario


After organizing everyone, he suddenly felt tremors under his foot.


“Hey, did you feel it? What’s up with this tremor? An earthquake?”

“Wait! Can you hear something? Sounds like rumbling thunder.”

“Oye look! Is that a hurricane? But there is no wind?!”


Everyone was confused about the strange natural phenomenon that happened behind the forest and felt their backs turn cold.


This is really dangerous, this is not just a game, it’s real! What should we do… If it’s really a field boss then we’re doomed


Everyone’s spirits got crushed by the natural changes created by my martial art moves. Field bosses were stronger than dungeon bosses. A dungeon boss could be defeated at most by a team of twelve or even by a team of six players, but a field boss needed around 20 to even 30 people. In most extreme cases, some wouldn’t go down even with 60 people with an AP of over 1300.


“Don’t fret! Don’t forget that we also can use magic! Just focus and remember how to use them! We’re professionals when it comes to the boss raids, did you forget already? Stay alert and follow me! We’ll finish this boss and get the treasures back to the clan. So stay with me until the end!” → Gario



Everyone’s morale got boosted by the speech. They got ready and took out their weapons.


“Everyone! Destroy the trees!”


All kinds of range attacks poured down on the trees in front. Sword Auras, Fireballs, Wind Blades, Lightning Bolts, Earth Waves, Sword Waves and so on. The huge trees fell one by one, helpless in front of the magic barrage.


“Huh?… Are they some kind of idiots?” → Shen


I understood immediately what was happening, the rage inside was boiling even stronger.


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”By the High and Unseen, I have been told to not kill humans in this life while from my visions, even my subconsciousness attracted my attention numerous times… But they said nothing about breaking some bones!” → Shen


When I was only 10 years old, I had the most realistic dream in my life. I dreamed about an army of spirits of all dimensions, looking at me with expectations and curiosity. In front of all these spirits, a white ghost appeared and told me such.


In all these lives you lived, in not even one had you left your hands clean. Even though you are walking a path of war, you must still learn about self-control. As a War God, this is the last test you have to overcome. Separate no soul from the body of man with your hands until your carcass falls. If you are able to complete this test, you will become what you desire, but if you fail, millions of years, will you have to stay in Tartar and all the tests you had for becoming God will reset to the very beginning. The spirits will look after you and judge your actions. Some of them will influence your mind, while others your heart. Try to stay strong and never give in, we await the birth of a new God in our ranks.


I remembered those words by heart. I understood only at the age of 17 what that spirit meant, so I resolved myself that if I ever meet someone who deserves it, I’ll be sure to make them wish they’re dead without actually killing them.


“Go underground!” → Gario


“Twenty-two people? Hohoho, very well. First, let me scare these children a little bit.” → Shen


I felt my voice and eyes turn colder and colder, I had to fight the idea of just wiping them out with a huge fireball. I took a stone with a white hue and had it levitate right in front of the trees that were mercilessly cut down.


“We’re here! Stay on your guard! The boss vision range is huge.” → Gario


While Gario was commanding and positioning his troop, the last tree was cut down and in front of them, a stone with a white hue was levitating.


“Barrier! Fast!” → Gario


Some people reacted faster and activated their defensive abilities the moment they heard the shout, Bonny did the same to protect the fairy.


« Wind Wall »






The stones turned into a wall of wind that pushed whoever did not have a barrier or forgot to activate their defensive abilities, around 20 meters back. The ones with no barrier crashed on the ground while the more unlucky ones crashed under the huge trees, having their breath cut for a moment.


“What are you people doing here? I think I made myself clear not to show yourselves again.” → Shen


I was staying inside the middle of the Valley, looking with cold eyes. Being shirtless and emanating a strong fighting aura together with all my scars and strong muscles, I looked like a true God of War.


“Don’t listen to him! Attack with everything you have got! Tankers, stay in front while the healers and rangers stay back!” → Gario

“What? You told them I’m some kind of field-boss?” → Shen


I laughed and stepped forward, with every step, the Earth was cracking and rumbling.


“No need to come after me, I’ll come for you…” → Shen


Again, I used the chakra around my neck to intensify the words, making every word as clear as thunder. The other players were frightened by this godly performance but didn’t step back, they got the ‘Agro of the Boss’, there was no turning back.


“Ahaha! The treasure is mine! You little field-boss, die for me!”


A foolish Dragoon destroyer stepped forward and used « Earth Smash » right above me.


“You call this martial arts?” → Shen


I used my palm infused with Earth element to deviate the hammer that made a crater right beside me.


“This is martial arts.” → Shen


I then punched with an uppercut and sent the poor Dragoon destroyer flying.


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