Chapter 11: The Might of a Golem

The next day I prepared some Energy Stones and one iron heavy armor.


“If I can control these Energy Stones then can I even make some golems with them?”


They might become good guardians and who knows? Maybe even training dummies.


I placed 5 stones inside the armor. Four in the limbs while one in the head.






The limbs and the head of the armored golem flew in different directions, tearing the armor apart.


“Oh my.”

The view was quite terrifying. Having armor parts flying around wasn’t something you’d wish to see first thing in the morning.


“Then should I connect the stones between them?”


I did the same thing with another set of armor. This time, I made sure they were connected energetically.


Alright, now let’s see.






The armor rose in the air. The limbs are moving as I commanded but the fingers and other delicate movements are impossible, looking like a puppet on strings.


“Now I’m a puppeteer…”


Another failure…


I sat down and started thinking about what else I could do.


“The stones are connected, so this time the movements can be in sync. The golem doesn’t really need to walk, being able to levitate but I need it to do so, so it could fight like a human… Ah.”


I suddenly thought of something.


What if I command it to release energy and make it envelop the armor with it, like this it might be able to take full control over the armor, right?


I did just that. I made the stones release their energy and enveloped the armor.


“The circulation! Let’s make the energy circulate through the metal’s system!”


Another idea hit me right at that moment.


– Bzzt-Bzzt-Bbzzzt! –


The energy started entering the circulatory system of the armor, making red lines to appear on the armor, because of the overflowing energies, the armor started to crack here and there.




I panicked when I saw the system being overheated. It looked like the armor will explode if I continue like this.




The energy flow was slowed down and the quantity was diminished. The armor now shone with a blue glow with numerous red cracks on it. Even so, it seemed a few times sturdier than before. Inside the armor, something like a glowing entity was forming, shining the same color as the armor with a metallic luster.


“Oh~? It copied the element of Iron and so it could fit better the energy took the befitting form inside the armor. The energy has no consciousness and can’t think so how did it know what I wanted to do? Did it read my inner thoughts? Another discovery.”


I was extremely pleased. If this energy were able to read the inner thoughts then it was also able to read the subconscious.


If I can make it learn moves from my other lives then I’ll create a damn monster of a golem.


I thought with some sweat falling down my forehead.


“Oh? Wait, there are stats?!”




« General Information »

Type: Black Iron Armored Golem

Element: Metal (Copy)

Master: Shen


« Skill Points »

HP/MP: 500.000 (-20/H)

STR:    200

AGI:     200

DEF:    300

VIT:    400

INT:    100

Avg Attack Power: 999




Oho~, this makes it more interesting. And by copy, it refers to the energy that metamorphosed in metal? This is some detailed data. I’m curious from where it comes now.


“Alright. Let’s see what it can do for now.”


I started thinking of the ‘Shan’ set of martial arts.




I commanded the golem.


– Rattle, Rattle, BOOM! –


The golem moved with some noise of metal hitting metal. The first step of the golem was destructive, just like mine was when I did the last set of moves.


– Boom!-Whosh-Rumble-Rumble-Rumble! –


Every move was exactly the same as I did on my last try and exactly how I remembered them.


“But there is no element of the mountain in these moves.”


I frowned. I couldn’t feel the same aura as what I had when I made the set of moves.


Is it because the iron element is already integrated inside it? The last kick didn’t even throw the Earth Stone but a wave of energy that destroyed everything in front. Hmmm… Well, I think this is good enough.


I examined the golem and felt the energy diminished a tiny bit.


« HP/PM: 498.700/500.000 »


“Ugh… how much would that be?… Goddamnit! Now I have to calculate?!…”


Even though I hated math, I was still curious as for how much time this golem would keep on moving without being recharged.


So, ugh… one year has around 365 days, and the total mana is of 500.000, divide this mana on the amount of days, then…


I stood atop a rock while calculating on a piece of paper with a pen. One hour finally passed when I got my results.

“So one energy stone its equal with 100.000 mana points? With this ridiculous amount of energy, it should keep on going for around three years if not fighting, one if it has to fight every day, half the year if it fights day and night. Overall, it’s still damn ridiculous.”


I was satisfied with my creation. The stones could now circulate through the iron’s system without staying still in the form of a stone, having later to go in another stand-by state.


“And just like this, I made myself some overpowered guardians. With my entrance being destroyed, I could use these guys as guards in case of more idiots or some stray beasts would try to attack my place again.”


I continued to create more of these armored golems. After making around 10 of them, I thought.


Should I risk trying to make some with the epic and legendary armors? Hmmm….


Normally, what was of a higher ranking also had a higher risk of being destroyed. If the armor were already fully imbued with some kind of energy, then adding some more from the [Energy Stones] might make it explode, losing an epic set of armor and five stones just like that.


“Oh well, no risk, no win. Let’s try it there!”


I rushed toward the highest peak of a mountain right in the middle of the U-shaped mountain chain. From inside the mountain chain, I had easy way up but from outside I had to jump from boulder to boulder like a super mountain goat most of the time missing and sliding on the smooth stone or free-falling down.


“Alright, this spot is perfect.”


I was right on top, having a full view over the Heavenly Valley, now full of craters and holes.


Even if it’s destroyed, it still looks amazing.


I sighed then took out a set of epic armor. I placed the set of armor just like the black-iron one and placed inside it 5 stones already controlled. The armor was made of some kind of a huge lizard’s skin, being full of blue, smooth scales.


Lucky for me, every armor was placed on a stone shelf with the armor’s name being engraved on it. This one is the « Blue Dragon’s Armor Set », it has resistance against the « Frost » element and as long as the weapon is not of Epic rank, the damage dealt to it will be lowered to 70 percent, be it magic or physical attack.


“A ridiculous armor. Was it really made from the scales of a dragon?”


I need to make it clear about the fact that, until now I fought with no gauntlets. Spirit Fighters use as weapon magic-gauntlets but I had no need for them. My power output was already ridiculous and wearing them only restricted my movements.


“I understand about the fact that I can wield such ridiculous power by inserting sometimes more mana than normal, but how come even my AP is still the same as when my character had all his items on?”


It was as if the items I had on me in-game, combined with this body or something. Trivial.


”Never mind that. Let’s see how this will work out!”


After thinking all that, I activated the stones and made them take control over the armor.




“Wha-What the-?!”


I was completely shocked by what happened. I looked stunned at the armor that levitated with an aquamarine glow. The energy stones were absorbed like crazy inside the armor while it shone stronger and stronger.




I looked with serious eyes and took the guard stance, ready to protect myself in case of another explosion. My aura vibrated and the mana around started to shake.


“[Iron Body]”

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“[Mana Barrier]”


My body shone with a metallic luster while over me, a blue shine enveloped me. I tried to make an imitation of [Barrier].


“Wasn’t it supposed to barely absorb energy? What the hell is this gluttonous black hole?”






A sudden roar like one of a dragon boomed from the armor, startling me for a second.

The energy stones were now only half of what they were before. To be able to envelop the entire armor and take full control, they took a humanoid form just like on the other golems but this time, the form had the head of a dragon with a long jaw and sharp fangs while from inside the helmet 2 horns were growing.


Outside the finger holes of the gloves, claws appeared and from behind the armor, a thick tail with spikes appeared. The body of the golem was fully made from ice and the armor was perfectly fit on it, glowing with a deep-blue light and having some bright blue lines on it. The energy was circulating through the lines like blood through veins. The golem even had eyes, they were blue like the ocean and the dragon-like.




The golem looked at me and I was looking back.




« General Information »

Type: Draconic Golem of Frost

Element: Frost (Copy)

Master: Shen


« Skill Points »

HP/MP: 500.000 /800.000(-100/H)

STR:      500

AGI:      400

DEF:     500

VIT:      400

INT:      400

Avg Attack Power: 1400


«Status »

Dragon’s essence





I had a serious face on. I was able to feel a monstrous quantity of energy and a fierce aura inside it. If I had to fight against this thing, then the mountain under us would become only half of what is now.


“As I thought, I created a monster.”


I was tensed and excited at the same time. A dark smile was etched on my face


He’s stronger than the Infernal Gorilla… Tsk. If there is a need to fight then bring it, I’ll make you submit to me.


The Draconic Golem took a step forward.


– Crack –


The step cracked the stone on which it was standing and a foot imprint was now visible on it.


– Boom-Boom-Boom –


The golem took one step after the other, shaking the ground and leaving foot imprints on it. It walked toward me, looking at me with its dragon-like blue eyes. After it got to half a meter in front of me, the golem said with a rough, deep and ethereal voice.


[I greet master.]


Then it stood there, looking with cold eyes.


“…You can talk?”


I was shocked but I couldn’t react because I still had my guard up.






[I do not know.]




I might have a rough idea. I heard that even after death, the body would still have some remaining ‘Ka’ inside it, even though the real Ka will vanish, some residual energies would still remain in every cell of the body.


This was a rough and pretty hard idea to understand. ‘Ka’ is the chi inside every living being that gets out of the dead body and remains around it for a period of time, until it becomes one with nature. Even so, some residual chi would still remain inside the cells that could not be fully deteriorated by the passage of time.


“Is possible that the energy stone must have activated the residual energies inside the dragon skin and scales. Hohoho~ this is really fascinating!”


I looked at the draconic golem with shining eyes.


[I do not know.]


The golem repeated with a neutral tone.


“I will ask you some more questions now. Do you know what you are? If yes, tell me.”


[Yes. I am of the Aqua Dragon’s race. The strongest species under the seas.]


The golem said with some pride.


It seems that some parts of the character remained. Very well, I don’t want my only partner to be a cold robot like the other golems.


“Can you tell me your name?”


[I have no such thing]


“You mean you don’t remember it?”




“What makes me your master?”


[The energy inside of me is under your command. All that is inside me is under your command, which makes me your servant.]


“If someone ever asks you that, simply tell him that I placed a spell on you, okay?”


That sounded so weird just now.




“Now… do you have any wish?”


Being transformed into an armor was something extremely disgraceful for such a prideful race like the dragons. I had to be sure if there were any resentment inside the armor.


[I need more energy.]




I was a little bit confused. Never would I expect the dragon to ask me for more energy stones as his only wish.


[I said I need more energy. I ask the master to give me more energy stones or essence of « Frost » and « Water ».]


The golem repeated in a monotone voice.


“…Is it alright if is inactive?”


It sounded extremely contradictory. Energy being inactive was the same with water being dry but I really could not explain otherwise why this energy was in that form of ‘stand-by’.


[It is good.]


“Will I lose control over you if I feed you only such stones?”


[No. The energy will copy the connection with the master.]


“There you go then.”


Without asking anything further, I threw 3 more stones.




The golem caught all the stones in his long jaw, gulping them without chewing.




A tongue made from dense water appeared, licking the fangs even though there was no need.


It seems there are some animalistic instincts that even after death they didn’t disappear.


I thought with some amusement.


“Now I’m curious of your strength. Do you remember what your strongest skill was?”


[[Dragon Breath]]


Pretty logical.


“Can you do it?”


[It consumes one full energy stone.]




I was dumbfounded.


That would be around 100.000 mana freaking points!


“…Show it to me. It better be worth it.”


I pointed toward the peak of the mountain beside us. I looked at the map and saw there was no village on that side and neither were there any roads.


“Alright, when you’re ready.”




The golem opened its jaws and a huge wave of bluish-white appeared.




The shockwave was so strong, the ground sunk under the golem, the nearby huge boulder got blown away from the shockwave and the space dented.


The start is already ridiculous.


I smiled while sweat was forming on my forehead. Everything around was covered with a layer of frost. The strong breath reached the mountain peak then.


– BOOM!-Rumble-Rumble-Rumble –


The mountain’s top was completely obliterated, a part of the mountain disappeared with a lot of boulders falling down in a form of landslide and the beam continued, destroying another small peak of the next mountain then disappearing in the distance.




I was sure there is no village around THIS mountain, not THAT one.


I had shaky hands while opening the map. Even the snow on my head shook off completely. On the direction where the beam was launched, there was only a huge forest and mountains with valleys. Only after around 100 kilometers away, there was a coastal city.


“God, how I dodged another bullet.”


I wiped the sweat on my forehead.


“Is a dragon’s breath always this strong?”


[Depends, this one was used with full power. A normal breath is weaker, destroying only the first mountain tip while the ones used only to release the excess of mana inside are still strong enough to destroy a little village.]


“Excess of mana? And how are those eliminated?”


[The same way other living beings eliminate the excess of gas through their mouth.]




You mean that a clumsy dragon might destroy a village just because he burped? How ridiculous can your race be?


I was completely speechless. The fact that dragons could show power comparable to my huge fireball only by burping wounded my pride more than just a little.


“Very well then. I shall create something that can rival this ridiculous power.”


A vein was pulsating on my forehead. I didn’t care if I were being overtaken at something, but thinking about there being an idiotic dragon that might really visit me and blow me away with his burp made me pissed, making me wish to have something prepared, just in case.


[I await your command, master.]


“I want you to help me in my training. In addition, I’ll have you learn all the martial arts skills I know, will you be able to learn them?”




“Good. Let’s get back, we’ll have a lot to do.”


For the next week, I taught the draconic golem every set of elemental martial arts from the trigrams. Even though it was enough only to send them via a telepathic connection, I wanted to try to see how well are the learning abilities of the golem. The other golems have been put in front of the entry, killing any beast that tried to enter.


This golem’s learning abilities are mediocre but are still incredibly good for a lifeless being.


While I was judging its ability to learn, the golem made another set of martial arts, this time of the element of  ‘?’ Lei (Thunder). The forceful and swift strikes made the air boom but instead of lightning, the strikes released a mist of frost, freezing everything around.


“Hm…By the way, being able to talk, you might as well need a name, no?”


[As master wishes.]


Only allowed on

The golem was completely neutral about the idea.


“Then let me think about this. Hmm~ Ah! How about Isa? It means “Ice” and is the name of a rune from my world. Controlling such ridiculous power of the element of « Frost », it might work out pretty well.”

[Isa] –Vhowm~-


“Wah! What is it this time?!”


Around Isa, mana was swirling and vibrating. On top of the helmet, between the horns, the rune (Isa) appeared.


‘Isa’ appeared with a shining blue color. The mana around Isa placed itself on top of him, making him shine even stronger with a blue light. The scales now shone with a blue-white luster and the golem looked like frost enveloped him.




« General Information »

Name: Isa

Type: Draconic Golem of Frost

Element: Ice

Master: Shen


« Skill Points »

HP/MP: 500.000 /870.000(-100/H) (+20/H)

STR:      510

AGI:      400

DEF:     580

VIT:      500

INT:      450

Avg Attack Power: 1700


« Status »

Dragon’s Essence

Mana Manipulation:    Rank F

Bless of Isaz2IsazAn Elder Futharks rune which, in this novel represents only \"Ice\", \"coldness\", and \"stillness\". Appearance: Looks like an I and is normally written on stone, wood or even bone. : Active skill: ‘???’ costs 900.000 MP (Type: Godly)


“What is this…?”


No way…is this because of the rune? I knew the runes were strong but, this is ridiculous, to have such a strong effect only by giving him a rune as a name. I did read in a book that the great Vikings named themselves after runes saying they would grow stronger like this by borrowing the power of gods… Is this the ‘Godly Power’ they talked about?


I was stunned and completely baffled by the new skill acquired.


A hidden skill? That normally appears if the status doesn’t meet the requirements. We need 900.000 damn MP! It’s ridiculous!


I shook my head helpless then asked curiously.


“How do you feel now?”


[Strong. Almost like when I was alive.]


Isa’s eyes shone with a bluish-white color, making him look even fiercer and more powerful. Around him, a mist was forming and on the ground, hoarfrost appeared.


“Can you tell me what happened?”


[The element of water and frost changed completely in ice. The mana around enchanted the power of ice, making it 4 times more durable. There is also a slight effect over the mana around but I still can’t control it.]


“All in all, a huge change.”


I should be more careful when using power-words as names.


“Try to learn how to control the mana, I will train with the other golems in the meantime.”




Isa entered inside the huge hole I first created with the [Energy Stone] and sat down on a meditating position.


“… Now it can meditate. What in the world have I created?”

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